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Found 19 results

  1. The nights are getting longer, the air is getting colder, and it's even starting to snow here in France : time for fire in the fireplace, and time for an Advent Calendar! From tomorrow onwards, I'll update this topic with a small build or minifig per day.This year's theme will be winter nights in Embervale, with comments from my main GOH characters Alrune (elven mage and governor of Embervale), her uncle Dresghar and Evrart (the captain of the guards). Scene 1. Night Watch Scene 2. Embervale by Night Scene 3. At the Edge of the Woods Scene 4. Night Forest Scene 5. Stargazing Scene 6. Grandfather Frost and the Maiden of Light
  2. It's this time of the year again - the time to light the fireplace, grab a glass of mulled wine and count the days before Christmas! From tomorrow onwards, I'll update this topic with a small build or a minifig per day. This year's theme will be broadly heroic fantasy, with comments from my main GOH characters Alrune (elven mage and lady of Embervale), her uncle Dresghar and Evrart (the only human soldier among their guards, the other ones being goblins). Now let's get started!
  3. With Covid restriction's impacting AuckLUG's ability to run LEGO shows, our LUG members decided to embark on something to give to the AFOL community. LUG members have been beavering away to create small (ish) models and then make the building instructions for the model available for free to the LEGO community. The models are diverse; some have a Christmas theme and some do not. The models are generally small, influenced by the size of models you might get in LEGO's Advent Calendar sets, but one or two may be a bit bigger than that which you find in an Advent Calendar set. In the run up to Christmas, we will release the building instructions for the models, one per day. The building instructions can be downloaded from our LUG's website but I intend to add a post to this thread each day illustrating the given day's model. You are welcome to download and use the building instructions for free, so long as it is for non-commercial use. Regards and Merry Xmas on behalf of AuckLUG. David December 1st : Duck
  4. As I really enjoyed all the custom Advent calendars that can be found all over Eurobricks, I decided to create one for Mitgardia. Starting from this Sunday, I'll update this topic with one build or minifig per day! Note : for family reasons, I also built a second Advent calendar - only minifigs and with a Fairy Tale theme. It can be found here. Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
  5. As I really enjoyed all the custom Advent calendars that can be found all over Eurobricks, I decided to create one for Mitgardia in the Guilds of Historica forum (right here). But for family reasons, I also built this one, with Fairy Tale, Folk Tale or Christmas Tale themed minifigures. Starting from this Sunday, I'll update this topic with one minifig per day!
  6. Last year I created a custom LEGO Harry Potter advent calendar for my wife, and it went over spectacularly well. So well that my daughter, now 8 and a budding gymnast, requested one of her own this year. She wanted a gymnastics-themed calendar, so last spring I set about designing one for her. Weirdly enough LEGO introduced their own gymnastics-themed set in 41372 Stephanie's Gymnastics Show, but there wasn't much crossover with what I'd planned. I did ditch the trampoline I'd already assembled, though! Last year I did a day-by-day posting in the Brickset Forum, and this year I thought I'd introduce it here. I hope everyone enjoys it and I'd love to hear feedback! I'll have a full album over at Flickr as this moves along. Day 1: Base & "Floor Springs" The first day sets up the "training center," with four baseplates and the substructure for the floor exercise. I though it might be fun to build it this way so my daughter can think a little bit about how the floor at her gym is actually built. Doing it this way might result in the surface having a little "give," too. We'll see!
  7. The countdown is on! Only 25 more days until Christmas. I love advent calendars and wanted to create a larger Lego one this year. Each day brings a new character to fill Santa’s Workshop at the North Pole. On day one Jessica Claus welcomes you to the North Pole with a delicious tray of treats. The inside is ready for the elves and other Santa helpers to aid Santa get ready for Christmas. There are three fully furnished floors. The first floor is command central where the elves and other helpers can track Santa on his travels around the world on Christmas Eve. An extra large Christmas tree reaches into the second floor. Lots of magic and hard work happens on the second floor, which has a window greenhouse growing poinsettias of course and the workshop with toys, musical instruments and sports gear for children around the world. The third floor is the place where the elves, helpers and Santa get to relax and dine after their busy holiday season. Hope you enjoy and I will try to update daily as the building fills. Santa's Workshop at the North Pole by Karen Metz, on Flickr Santa's Workshop at the North Pole by Karen Metz, on Flickr Santa's Workshop at the North Pole by Karen Metz, on Flickr Santa's Workshop at the North Pole by Karen Metz, on Flickr Santa's Workshop at the North Pole by Karen Metz, on Flickr Santa's Workshop at the North Pole by Karen Metz, on Flickr Santa's Workshop at the North Pole by Karen Metz, on Flickr Santa's Workshop at the North Pole by Karen Metz, on Flickr Santa's Workshop at the North Pole by Karen Metz, on Flickr
  8. I've been offline for ages, and thought what better way to break my hiatus than with 24 consecutive days of posting?! And it's December 1st! Well, at least here in Australia it is. My kids have got their official Lego Advent Calendars, but what's a castle fan to do? Since there's been no castle theme for years I decided to make my own Advent Calendar. And because I'm such a shameless Viking enthusiast, it's going to be a Viking one! Now much like the 2008 "Castle" and 2010 "Kingdoms" Advent Calendars (sets 7979 and 7952), mine isn't terribly Christmassy. They were really just an excuse to get a bunch of minifigs and minibuilds, and that's perfectly fine with me! Mine will just fit in with the ongoing efforts towards my Viking Village display. So without further ado, let's kick things off with: DAY 1 - Berserker Perhaps a bit of an angry start to the season, or maybe he's just stressed about spending the holidays with the in-laws? DAY 2 - Woodchopping Ah, now the Berserker has something to do with his axes! *CHOP CHOP* DAY 3 - Farm boy This young lad has the eggcellent job of collecting eggs! Ah, I crack myself up... no more silly yolks please... Day 4 - Toy boat When he's not working on the farm, the young lad enjoys playing with his toy boat. Day 5 - Old woodcarver An old villager carves wooden figures - maybe statues of the Norse gods? Day 6 - Campfire A simple build technique that's been done before, but now our hungry woodcarver can cook himself up a tasty meal! Day 7 - Blacksmith I think it's fair to say that no Lego Castle line is complete without a blacksmith! Day 8 - Anvil and grindstone Because the smith needs somewhere to work his elemental magic, doesn't he? Day 9 - Maiden Some traditional Scandinavian hospitality as this young maiden welcomes visitors to the village with some delicious freshly baked bread! Day 10 - Barrel o' mead The hospitality doesn't stop at bread! Skål! Day 11 - Pig farmer Home again, home again, jiggety-jig! Day 12 - Haystack A very, very simple build today - just three bricks! But you can stick the underside of a brick onto the end of the pitchfork. So at least it gives yesterday's farmer something to do besides chase that pig around all day! Day 13 - Apiary Hooray, more work for the farmer to do! A couple of beehives (which I made before the new beehive element was unveiled!) Day 14 - Huscarl Personal retainer and bodyguard to the Jarl, he takes his work very seriously. Day 15 - Banner stand Only five parts in this simple build, but I think it looks pretty cute. Plus it gives the huscarl something to stand next to so he can feel important! Day 16 - Cheese table More hospitality and winter feasting with a table full of interesting chesses. Day 17 - Noblewoman One of my custom prints, the noblewoman carries the household keys on her belt. Her cat makes sure the cheese table remains rat-free! Day 18 - Runestone A stone raised as a marker, inscribed with pictures and runes telling of great deeds and the like. If this were a real official Lego set, I'd like to see the surfaces of sloped bricks printed with the inscription! Day 19 - Sacred tree A bit small to be a mighty oak tree, but nevertheless it's part of a sacred grove in the forest outside our viking village. Some wild herbs and a mushroom grow in its shade. Day 20 - Sage And who worships in the sacred grove? Who collects the wild medicinal herbs? The village sage does! Day 21 - Jarl's weapon rack It's a rack. For weapons. Belonging to the Jarl. Day 22 - Jarl's armour rack It's another rack. For... oh you can figure it out! Day 23 - Jarl's throne Sitting. The great leveler. From the mightiest pharaoh to the lowliest peasant, who doesn’t enjoy a good sit? Day 24 - The Jarl Who didn't see this coming after the past few days?! A good jarl would rule not by force, but with the support of his followers. He is a strong leader, an inspirational speaker, and a fierce warrior; generous with his food, drink, and coin.
  9. The Evil Emperor Zurg has stolen Christmas! Now it's up to Buzz Lightyear and his pointy-eared helper to deliver toys to all the children in the galaxy in his super-fast Star Command sleigh! Celebrate the holidays with mini-models from all your favorite Pixar movies including the iconic Luxo Jr. lamp, the famous Pizza Planet Truck, WALL-E with his plant, Remy from Ratatouille, Dory from Finding Nemo/Dory, Carl Fredricksen's house from UP, and a remote-controlled Omnidroid from the Incredibles. This is my dream Lego advent calendar for the Brothers Brick Create-A-Calendar contest. The rules are to create 5-10 mini-models consisting of no more than 20 pieces each. UPDATE: By popular demand, I have recreated these models in LDD so that you can use the instructions to build some of these yourself! Click here to download the LXF. LEGO PIXAR Advent Calendar by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr I hope you liked it and have a happy holiday! To Infinity and beyo-ho-ho-nd!
  10. A month ago, I put a project on LEGO Ideas called the Lord of the Rings Advent Calendar (you can see it in my signature). As of this writing, it's at 184 supporters, which isn't necessarily bad, but I made some calculations and it turns out that I need an average of 200 supporters a week if I want to reach 10,000 supporters before the 1-year deadline. I read in an interview with a LEGO Ideas moderator that the secret to making it to the review stage is to persistently promote your project everywhere you can, whether it's in or outside the LEGO fan community. So far, the only thing I've done is start a topic about my project on this forum. Does anyone here know of any websites that you think would be interested in supporting my idea? Any tips would be greatly appreciated. P.S. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum ... I wasn't sure where to put this topic when I posted it.
  11. Palixa And The Bricks

    Winter Village: Advent Calendar

    Here's my entry for the Expand the Winter Village Contest: a small town hall that turns into a huge advent calendar every year in december. Behind each window there is a small present for the children of the village. For more pictures see the album at flickr. Hope you like it and merry christmas to everyone. May santa bring you a lot of bricks
  12. Lancethecat

    MOC: LotR Advent Calendar

    After four months of designing, re-designing, parts-ordering, and building, I'm pleased to announce that my first LEGO Ideas project, the Lord of the Rings Advent Calendar, has finally been approved. Star Wars Advent Calendars have been immensely popular in the past, and I think that a Lord of the Rings A.C. would be even better. My proposed project includes micromodels of famous Middle-Earth locations and two exclusive figures: Santa Gandalf and Old Bilbo. I know that many people on this forum want to see LEGO release a set with an Old Bilbo minifigure in it, but since we're unlikely to get a Bilbo's Birthday set in any upcoming waves, this may be the only way to get him. You can check out individual pictures of all of the models in my Flickr photostream. If you want to see my Lord of the Rings Advent Calendar become a real set, please support it on LEGO Ideas!
  13. ResIpsaLoquitur

    Quick mods to 75053's mini Speeder Bike

    Call me crazy, but I actually liked last year's Advent Speeder Bike. Compared to 2013's Jango Rocket Sled and this year's upcoming sled (I won't spoil it, but trust me, it sucks), the Speeder Bike was cute and very Star Wars-y. Still, I admit it lacks some accuracy. So here's a quick fix. You need: - One 2 x 2 black plate - One 2 x 2 black plate with axles - One 4 x 4 reddish brown plate - Two light bley bent droid arms - Two light bley nozzles - Two reddish brown cheese slopes.M Modify as seen below. There. I think this gets it much more film-accurate while still retaining that chibi-look. If you didn't disassemble your AC speeder for parts, I think you'll be much happier with these mods. Hope it helps.
  14. Hi everyone! It's that time of year again when kids big and small wake up each morning to open a little door and find a little surprise behind it! For Lego lovers, it's especially great since they have three different advent calendars to choose from. But unfortunately, despite the theme's growing popularity, Super Heroes is not one of them. And so, I decided to make my own Super Heroes advent calendar this year! For now, I chose to focus on the DC Comics subtheme, and if it turns out well, maybe I'll do Marvel next year. Every day from now until Christmas, I will post a little MOC in this thread that I would want/expect to see in an official DC Comics Super Heroes advent calendar, most of which will be made in LDD. Please note that these will be based on the DC Super Heroes sets that have been released so far, so don't be surprised if they will be very Batman-centric. With that said, here's the build for Day 1, a micro Batmobile, based on the Animated Series version! DCSAC Day 1: Batmobile by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr Here is the lxf file: Batmobile.lxf I hope you like it. Comments and criticisms welcome. Happy Holidays!
  15. Given the lack of a Castle advent calendar for this year, I thought I'd make my own. It is constructed of 4 vignettes with 6 mini builds each. I tried to keep the part count reasonably similar to a real advent calendar. Nothing too fancy here but I hope you enjoy.
  16. Here are some custom figures that I made for a LEGO Ideas project: Old Bilbo is shown here in the outfit he wore at the beginning of The Fellowship of the Ring. He's a pretty important character in the trilogy, and I'm surprised that LEGO hasn't made him yet. Old Bilbo by lancethecat, on Flickr Gandalf is decked out in full Santa garb, with a red cloak to match. Santa Gandalf by lancethecat, on Flickr If you like these figures and want to see them in a future set, there's a link to my project below.
  17. I thought I'd share a project I'd been working on for a while! This is a Ninjago-themed Advent Calendar I designed to put on Lego Cuusoo. I put a lot of work into designing a variety of small and interesting models based on the theme. I did my best to make it with the same sort of constraints as the other Lego Advent Calendars. It has a similar part count, no new molds, and a limited number of recolored parts and new prints. Each model is simple and small in scale, and I took efforts to make sure that there was plenty of play value from the first model onward. I'll link to my pictures on Flickr, since I've already given them detailed descriptions there. Also, if you would like to see this as a set, I encourage you to support it on Cuusoo! Full Photoset on Flickr All Contents (pictured) Day 1 - Kai Day 2 - Anvil Day 3 - Toy Mech Day 4 - Weapon Rack Day 5 - Zane Day 6 - Snowball Catapult Day 7 - Toy Helicopter Day 8 - Snowman Day 9 - Cole Day 10 - Punching Bag Day 11 - Toy Driller Day 12 - Lamppost Day 13 - Jay Day 14 - Video Game Day 15 - Toy Jet Day 16 - Fireplace Day 17 - Lloyd Day 18 - Presents Day 19 - Toy Trike Day 20 - Christmas Tree Day 21 - Nya Day 22 - Tea and Cookies Day 23 - Sleigh Day 24 - Sensei Claus
  18. Well... I have to admit that I've never bought one of them , and I'm afraid to show my prejudice without having a physical example in my hand. If there's something incorrect, please inform me. In my experience, I do enjoy seeing Adent Calendars in toy stores during the winter holidays, but usually I'm not interested in their general content, perhaps it's due to that Advent Calendars are not popular in my own region/culture, or maybe it's just that I'm not good at making good use of small parts. Each block has to be independent so there are rare larger buildings like the station from 7753. We can see the designers have tried a lot, but it's still hard to make every small building as "seasonal" as large sets like Winter Village. The boxes also feature very beautiful paintings, and provide a cardboard paper to allow you play the buildings and figures on them, though I'm not a fan of box collecting. Minifigures/dolls are usually the stars in regular sets, but in advent calendars they're not always sometimes. Santa Claus usually plays the star in City sets, the others are some representives of popluar City careers, while the rest are occasional citizens. Though some of them come with accessories like scarf, in my view the figs are not that "seasonal". In the newer Friends series. there are only two minidolls included with winter clothes (which regular sets haven't used so far) and a Santa girl suit, but it's a pity there's no male Santa Claus minidoll. Star Wars goes strong recently, especially with some notable characters "cosplaying". It's really a shame that TLC doesn't consider to introduce more themes for calendars now, even if there were the remarkable Pirate and Castle calendars. Not to think about other dream licenses (Marvel AC?), a calendar based on a current action theme like Chima or TLM would be amazing. I'm curious about how others think about the advent calendars? Are they the mustbuys for most AFOLs or more for KFOLs?
  19. Hi all, As last year, my 8 years old son decide to make is own calendar. Last year it was inspired from Star Wars, 2012 will be Super Heroes. MiniLegoManiac SuperMicroHeroes Advent Calendar par oLaF-LegoManiac, sur Flickr I'll try to add everyday the pic of the day in this post, but notice that everyday, the moc will be automatically posted on the family blog Hope you'll appreciate ! Let's go :