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  1. pldeutelephonz

    [LDD MOC] Naboo Royal Starship

    I would buy this set with not a second thought!!! Great work and pure art!
  2. pldeutelephonz

    Lego Bail Organa's airspeeder.

    well firstly sorry for being an argumentative pain, and yeah well they were aliens but they still had a life and family and love like humans. I guess? ;) coco sounds good! Maybe I should add some to the set.
  3. pldeutelephonz

    Lego Bail Organa's airspeeder.

    Ps there are lots of sets based on gory or dark scenes in the movies so just saying! For example tusken raider encounter is based on a scene of anakin slaughtering the tuskens out of revenge. Child friendly? Not in my opinion. But the set was marketed with the bike as the focus. General grievous starfighter is based on a scene where nahdar vebb a Jedi youngling or apprentice is killed. Your argument is invalid ;) lol kidding
  4. pldeutelephonz

    Lego Bail Organa's airspeeder.

    This comment started it. You said you don't see my models worth supporting, and that they are poorly executed. On a thread about someones work you simply can't be that brash and rude. Say it more tactfully next time and I'll be more inclined to listen to it. I don't mind some feedback but don't attack the model "I really don't like that speeder", without giving reasons why. I know you did but only after I asked you to. I realise that not everybody will like my design and I really don't mind if it goes nowhere, but I just like people to show some respect in how they say it.
  5. pldeutelephonz

    Lego Bail Organa's airspeeder.

    No thats where your wrong. I respect people who 'tactfully' give feedback and those who dont frankly dont deserve my respect. You came on here and had a go at me about the set and really didnt back up your decision not to support it until I asked you what you didnt like about the speeder. If you dont have the decency to speak tactfully then Im going to take it the wrong way. You say that my bad attitude has stopped you from supporting the set but that is rubbish. You didnt want to support it in your first comment towards me. So dont have a go at my attitude. Yeah well I really just designed the set with the speeder in mind so it could easily be redesigned. Thanks for liking it. Yeah well I really just designed the set with the speeder in mind so it could easily be redesigned. Thanks for liking it. Exactly!! Preach the truth please. :)
  6. pldeutelephonz

    Lego Bail Organa's airspeeder.

    Well thats how it is. If the forum can't support a few photos without a photo sharing site eg flickr then what kind of forum is it? But I'm quite happy to post more description.
  7. pldeutelephonz

    Lego Bail Organa's airspeeder.

    I can't use flickr because frankly I don't feel like setting up an account just to post a few images to a forum. I'm not wasting time like that and I don't care what you say about what I could've done because that is not the focus of the post. Follow the link, thats the purpose. You just don't feel like supporting? You said you don't like the speeder and give no reason why. Can you understand that a lot of criticism from different people can make people feel disheartened. I know its just a forum but maybe your wording could be nicer so that it doesn't sound antagonising. That can happen when your just reading text. Thanks for your input. Thanks for your comment. I have to be more open to criticism and thats one of my trials. ;) Well I don't plan on creating a flickr account so you'll just have to follow the link to the cuusoo page. I'm not asking for support but I'm showcasing what I have made. The rest is up to you. I think that I responded aggressively because the criticism was written with little tact and nobody has really balanced the criticism with positive feedback. So I would appreciate it if you didnt preach to me about criticism. apart from your positive feedback.
  8. pldeutelephonz

    Lego Bail Organa's airspeeder.

    oh well the order 66 collection is just my working title because you aren't allowed the lego logo or the star wars logo so I had to design my own logo for the box art. Sorry for any misunderstanding :) As I have already stated the airspeeder is the focal point of the set and any excess is simply excess. But it is up to Lego to make it sickly sweet and child friendly. :) I mean that I don't have the ability to post images to this forum. Its an issue because I have no image hosting site Like flickr so have limiter abilities with my posts. So you decided to have a go at my design rather than the presentation or any good points of the set. Why the animosity? I am able to post words but not images. I have not named the post a cuusoo project because I am being deliberately careful about that. I cannot post images to a thread so there is no point elaborating on my moc/project. Thank you for your loving input.
  9. pldeutelephonz

    Lego Bail Organa's airspeeder.

    thanks for the feedback. I don't have flickr so can't post images to this page and believe me I have tried. So I did what I could. The sets focal point is the airspeeder and the landing pad and door are secondary features so it doesn't really matter as much. Thanks.
  10. pldeutelephonz

    Lego Bail Organa's airspeeder.

    Thanks guys! I appreciate the support! Basically I have done what I could to mask the fact that that scene is a bit violent. Another thing is lego can market a set in different ways. For example darth Vader transformation is based on a very gory and intense scene of anakin being reconstructed if you watch the film. But the set is designed as a character set and focuses more on Darth Vader than the gory reconstruction. That is the same method lego could use for order 66 scenes. The airspeeder is the focus more than the Jedi being killed.
  11. pldeutelephonz

    Lego Bail Organa's airspeeder.

    I just designed a lego set for Bail Organa's speeder featuring Senator Bail Organa himself and Jett Jukassa as well as some clonetroopers from the 501st. Please go check it out.
  12. pldeutelephonz

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    Ponda baba is really cute!!! I want a minifigure!!!
  13. pldeutelephonz

    lego X-wing question

    Definitely the new UCS version for accuracy of design and a nice appearance. But for playability I would buy the x-wing with Yoda's hut on dagobah. :)
  14. pldeutelephonz

    LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    The friggin sandcrawler better not be UCS, I have waited so long to get one since the last one was so expensive and has been discontinued for years. Can anyone tell me how soon we should know every single set to come out later this year? When do we get images of the new sets eg star destroyer from toy fairs? I hate waiting so damn long for some stupid images!