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Found 9 results

  1. Hold your breath. Make a wish. Count to three. Hello, everyone. I have designed a LEGO Ideas set for Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, based on the classic 1971 film starring the enigmatic Gene Wilder. The model, as proposed, is built from exactly 1400 LEGO elements, and is full of authentic (and delicious) details from the movie. This includes a fully screen-accurate factory exterior, an entrance interior with contract and hand-coathangers, and, of course, the iconic Chocolate Room, filled with colorful sweets and complete with a fully functional Chocolate Waterfall. It would also include the grandiose factory gates with brickbuilt wrought iron lettering, a life-sized Wonka Golden Ticket (featuring 49 drum-lacquered metallic gold LEGO elements), a full case of Wonka sweets including printed Wonka bars, Scrumdiddlyumptious bars, Everlasting Gobstoppers, golden chocolate eggs, and more! The set would also include 7 minifigures: Mr. Willy Wonka, Charlie Bucket, Violet Beauregarde, Mike Teavee, Veruca Salt, Augustus Gloop, and an Oompa Loompa. I've put a lot of effort into making a set that LEGO would realistically produce while still remaining true to my vision and the original source material, but the fact is that the set needs 10,000 votes. And that is impossible without help. So, if you like the project, please click the link below to see more images and register your support, and then share this project to ensure that we can get to 10,000 votes, and help make this golden dream come true. Support Here:
  2. wallyjarek


    Easy creations for relax
  3. Lepralego

    [MOC] The House of Chocolate

    Hi my fellow Eurobrick friends, This is my last MOC, The House of Chocolate, which is now on Lego Ideas. There's more information about this build and also you can support it in this link: Thoughts and suggestions are welcome! Thank you in advance. Lepralego. More info / Support here! -> Thanks.
  4. LittleJohn

    [MOC] Chocolate Fudge Cake

    A big slice of plastic chocolate fudge cake is on the menu this week! I actually built this before any of my other food models, but kept putting off photographing it, as I didn’t know how I was going to set up the picture. As it turned out though, the photography went very smoothly – only one photo session, and we had gotten a picture I was extremely pleased with! And for those of you wondering what the background of the picture is, it’s the underside of a griddle. Never thought I would be using one of those for a photography backdrop! Thanks for looking, C&C are always welcome
  5. Early last year, the then Captain Dirk Allcock financed a small cocoa plantation just outside King's Harbour. Since then, the chocolate industry has boomed and John Cadbury's plantation has expanded. Now, he has sent his daughter Elise to open a shop in the rapidly expanding settlement of Jameston. Elise supervised the construction of the shop herself, and Jameston's colourful style was perfect for her to paint the first floor of the building in the purple that is rapidly becoming a trademark of her father's company. Importing chocolates and cocoa powder from Cocovia, the shop opened just in time to capitalise on all the visitors flooding into town on expeditions to find Celestia's superb orchid. A medium commerce to raise Jameston to city status. It is actually on a 32x32 base however for some reason when it rendered it didn't render the base or detail??? I will redo when I get home next weekend, but as it took almost 6 hours to render on my laptop - I don't really want to try again only to get the same result! Edit: Updated with complete render
  6. Umbra-Manis

    [MOC] Chocolate

    Today was World Chocolate day, and I decided to step outside my usual building themes. So enjoy a chocolate bar!
  7. LittleJohn

    [MOC] Sumptuous Sweets

    My eighth entry for ABS Builder challenge. This was a really fun build to make, especially all the different chocolates. I tried to go for a rather rich, dark color-scheme, which I think ended up looking quite nice. The dark red seed part is used 40 times. More pictures on Brickbuilt Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  8. mouseketeer

    Winter Village: Chocolate Factory

    Although a Winter Village Contest doesn't seem to have popped up this year There is a Winter Village competition after all! I decided to spend my afternoon and evening today coming up with my attempt to expand the LEGO Winter Village. I'd been collecting pieces for this for a while, and it finally seemed time to sit down and do something with them! Earlier this year I got the one WV set I was missing (the Post Office), and had the realisation that if I want my Winter Village to keep growing by more than one set a year, I'd have to design some things myself! I've already built a Winter Village Church (, now here's my second addition: a Winter Village Chocolate Factory. My goal with this was to make it as close to what an official Winter Village set might be, so I made sure to match it in scale and part count to the official sets, and include some supplementary builds with the hot cocoa van, the chocolate house sculpture, and the festive lights. There are also play features! The handle on the interior makes the Christmas wreaths rotate above the door outside. I've also included chocolate bars for sale on the shelves, mugs hanging behind the counter for hot cocoa, and even a chocolate fountain with marshmallows on sticks! And just like the official sets, it includes a light brick! In this case it lights up the boiler, used to melt the cauldron of chocolate pieces ready for the hot drinks! Just over a month ago I had a go at making some extra cars for the Winter Holiday Train ( and got some great responses to my Hot Cocoa Tanker. I like to imagine this van works for the same company, shuttling hot cocoa around the Winter Village! More images are available on my Flickr at
  9. Dirk's previous story can be found here After the placement and construction of North Head Battery, Captain Dirk Allcock has taken some well deserved leave in the environs of King's Harbour. Since arriving on Cocovia, Dirk has been fascinated by the commodity that gave the Island it's Corrish name of Cocovia - cocoa. Cocoa is prepared from the seeds of the Cacao tree (also known as the Cocoa Tree). So Dirk found a native guide, and together with another Cocoa enthusiast he meet in the settlement, one John Cadbury, he has set out into the hinterland to find this miraculous tree. They didn't need to go far! The island was named for the abundance of this very tree, and the name soon proved appropriate. Dirk was instantly fascinated by the examples they found, as was John, but both men for different reasons. Dirk's interest was scientific, John's commercial. The two came to an agreement were Dirk would fund the setting up of first a plantation, and later a processing factory. The enterprise would be managed by John. So while John set out to clear a small patch of land to begin a plantation, Dirk made a study of the tree. The following sketch and description is from his notebook: The Cacao or Cocoa Tree is a small understory tree that is abundant through the Crown colony of Cocovia. The tree thrives in the shaded understory of the Jungle and mature specimens seem to range from about 10-15m in height. The leaves are alternate, entire and unlobed and are between 10-40cm long and 5-20cm broad. Unusually the flowers and seed pods grow directly from the trunk and larger branches of the tree. The flowers are small and pink in colour, and appear to be pollinated by a species of small fly. The pods range in colour from red, yellow, green and brown. Mature pods contain around 20 to 60 seeds or 'beans' encased in a white pulp. After a week, Dirk met up with John on the site of the newly established cocoa plantation and John gave Dirk a tour of the operation. As only mature trees produced seed pods, John had found a plot that already contained a number of mature trees. The jungle was being thinned out but some larger trees were carefully left to provide filtered light for the cacao trees. Seedlings were being collected and grown in pots for later transplanting into the ground. Mature pods are first collected, then smashed open with a machete. The seeds and pulp are then placed in large barrels to ferment. After about seven days of fermentation the beans are removed and must be quickly dried. Drying is achieved by spreading the seeds out in the sun for five to seven days. The dried beans can then be packed and sent for further processing. ------------------------------------ Overview Hi All! Here is my attempt at a cocoa plantation, I believe the first here. I wanted to focus on the process here and my next planed build is a factory to complete the processing of the cocoa beans. As always comments and criticism welcome! Oh and here is a reference pic!