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    Your '2buy' list of 2014

    I would like to add. that the CuuSoo Exo Suit seems very interesting...
  2. SmallTownBrickBoy

    CuuSoo rule changes - Impacts?

    I think it sounds reasonable to set a rule, that CuuSoo projects should only consists of standard bricks. I mean it naturally limits some functions to an extend - but also challenges you creativity :-)
  3. SmallTownBrickBoy

    Hi My Name is... SmallTownBrickBoy

    Thanks guys
  4. SmallTownBrickBoy

    Your '2buy' list of 2014

    I just found out about the Simpsons... I think that would be one of the buys for this year. Also some more sci-fi stuff. :)
  5. SmallTownBrickBoy

    Hi My Name is... SmallTownBrickBoy

    Hi EB, My name is SmallTownBrickBoy and recently became Lego enthusiast again, after suppressing it for almost 25 years. It all started around Christmas, when I was out buying presents for my nephew who is six years old. He wished for some Ninjago and I really wanted to give it to him. During the Christmas-shopping I was talking with my girlfriend about how cool it would be if Lego made the Curiosity Rover at one point. And then we bought the Ninjago and that was all. The thought about the Rover would get out of my head - so I visited and lord-and-behold, CUUSOO #005 was just about to be made and was available for pre-order on the website. A few clicks - and I ordered it. I got the package yesterday - and I just assembled it this morning. I also bought 2 x 10664 LEGO® Creative Tower 1 x 70709 Galactic Titan V29 (it was on sale) I guess I'm hooked again :)