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  1. Update: I have submitted this model to Lego Ideas! I know the chances are slim, but if you really like this model please consider supporting it. https://ideas.lego.com/projects/c6cc0051-b6c8-40a3-a64f-7d80501f690d
  2. Don't worry, of course I built this in real life first and I took great care to make sure everything is legal and sturdy. The cylinder is 4 studs wide, but the opening on the bottom is only 3 studs wide. It's impossible to fall out! The secret lies in this little Technic Pin 1/2: It brushes up against the rim of the wheel. Not so much to cause any friction, but enough to prevent the wheel from moving side-to-side.
  3. Thanks! I'm particularly proud of the way it's mounted using two angular swingarms: It leaves exactly as much room as is needed for the wheel, the gear, and the chain to spin freely.
  4. And there's not one, but two chains! It's a pretty hardcore ride
  5. What's up everyone? I created another motorcycle which I call the "Big Thumper". Why? Because this bike has the biggest cylinder ever seen in a Lego Technic motorcycle! Here is a picture of this monstrosity: When you push the motorcycle forward, you can actually hear the distinctive "thumping" sound characteristic of big-bore cruisers! Despite its size, the cylinder fits nicely inside a hard-tail frame: As you can see, the other main feature is the steering mechanism, which allows the ape-hanger handlebars to be placed on top of the fuel tank. Combined with the engine-mounted floorboards this provides the ideal feet-forward riding position! As always, the building instructions are available for free on my website and on Rebrickable.
  6. OMG, how could I have missed this contest! The bike was mostly done before February. I just postponed posting it until I had the building instructions fully done I wonder what the winning bikes look like. I checked this topic but I couldn't find any photos or links to the winning entries...
  7. It's not lack of trail, it's lack of torque. Even in first gear, the Lego pullback motor cannot produce the torque needed to create any kind of balance. Besides, a sports motorbike needs a steep rake even if only for its looks. I should really post a video though about its sick burnout capabilities, it's MADE for it. However, I don't have the means to produce good video, so I'd rather not make one at all.
  8. Something different for a change: I used two Lego pullback motors to create a V-twin engine for a minimalist, all-black motorcycle. Beneath the engine is a 2-speed gearbox. The lever on the right selects between 1st gear (down position), neutral, and 2nd gear (up position). It also features working suspension, steering, and a kickstand. The pullback motors provide enough power for doing some sick burnouts, but not enough to ride the motorcycle for any meaningful distances. Also, being a motorcycle, it falls over as soon as you let go. I added a simple steering lock to improve the playability a little (see the final page of the instructions). Both the building instructions and LDraw source can be downloaded for free on my website: https://jj.created.today/pullback/ While you're there, also check out my other models! I hope you like it! (Some further information: I used LDCad to create the MPD file. Its "closed triangle" feature was invaluable to calculate all the correct angles. The instructions were created with LPub3D and the images were rendered with POV-Ray.)
  9. Photographing a car == creative work Photographing a photo of a car == copying Designing a MOC == creative work Following build instructions == copying Building a real car that looks and works exactly like a Lambo == copying Building a car from toothpicks/sodacans/Lego that looks exactly like a Lambo == creative work Building a MOC that looks like an existing MOC without having seen the building instructions == creative work by clean-room reverse engineering Building a MOC that is in some ways identical to another MOC, and unique in other ways == derivative work, which is copyrightable on its own
  10. Nobody "owns" a design. Creative works are free to copy and adapt by anyone. Copyright is only a privilege handed out by the state for a limited period of time in order to promote creativity. It is not a natural right like owning a house. That being said, I think a MOC definitely counts as a creative work on its own, unless it was largely based on another MOC. If you design a Ferrari MOC, you are the sole copyright holder of that MOC. Ferrari could prevent you from using its name based on trademark law, but it couldn't prevent you from selling the design under a different name.
  11. It's interesting to see that Lepin continues to sell knockoffs after the 2018 lawsuit and the 2019 raid as if nothing has happened. It's also interesting to hear that Chinese manufacturers are actually trying to contact MOC builders to attempt to license their designs. Why would they even try if they intend to rip them off anyway? I believe it's time for Lego to step in and finally offer the community what it wants: an official way to buy MOCs. Their acquisition of BrickLink seems to point in that direction. Will they acquire Rebrickable too?
  12. I understand that it's easy to dismiss Lepin as an evil company that steals. However, I'm wondering if at least some MOC Builders are being compensated for their work. The following quote is from a 2017 interview with Crowkillers: Besides Crowkillers, are there any other MOC builders out here that are willing to admit they were approached by Lepin?
  13. I won't link the LEGO competitor Lepin's website here, but if you look under their "MOC Factory" section you'll see an abundance of MOCs from well-known Technic builders like JaapTechnic, Crowkillers, Loxlego, Madoca, Nico71, etc. Since many of them are participating on this forum, I'd like to know your feelings about this. Do they have an agreement with Lepin to sell these models? Or is Lepin shamelessly ripping off their creations?
  14. Does anyone else have the problem that even the "All Listings" section shows a lot less sellers than the old site? Never mind, I found the answer in the FAQ: Why is my store not shown on BrickLink XP?Currently, BrickLink XP only displays stores that have Onsite payment enabled. Instant Checkout is also strongly encouraged. Your store will not be displayed if it does not support either of these features. If your store supports Onsite payment and is not shown by default, your store is likely listed in the Domestic or International “All listings” page. On Classic, your store will be displayed as usual.
  15. That is really a wonderful creation. I also checked out the other videos on his channel, this guy is a Lego genius!