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  1. Photographing a car == creative work Photographing a photo of a car == copying Designing a MOC == creative work Following build instructions == copying Building a real car that looks and works exactly like a Lambo == copying Building a car from toothpicks/sodacans/Lego that looks exactly like a Lambo == creative work Building a MOC that looks like an existing MOC without having seen the building instructions == creative work by clean-room reverse engineering Building a MOC that is in some ways identical to another MOC, and unique in other ways == derivative work, which is copyrightable on its own
  2. Nobody "owns" a design. Creative works are free to copy and adapt by anyone. Copyright is only a privilege handed out by the state for a limited period of time in order to promote creativity. It is not a natural right like owning a house. That being said, I think a MOC definitely counts as a creative work on its own, unless it was largely based on another MOC. If you design a Ferrari MOC, you are the sole copyright holder of that MOC. Ferrari could prevent you from using its name based on trademark law, but it couldn't prevent you from selling the design under a different name.
  3. It's interesting to see that Lepin continues to sell knockoffs after the 2018 lawsuit and the 2019 raid as if nothing has happened. It's also interesting to hear that Chinese manufacturers are actually trying to contact MOC builders to attempt to license their designs. Why would they even try if they intend to rip them off anyway? I believe it's time for Lego to step in and finally offer the community what it wants: an official way to buy MOCs. Their acquisition of BrickLink seems to point in that direction. Will they acquire Rebrickable too?
  4. I understand that it's easy to dismiss Lepin as an evil company that steals. However, I'm wondering if at least some MOC Builders are being compensated for their work. The following quote is from a 2017 interview with Crowkillers: Besides Crowkillers, are there any other MOC builders out here that are willing to admit they were approached by Lepin?
  5. I won't link the LEGO competitor Lepin's website here, but if you look under their "MOC Factory" section you'll see an abundance of MOCs from well-known Technic builders like JaapTechnic, Crowkillers, Loxlego, Madoca, Nico71, etc. Since many of them are participating on this forum, I'd like to know your feelings about this. Do they have an agreement with Lepin to sell these models? Or is Lepin shamelessly ripping off their creations?
  6. Does anyone else have the problem that even the "All Listings" section shows a lot less sellers than the old site? Never mind, I found the answer in the FAQ: Why is my store not shown on BrickLink XP?Currently, BrickLink XP only displays stores that have Onsite payment enabled. Instant Checkout is also strongly encouraged. Your store will not be displayed if it does not support either of these features. If your store supports Onsite payment and is not shown by default, your store is likely listed in the Domestic or International “All listings” page. On Classic, your store will be displayed as usual.
  7. That is really a wonderful creation. I also checked out the other videos on his channel, this guy is a Lego genius!
  8. May this video inspire you all to create some intricate mechanical linkages!
  9. Hedgie

    [MOC] Moon Buggy

    I tried, but it didn't allow for a tight enough turning circle :-) The real constraint on the pivot point though is the enormous length of the 6L steering link. The car could be 2 studs smaller if there existed a 5L link, and 4 studs smaller with a 4L link. One solution I used in the past is to use as a steering link (instead of as a wheel hub).
  10. Hedgie

    [MOC] Moon Buggy

    I never know what color to choose from MLCAD's color palette. For the dark gray parts I used color number 72. What do you think should be the correct color? And is there a way to modify MLCAD's palette to include the most common colors on the toolbar?
  11. Hello all, This weekend I recreated my favorite childhood technic model (8830) using modern parts and techniques. It has 4-wheel HOG steering, full independent suspension, and a really tight turning circle just like the original! Building instructions are available at Rebrickable.
  12. Ha! I bought 4 of these because it's such a great parts donor
  13. Let me take the opportunity to personally thank you for that awesome review! I've been building Technic models and creating instructions for a while now, mainly to enable myself to rebuild those models sometime in the future. Creating the instructions somehow justifies all the time I spent designing the models Since I started sharing these instructions I've never heard of anyone actually rebuilding my MOCs. You, however, are the first one to not only successfully build one of my models, but to also produce an awesome Youtube video of it! I felt all warm and fuzzy inside when I watched your video review I hereby award you the my-first-actual-builder award! This includes lifelong personal support with building any of my past and future models. Also, come have a beer at my house if you are ever in the Netherlands. EDIT: Here's the link to Osuharding1's review:
  14. Thank you! I'll probably never reach 10,000, but it's still nice to see the number climbing. What does it take for a Technic set to get a big audience?
  15. Hi everybody, A while ago I posted my MOC here and received some nice comments. Thank you all very much. A special thanks to Jim who frontpaged me, and to Osuharding1 who created a great .Today, I've published the Compact Convertible at the new Lego Ideas. As you know, when it receives 10,000 supporters TLG will consider making it an official model. I know it's a long shot, but I'd like to ask all of you to please become a supporter. Simply visit the project page and if you like it, click "Support". You'll need to login or create an account to complete. This is the first time I published something on Lego Ideas and the experience was pretty flawless. I like the new layout and the new wizard to enter all the project information was great to use. It took two days for the project to be approved. I would like to see more awesome Technic models on there though, so after supporting me please also submit your own MOC!