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    1966 Lego Batmobile

    I believe I made the necessary corrections. Thank you for your kind words! I built the Batmobile free hand with no instructions just an idea and a huge assortment of black bricks. One day I will take it apart to help create directions but that will have to wait until after voting is completed.
  2. SamGras

    1966 Lego Batmobile

    MOC Presentation I am huge Batman fan and have passed that love to my 4 year old daughter. I have been building LEGO sets with her for some time now her favorite sets are TMNT, Friends & Batman. She was upset that the store bought Batmobiles did not allow Robin to sit in the Batmobile along side Batman. Therefore i made her the most iconic Batmobile, the 1966 version. This era Batman is fun and campy perfect for a four year old. I collected pieces for my build over a month. I dug through my childhood collection, picked bricks from "Classic Plastic Bricks in Ellicott City, pulled some pieces off my other Batmobiles and ordered parts off brick link to complete the build. The construction took about a week with many revisions specifically to the length of the vehicle. It was all guess and check I did not have any plans other than what was in my head Please support my 1966 Adam West LEGO Batmobile on the 'LEGOIdeas' Website. We have nearly 5,000 votes but need your help to reach our goal of 10K. Thank you for your consideration! Sam
  3. SamGras

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    Wow. I really like the Treasurepals idea it helps solve the age old question. "How do I organize and store my LEGO"? I used the official LEGO self-stacking storage containers only to get frustrated by how little they held and all the small pieces that would get stuck in the bottom. I'm really excited by this product! Not to mention they are giving us a voice to share our needs to build the best LEGO storage unit! Here is the Link for their Kickstarter: Awesome, Sam