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Found 135 results

  1. Technic General Discussion Welcome to the Technic General Discussion topic. Here you can post small questions or comments about Lego Technic which don't need a topic of their own. This way we will keep the number of topics limited. Examples Has anyone built vehicle x? Where can I find this or that? I missed this set on eBay...darn!
  2. So, which of these five projects have the best likelihood for being approved for production, if any at all?
  3. Celebrate the historic neoclassic home of one of America’s most famous Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson! Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello home began construction in 1768, when he was only 26 years old. America’s third president was never fully satisfied with his design, and the house was continually redesigned throughout his lifetime - not so unlike Lego fanatics constantly reworking their own builds. This microscale Monticello has been meticulously and faithfully rendered to capture the unmistakable appearance of the iconic building, known to all Americans as “that building on the back of the nickel coin.” The 930-piece set would appeal to lovers of Lego’s Architecture series, and would also contain highly sought after dark red pieces that have never before been produced. The design could also be scaled down to remove the some of the landscaping (the house by itself contains under 650 pieces). If you love architecture, history, and Lego, I would be forever thankful for your support on Lego Ideas! @BenBuildsLego | Flickr
  4. Giza - Exploring the Great Pyramid @ LEGO IDEAS The Great Pyramid of Giza, also called the Pyramid of Khufu or the Pyramid of Cheops, is the oldest and largest of the three pyramids on the Giza plateau in Egypt. Built over 3,800 years ago, it is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. It is almost 50 stories tall and perhaps built by as many as 20,000 workers over 23 years. Concealed far inside the pyramid the Pharaoh's burial chamber was filled with treasures and items for the Pharaoh to use in the afterlife. The walls are covered with exquisite carvings and detailed paintings. After hiking through the desert sand, you will set up camp and plan your exploration. Inside you will find false chambers and passages that would have been used to try to trick robbers in the past. Approach the Great Pyramid and see its entrance on the north face. Part way up on the northeast edge see the notch which may reveal secrets of the pyramid’s construction. Open the Great Pyramid to reveal the entrance and ascending passage to the Grand Gallery, the Queen’s Chamber and finally the King’s Chamber. Marvel at the original treasures and sarcophagus. Each of the chambers is lit using LEGO power functions. It is hard to imagine just how immense the real-life pyramid is! This LEGO creation has 18 rows of bricks making up the pyramid’s height; each row represents about 25 feet of the actual height, for a total of 449 feet. To consider this scale and that of the minifigs, it would be about 5 minifigs standing on top of each other to be the height of one LEGO row of bricks in the Great Pyramid of Giza. That would be about 1/20th of the normal height of 4 bricks for one minifigure. It would be about 1/6th of the normal height of a micro figure. The base camp and tent are built on a easily separable base. That allows it to be positioned in front of the pyramid, or to the side so that the dramatic scale difference can be kept in perspective. The base camp includes maps and spare supplies to equip the expedition. This LEGO pyramid is 40 x 40 studs on its base and surrounded by sand, a small mirage, and a separable base camp for the explorer and minifigures. It is constructed with 1,830 standard LEGO pieces including 7 minifigs! The minifigs included are: King Tut An Egyptian Queen 3 Egyptian warriors 2 explorers along with 2 cats and a camel Even now the Great Pyramid continues reveal more secrets! Using muon scans, the “ScanPyramids” project has discovered what appears to be yet another open chamber never explored. This newly discovered empty space has been named ScanPyramids’ Big Void, and more can be found at: Giza - Exploring the Great Pyramid @ LEGO IDEAS
  5. Sooo, here's my first Powered Up MOC which also happens to be another LEGO Ideas project, and if you find the concept of racing your brick against your friends interesting, please support it here:
  6. HalfPintOfInnes

    The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

    I can finally reveal my very first LEGO Ideas project! Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. I've worked so hard designing this set, and all I need now is your help. Head on over to the Lego Ideas page and support my project.
  7. I designed a Lego Space Shuttle to scale with the recent Lego Saturn V set. Since I get this question a lot, it is more proportionally correct than the 10231 and 10213 Shuttle, and is also accurately scaled to the Saturn V :) I posted a version of it on here before, but this one has been adjusted and finally submitted it to Lego Ideas. Please share with friends and sign up and support if you like it! Click to see more images and support if you like it! Lego Ideas - NASA Space Shuttle (Saturn V Scale)
  8. legoig2000

    LEGO E.T. The Extra Terrestial MOC

    Here is my second MOC. This time I present to you: The E.T. Spaceship. In 1982 the film E.T. The Extra Terrestrial released. It has since been a very successful film, both in children and in adults. So I decided to make a set of the spaceship from the opening and closing scenes. For the interior I based myself on what was shown in the film. Here are some photos... The interior is easily accessible because the walls can turn outwards. The MOC contains 866 bricks. The included minifigures are: Elliott, E.T., Michael, Gertie, Maria (mother). I am thinking of making this my first LEGO Ideas project. What do you think? Would you support that or not? Thanks for all comments! They are more than welcome.
  9. Gunman

    Crash Bandicoot

    Hey there guys! :) Crash Bandicoot! the iconic video games character that marked my childhood back in 1996 being a day one purchase with my playstation. A lot of great memories back then that came back to my mind 21 years after, thanks to the great remaster of the game! Now its time to change roles and let my daughters play it :) Here you can see a moc of mine, consisting of 855 parts and measuring height of 33,6cm You can also see a 360° render of Crash Bandicoot here: Ears are connected with ball joints so you can freely rotate them and change the mood of Crash :) Each arm has three ball joints, in order to play with them as you like waist is also connected with ball joint, so you can rotate the upper part of the body 360° legs are connected with the waist with ball joints so you can rotate them aswell I have uploaded Crash Bandicoot on LEGO Ideas also,so if you also like him and would like to give him a chance to become an official LEGO set, please support and share my project Burdega!!
  10. neonic

    Cityhall Gouda

    What do you think of this creation? It's a 'copy' of the medival gothic cityhall of Gouda, the place I live. It's on Lego ideas. It's not mine creations but as a real Gouwenaar, and Lego fan, I think it looks cool and I wanted to help the creator to get enough votes so it became a set. (nice background color is it, reminds me to cheese, Gouda's cheese ) So please vote on Lego ideas
  11. "A Home for Anton" is my ReBuild of 21310 LEGO Ideas "Old Fishing Store" His fireplace is built into a rocky crop on a hilltop near the seashore ... Anton stores his fishing gear on his back porch ... Anton sleeps up in his Loft. Awake now, he has a cuppa Tea ... He hangs his favorite fisherman's sweater to dry near the back porch ... Inside, he enjoys his fireplace, while kitty meows for food ... He waits for his smoked fish on the stone grill while enjoying some Lemonade ... Resting on a bench in front of his home, he tells kitty to stop pestering the Seagull. This ReBuild uses only parts from the set 21310 -- if you have time, there's a few more photos in a flickr album, including one with the front wall off, roof up, and side wall open, plus one with the furniture items pulled out of his house. Thanks for visiting!
  12. I started a projct on Lego Ideas and i thought i could need some more supporters. Thats why I want to present my project to you. I build with LDD a geographical World Map with different coulors for mountains, snow etc. and I added some animals, because than its more interesting and not so boring. Maybe you would like to support my idea. Here is the link: I would be very happy if you do so ! I hope this post is in the right forum
  13. Medieval River Outpost Hi everyone! I've recently tumbled into my first adulthood Lego addiction. I ended up buying several of the classic castles off of Bricklink and had a ton of fun building them...and even playing with them (in a mature grown up way, of course). After this initial outburst of fun, I wanted to try my hand at creating my own set that could fit within the classic theme. I downloaded LDD and, and ended up creating a vibrant classic set which features some interesting play scenarios: presenting the Medieval River Outpost: Inspiration: This medieval river outpost is inspired by fond memories of the various traditional Lego castle themes. The goal was to create a simple yet elegant structure set within an interactive colorful environment. Description: This small medieval outpost was built to allow its defending faction to maintain control of the river crossing. It provides enough room to garrison a small guard detachment, along with some supplies and a small armory. The structure was built into the cliffside to provide an excellent overview of the surrounding terrain for its defenders. Any hostile forces wishing to easily cross the river will have to risk a dangerous passage across the bridge. However, a clever foe may decide to take advantage of the surrounding scenery to gain an advantage by chopping down the tree next to the river. Play features: The set provides an interesting colorful scene that allows for various play scenarios. Bandits may create a diversion by sending out their tamed wolf to draw away attention from the bridge. This could provide a window of opportunity for any raiding forces to swim across the river unnoticed. Once across, they can sneak around to the back of the outpost or scale the cliffs. Alternatively they could hide near the forest until night-fall and decide to chop down the tree next to the river. The tree features a simple hinge-mechanism allowing it to be felled, thus providing an alternate way to cross the river. An acrobatic bandit could then decide to climb along the fallen tree, and jump right onto the cliff...surprising any unattentive guards. The river outpost could also be combined with existing castle sets to provide many more scenarios. For example one can imagine a hostile faction marching towards the defender's main castle. But they would first need to find a way to get past the river outpost which guards the defending faction's border. Notes: Ideally, the river in this set would be printed onto a custom baseplate. For illustration purposes it was built with blue and tan plates. The set is presented with the traditional Black Falcons and Wolfpack factions. This is merely to illustrate the concept and play features, factions could of course be replaced with any other existing or new factions. Having said that, the Black Falcons are still my favorite faction :-) Brick count is around 320. By making use of the larger cliff and castle wall molds, the idea would be to produce this set for a target budget of about 50$, making it accessible for a large audience. Thank you very much for checking out my project. Feel free to support and share this project if you like it. Any feedback and comments are of course also very welcome!
  14. Bricked1980

    How to Promote Lego Ideas Projects

    Hi everyone I have recently added my first project to Lego Ideas. I wondered can anyone offer me any advice on the best ways to promote my project? So far all I've done is created a topic about it on Eurobricks and shared some of the pictures in a few Flickr groups. Are there any other methods I could use to give my model some more exposure and gain more support? Are there any other Lego related sites that are good for showing MOC's or Lego Ideas projects? Also I don't use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram but do you think any of those would be worth a go? This is the first time I've used Lego Ideas so I'm learning as I go along. Any help or advice would be much appreciated.
  15. Bricked1980

    Problem with Lego Ideas

    Hi everyone I have been working on a design recently which I want to add as my first entry as a Lego Ideas project. I am having problems setting up my account though. I logged in to Lego Ideas using my standard Lego ID which I set up years ago and doesn't have the same user name that I use on here or Flickr. I want them to match though so that people can easily find my project once I've added it to Ideas. Under account preferences on Lego Ideas there is an option to change the username but when I try to do this it just throws up an error message and wont let me do it. Has anyone else had problems with this and if so how did you solve it? I've emailed the Lego Ideas customer service but they haven't got back to me and I received an auto generated message basically saying that they are a small team and it might take them a long time to reply to emails. So I'm not holding my breath that I'll ever hear back from them.
  16. Which project do you think will be LEGO's choice for the Second 2017 Ideas Review? Likewise, what do you think LEGO's choice will be for the Third 2017 Ideas Review?
  17. Dear Lego Technic engineers, I’ll take this time to present to you my latest and most serious MOC. Challenger MT800E tractor. I got my inspiration from the FS17 game I’m playing, where is one of my favorites. I spent a month developing it, I didn’t rush it, I took my time, and it turned out quite ok (at least I think so). I wanted it to be a Claas Xerion contender. So it’s built in the same scale as Claas. I tried to replicate it as close as possible to the real thing, so I implemented the same features as on the real tractor. Same shape front weights, the position of the mirrors, lights, stairs and hand rails. Big tractor deserves a big exhaust. By the way, not all of them have front hitch, mine does. Front and rear view By the pure looks of it, it set itself apart from other tractors out there (both real and Lego). And it’s controlled by S-brick, because I didn’t want chunky and clunky Lego RC receivers sticking out of the model. Front engine cover functions just like on the real tractor; it gives access to the battery box (engine). The only thing wrong here is that the cover is one stud taller than it should be because I had to make room for the things inside. To get the correct shape and for the colors that were involved, I kind of compromise its structural rigidity in the back section where the hinge is (I hope it won’t fall apart). View of the lifted engine cover Same features in the cabin as on the real one. Joystick, computer, display, dash. Close up of the cabin Now, the rear hydraulic lift system is a bit simpler than the real one. Mine has a few levers less, but it functions in the same way, and it looks the same. It goes up and down and swings from side to side (which is the unique feature on this tractor) together with the drawbar hitch which is standard equipment and PTO. A 3-point ball hitch can be implemented at any time. But don’t get full by it, it’s still very complex mechanism to put in such small space and to make it work. View of the rear hydraulic lift system with different attaches Let’s talk about the chassis and drivetrain a little bit. The XL motor is for drive; it’s geared up to 1.67 to get the approximate speed of 1.2km/h otherwise it would be too slow. The whole thing weighs around 1.3kg (I calculated) so I think it shouldn’t be a problem (although I don’t know will it be enough when you attach something to it; a trailer or an implement of some kind). The power is transferred to the small sprocket which is in between the 2 motorcycle wheels on the bottom so it sits on the track and it always has a weight pushing on them so it’s always in contact with the track. The motorcycle wheels are stationary, they don’t turn, the track glides over them. The original idea was to offset motorcycle wheels by 90 degrees, get power to them, and put 4 stationary small sprockets in between. But when I tried it, the sprockets just wouldn’t align to the track correctly. So I had to compromise and do it this way. The front wheel is attached to the big shock absorber which acts as a track tensioner. The midwheels are oscillated front to back and left to right (just like on the real tractor). For steering I used an L motor (that’s the one on top) and dual differential steering system (thanks to @Tommy Styrvoky). The steering output speed is 9:1 at the differentials. PTO is directly powered by another L motor (the one at the bottom). The M motor on top is for the rear hydraulic lift system. The orange friction cylinders are dumpers so that the hydraulics can’t swing freely side to side by its own. On tracks I put those rubber things for better traction (BTW, they only exist in red color but it looked stupid so I colored them dark gray). Top and bottom view of the chassis And yes, there is a black limited edition. PDF instruction AVAILABLE! DISCLAIMER: This is built in LDD. I don’t have real Legos, so I can NOT be 100% certain that this will work. I’m hoping it will, because I’ve paid attention to, calculated, considered, thought through, almost everything. I made sure that every connection is possible, and that nothing hits anything that it’s not supposed to. This time I used colors that exist in real life, so no more parts and colors errors. The only thing that I’m worried about are the rear drive wheels. Will my solution actually work? It should in theory. Anyway, enjoy it and have fun with it. The other colors are just for the fun of it. UPDATE 1 I managed to secure the white worm gear with little modifications, so that it will stay in place and it won't fall off. And now, it looks like this: UPDATE 2 PDF instructions are finished. Here is the link: Challenger MT800E building instructions UPDATE 3 I submitted this MOC on Lego Ideas . If you like it, please support it. Although it needs some corrections to the drivetrain, if it passes forward, I will make sure to do them. I will iron out every wrinkle there is and correct every mistake. And I will make it compatible with standard Lego receivers The deadline for 100 supporters is July 18th 2018. UPDATE 4 New deadline for 1000 supporters is July 16th 2019. Now I have the time and the drive to fix some things, and slowly but surely make it work properly. Thank you
  18. Do you feel it? Feel these smells? In the air there is a quaint mixture of flavors of fresh baked bread, strong coffee, young cheese, spring flowers and of course the most fashionable perfume. Dear friends, welcome to Paris! I invite you for a walk along the Parisian pedestrian streets. In this set I decided to recreate a little piece of this beautiful city. A wide pedestrian street is divided into 2 narrow streets to simulate the winding streets of Montmartre. This project is called "Parisian alleys" This is the continuation of my modular pedestrian street. Like the first set this set has its own interesting story and plot for the game. This time the plot is related to with magic and dark forces. Behind the gloomy door there is the office of Madame Brochant, the famous fortune-teller and witch. Get ready to meet with ghosts and evil spirits! Inside the three buildings of this set there are: Bakery; Artist's workshop; Shop of paintings; The room of a young writer girl; Cafe "Green Windmill" Cheese shop; Fashion boutique. This is a very detailed set with beautiful interiors and buildings. Read and see more about the set you can here: Please SUPPORT this project on LEGO IDEAS web-site!
  19. Hello I'd like to present to you my latest work showing famous Noble Prize winner - Maria SKłodowska Curie in her laboratory. This MOC is a part of bigger project by which in this year my community (Zbudujmy To) celebrates 100th anniversary of regaining independence by Poland. Vignettes and little dioramas are my favorite forms of LEGO creation and in this one I tried to depict the laboratory as well as possible with various furniture and lab equipment. Additionally, I submitted this project on LEGO Ideas, where you can find some more facts about this model: Laboratory of Maria Skłodowska-Curie by crises_crs, on Flickr Laboratory of Maria Skłodowska-Curie by crises_crs, on Flickr Laboratory of Maria Skłodowska-Curie by crises_crs, on Flickr Laboratory of Maria Skłodowska-Curie by crises_crs, on Flickr Laboratory of Maria Skłodowska-Curie by crises_crs, on Flickr Laboratory of Maria Skłodowska-Curie by crises_crs, on Flickr Laboratory of Maria Skłodowska-Curie by crises_crs, on Flickr Laboratory of Maria Skłodowska-Curie by crises_crs, on Flickr
  20. My Lego Space moment is when Lego Brick first meets Outer Space and Classic Space was born. This year is the 40th Anniversary of Classic Space. FLIP the brick over to reveal additional brick and plate pieces that can be combined with the original building bricks to build a Classic Space Station. Both the red and white space minifigs were the first to go into outer space. It is both a commemorative set and a playset. I think this will make a very nice gift set for fans of Classic Space, both young and old. Please vote here if you like the idea. Thanks.
  21. I made this exiting project because I think people will support it.This is an rocket that NASA will launch in 2030,without crew.If you want to support this idea,link is here: are some attractive pictures of my rocket: Link for all my projects: Old Dude/projects#search/s:most_recent Thanks for support!
  22. (Review) 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn v By: StangMan302 I recently bought this Lego set #21309, and ever since I got it I have wanted to review it. Some main points. Very strong construction. Great building techniques. Very fun building experience. Excellent scale for viewing/ playing. Box. Great artwork. Shows detail Apollo mission. Breaks down the rocket into stages. Gives some info on the 1969 moon landing. Construction overview Bag 1 This was the construction of the inner fuselage of stage 1. This part is very fragile but the second bag brings the whole thing together to make it super strong. Bags 2-6 Adding covering to stage one. Bag 7. Start of stage 2 construction. Bag 8-10. Stage 2 strengthening. Bag 11. Stage 3 construction. Bag 12. Lunar module and final stage assembly. Final thoughts. Building Experience: 9/10 Play ability: 9/10 Price per piece value: 9/10 Display ability 10/10 Details: 9/10 I would definitely recommend this set to anyone with a passion for space or rockets in general. Props to the designers of this set it is one of the best sets I have ever owned.
  23. Alex Pendable

    [MOC] Ariane 6 rocket

    Hello! With a friend weare two European friends passionate about both LEGO and space and that’s why we decided to build a LEGO model of Europe’s new space launcher (or rocket) Ariane 6! We tried to chose a good scale in order to have lot of details (for exemple we designed two satellites under the fairing, there is also the main feeding line, engines etc.). In addition we designed a simplified launch table! That was an amazing project! That's why we have proposed the project on lego ideas and if you want you can support the project here. We have realised a brickmovie of the Ariane 6's integration! we posted the video on youtube here! Don't hesitate to give me some feedback! You can see found pictures bellow: IMAG1360 A6 stickerv5 DSC_0711_MATTE DSC_0730_MATTE_2
  24. vedosololego

    Playing in Space Since 1978

    Let me introduce you to my new creation. PLAYING IN SPACE SINCE 1978 by Cristiano Grassi, su Flickr Have you ever wondered how our Spacemen Heroes could travel for almost 40 years through space without getting older or bored to death? Here’s your answer. For forty years our heroes have been playing with LEGO bricks! I was reorganizing some minifigs when I found a spaceman that I used to play with when I was a child, having him live the most amazing adventures. And I started wondering “He’ll be 40 in a little while, what’s his secret?” So, I imagined him, together with all his travelling companions, playing with a LEGO Space base for forty years. Maybe it’s true that playing with LEGO bricks keeps you young. What do you think about it? Do you find it new? Interesting? Creative? I had never seen something like this before and it's one of the reasons I've launched the project on LEGO Ideas. Another one is to see our beloved Classic Space minifig come back, or, why not, maybe even a few themed sets could come back. This project could act as a springboard. If you like, here's the link Let me know what you think about it.
  25. So, who do you think will be Lego's choice for the First 2017 Ideas Review?