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  1. awesome creation, love how compact it is, just a few questions: how are you controlling the buwizz? i know it has only tablet/smartphone controls and touch controls don't help while driftng are you able to separately control front and rear motors? acquiring some skill you should be able to drift really well in that dusty place also i don't own a buwizz but i have a sbrick and lego lipo BB, is the buwwiz heavier than the original lipo BB? i remeeber i wa a ble to dift a little bit on super smooth floor with a RWB light car (1 xl geared up 1:5 for drive and a super fast/high angle steering with m motor) so i'm curious to try your design with the pieces i have (actually using ps4 controller for the sbrick so i can adjust front/rear traction)
  2. I've built it 100% like the digital file,but i'll be driving it with a ps4 remote, so actually 100% speed control and 4 buttons for full forward full backward and a couple of sequences For what I tried it is really fun to drive, but yes it have some "slamming" problem, but still scares my dog even if he is one room away ahahahha Also due to the numerous fights on Christmas i'll be recording it will also fight some smashable (old technic beams and panels) bot so I think it will shows its true power Hope for some teasers next days
  3. Sorry for bumping this topic but.... I can' t wait to fill blacksmith out of the arena! (I'm not sure about image size, i'll check it when i'll be back at home) Jokes aside, i'll be able to film fights this Christmas, and I can'tell fill you out of my new arena because wheeled scorpion will be driven by my cousin and i'll be driving blacksmith (I don't want the advantage of knowing how the bot should be driven) other than this I want to know if you run the bot on 9V or 7.2V, because i'm having some issues of the bot slamming its maces only when full breaking and not always....
  4. hi all, it has been a long time since my last post but i'm back into building! i'm currently showcasing all my old builds in this topic, feel free to ask any question here! DAY #4 CARBIDE S-replica name: CARBIDE description: replica of uk robot wars competitor carbide, grand finalist of series 8 and champion of series 9 signature move: horizontal spinner weight class: 1kg new technic motor used: 2x M for drive, 1x 9V motor (745699) for weapon drive: 2WD and can drive even if upside down! notes: the side armor is really tough but can be detached from th main body, also the bar has a quite good punch but luckily not enough to break lego pieces, it can remove armor and exposed wheels. also it is driven by an sbrick receiver so it has the advantage of PWM motor controls and no line of sight needed, may also join 3-robot matches due to not providing interferences with IR PHOTOS: LXF FILE FOR LDD: carbide.lxf
  5. i think the best way is the old and good "press a button to rebind" function, so whle editing control profiles we can both add channel to an input source that rebind it (like if i press "..." near right trigger a greyed out screen with a writing "press a button on the controller to bind it to this input method" appears and if i press my right trigger now i'll be sure that it is linked correctly) here are the values i found in a gamepad controller program: button | number R1 | 101 R2 | 103 R3 | 108 L1 | 100 L2 | 102 L3 |109 X |97 square |96 triangle |99 O |98 touchpad press |106
  6. that's really cool! if i'm right my bot is currently fighting lancelot and its white friend right? i hope the ability of the srimech and the edge-shaped body work good against them, also it is really difficult to compete against so big and powerful robot, glad that is performing well, if you run a small tournament don't forget to create a topic about that!
  7. Hi! I finally own a ps4 and was curious to test the controller with my android (and It works) but I can't figure out how to properly set up the controller profile, first of all the triggers seems to be swapped (trigger (R2) activates the trigger button imput(R1) ) and the real trigger button doesn't work, this also happens in a game pad tester app, also it is really difficult to understand which one of the "button 1...2...3..." correspond to the triggers Is there any way to have a live control profile setting? Like if I press a button/trigger the profile will mark that section so I can individuate where I need to put the link to the sbrick channel Example: I open the app and start editing a profile, then I press a random button (I.e the one that correspond to button 7 on the app) and scrolling al button list I can see the "button 7" highlighted Thanks for your attention and for the time you are investing in this useful app!
  8. really proud someone is building my bots! you may find some other smaller and simplier bot here unforunately i stopped building lego bots for quite a while but i'm starting again since a new robot wars series began and i had some new inspirations,but wheeled scorpion was too good to be modified! currently is sleeping near the other chassis without any electronics, and i really hope i can film some fights during christmas (i have witch doctor vs cardiac II, wheeled scorpion vs The Blacksmith and hopefully 2 new robots wll join my collection to fight together). about the arena yes, i built a new one that is almost finished and will be used for future battles here it is
  9. sorry if i missed it, from safari?
  10. At this point using nxt and ultrasonic sensor why shouldn't be accurate? Also in place of a torch, that diffuse a lot of light, there can be a laser maybe with the help of some nebulizer there will be also a nice effect
  11. Waiting for a video too! Looks really cool and with great offroad capabilities If you click on the images they redirect to the page. But yes stricekfido maybe adding a link could be the right thing ;)
  12. thanks for sharing! it is a good think lego implemented a difference like it did for v2 receiver having cable bending protection on connectors
  13. i love the idea of the race and a sort of fast like competition like the indoor car race or the lego technic rally, what about allowing cabled cars with 3rd part wires? also, how can i recognize if a battery pack is "new" or not without stressing it?
  14. i agre with what is there, and yes my mechanism lead to a permanent differential "work" but the results is that torque is not distributed equally to both axles and so you have "kind of more torque" to the front one, this is why it slips and the other stall because the dill gives more torque to that one. and off course the effect has to do with friction, how can we easily measure torque if not putting it agains an equal friction and see what "win it" more easily? also i don't know where that mechanism would be used, but i have to agree that is is not suitable for high speeds but for a supercar model or some small rc veichle it should be ok, even for a torque distribution on a drifting car
  15. wonderful, i really like the only half stud offset from the two sides, generally i don't like that offset but is almost impossible to have other efficient solution at that scale, also you've made a really good work with the steering!