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  1. All are from 2011. They consist of some model 8110 and 8068 parts (the unimog and the helicopter from 2011). And these aren't just different shades, they are full transfer of colour! It was also kept in my basement where it is constantly one temperature (20° usually on the dot, sometimes 19°), and in a shelf away from light. Judging by the replies in this thread, I maybe the first to have this situation tbh.
  2. Most likely restricted or unlisted because even I can't see it anymore. Yet I did yesterday night. It simply confirms everything we talked about in this gearbox (unlike 8053), all manual outriggers with no single mechanism to deploy them (partially unlike 8053), and thin skeletal truck frame. Literally a good parts pack for yellow parts, wheels and an extra long linear actuator.
  3. So this is a first for me im over 15 years of owning Lego Technic. I usually have an abundance of yellow parts mixed with axles, bushings, you name it. But never had any issue with parts quality other than the few occasional cracked parts due to stress overtime. However I just pulled out a small bin of mostly red parts and found out around two dozen light blue-grey axles have turned red! What in the world is this? These were all put in a clear bin and lightly packed, not even compressed. Has this happened to anyone else? I mean wow, only these axles were discoloured, not the other 100+ axles. Could it be these were made of different material? Poorer quality? Please give me your input.
  4. Ahaha probably not. Although it seems like we have these sets early here, the 1h 2020 sets look like a let down personally. Very simple, no mechanical marvels and bloated price. The crane costs $140 CAD and the rc car is $180 CAD! Plus, I only collect flagships myself. Can't wait to see how this upcoming 'backhoe' will look. Also here is the rc car, also already available in Canada!
  5. Looks like 42108 is already here in Canada eh.
  6. I checked through everything. I opened up the whole model, then rebuilt it. And the situation is the same. I don't mean to act all nit picky, but it just isn't as smooth as I would like it to be, maybe I am just spoiled. My first flagship was infact model 8110 Unimog, and that vehicle was so smooth, I push it once and it won't stop rolling until it hit a wall! But I can attribute that success to the fact that it only has 4 cylinders pushing up and down again the cylinder wall reducing friction, and a well fortified drivetrain. Model 42043 Arocs has alot of these friction pin holes with axles running through them >> And because they are held by friction and not any solid axle or fortified beams, they can be rotated about its center point. The moment the center pin hold isn't leveled with the ground, it will twist or push on an axle going through, increasing friction by just that little bit. Also this model chassis is built in 3 stages, and then you combine the stages together. The first( engine) and second (gearbox) part of the model aren't very solid, introducing flex. This flex usually bends some axles which in turn creates more friction and just makes the situation worse. And then also, I don't know why they didn't secure the final beige 20t gear at the bottom of the chassis (part of the drivetrain), it just hangs of off a beam with its axle only secured by 1L of just hangs there connected by a very loose and extendable drivetrain that goes to the rear axles. I wouldn't blame the fact that it has 6 cylinders for friction, because 8258 Crane Truck had 8, yet it rolled along like butter. I know what you are thinking, oh this guy is so picky and a snob, but I always looks at the small details for perfections and imperfections. For example the fact that this model has dually wheels makes me very happy. Also the fact that they use flat round 1x1 tiles instead of 1x1 round studs for lights is also amazing, just makes it looks more polished.
  7. I don't have time to upload pictures sorry. But I disassembled the axles and found out the friction is actually in the i6 dummy engine. And because it's geared 3:1 from the drivetrain to the fake engine, the friction feels alot harder. It turns freely, but not smoothly. I double checked everything and it is correct. I suppose once the model is done, the weight will help create momentum and make the model easier to push. I'll jut finish building it as is. Thanks for your input though.
  8. So I don't know where to post this, but I am buidling set 42043. I'm still on the first part, but right away this model seems to be flawed. Is it normal to have so much friction in the dummy engine drive train? I turn the final 20t beige gear at the end of the drivetrain and the friction is insane! I kept everything loose, as well as tried to level the axle holders using friction to stay straight. But nothing works. I tried to play with the two universal joints in the drivetrain but it isn't helping. Can someone help me?
  9. I see reviews for this set online and every one of them seems to be a bit choppy to flat out 'slide-show like' in movement. It looks like no matter how much people try to keep the drive train loose and friction free, its sheer size and possible slightly misaligned parts cause the rough nature of its circular motion. It's hard for me to explain this movement, but just think about the boom on 42009 mobile crane. It extends smoothly, but it seems to retract with choppy motions sometimes, I don't know why. Best advice is to ofcourse keep the gear train loose, meaning add millimeter gaps between the gear wheels and its surroundings. And to make sure all beams, pegs, and connectors are fully pushed in, and you hear that little "click," to prevent anything from being misaligned and increasing stiffness in the structure.
  10. Well yeah, we all know tracked vehicles mostly steer by using two separately driven drive trains, but I really hope two xl motors are atleast used to drive this set around, because the moment it gets on thick carpet or slightly rough terrain, it's gonna stall with the lack of torque. Anyways I noticed the absence of news for 42070, no reason to further push this on. Technic isn't like it was a few years back. This is actually astonishing. I don't know how you guys reverse engineer so well, building so much off of so little information.
  11. Is there anymore news on model 42070 Tow Truck? I am waiting on this set to be my next purchase. Although one xl motor to drive seems very under powered for 1800 pieces and massive 6x6 driven wheels. To put that into perspective, 8275 bulldozer had two xl motors to drive it...
  12. Okay so apparently it's a 'big red flag' when someone creates a Bricklink store and sells vintage, old, and rare Lego sets right away. And they suspended my account until I give them my personal information and pictures of me with the sets physically? This itself is a 'big red flag' to me because this is unheard of when I asked all my friends. Anyways, my boxed sets are sitting hours drive away from me in my cottage so it will take a while before I know someone wants to buy and I will have a motive to go the distance and retrieve my vintage sets. While my Bricklink store is 'on hold,' I will still be selling the sets as mentioned above on eBay or personally through email. And currently eBay has it capped at $1000 CAD, and the Technic 8480 Space Shuttle has reached the cap at $800 CAD starting bid and $1040 CAD buyout price. Message my business gmail if you are interested in it or have offers to make, I'm still in the business!
  13. Hi everyone! I have been a Lego enthusiast for years, but since I started school, I never had the time and money to focus on the hobby anymore. However now that I have the time, I do not have the space and need to build my bank. I am mainly Technic flagship and Ultimate Collectors oriented, and I prefer the newer sets as well. I have started a Bricklink store to sell some items I own that are either taking up too much space or I have no interest in it. These items are all new and sealed, and they include: -Lego Technic 42056 Porsche 911 GT3 RS (I do not like supercars generally, despite being Technic) -$349.99 CAD -Lego Technic 8480 Space Shuttle -$800 CAD -Lego Technic 8860 Car Chassis -$850 CAD -Lego Star Wars 7965 Millennium Falcon -$260 CAD -and Lego Creator 10226 SOPWITH CAMEL (will be added to the store soon ~CAD$185) Prices are a bit lower than its competition, only because I do not aim for high profits and just want the buyer to make the most out of it...and free up space in my home :) All are brand new except model 8860, box is open, and the black beams sit freely in the box (do not remember if they came in a bag or not), but all the bags and books are factory sealed and new, never opened or built. Many of the sets are old and vintage, and I will add more as I determine if I want to keep the set or not that I find. Also, I live in Canada so shipping will be determined on the weight/size of the Lego set and distance. I can do local pickups if you live around Toronto, ON. -My business email is: -My bricklink store it:{"showHomeItems":1} -My eBay only has model 8480 Space Ship added to it at the moment, but I will add the rest to it soon if you prefer buying off eBay:
  14. Hey Anio, for your crane vid and review, how is the new turntable? What makes it different then the old turntable regarding friction? It seems to be stronger than the old turntable, but are there are tiny plastic ball bearing or something inside it? Also, the inventory link for 42042 seems to be not found. Nice review still!