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Found 34 results

  1. Lego does Star Wars but they should they also do Star Trek which has been popular for many people in this whole world too. I would like the mini figures of the Captains Kirk and Captain Picard and The Klingons and the Borg and Wesley Crusher who is Wil Wheeton and Data and all the others. Even if Star Wars is bigger and better I would also like to have Star Trek as I like both. But what do you think. Comment below to have your say this time and make this happen.
  2. Forresto

    Star Trek

    Discuss, disagree, even argue but don't become contentious or mean. We're all fans with different opinions and all opinions are welcome here. ***** Official: Star Trek Homepage News: The Trek Collective TrekMovie Reference: Memory Alpha: The Star Trek Wiki Ex Astiris Scientia - Bernd Schneider's Star Trek Site Merchandise: ANOVOS - Authentic Costume Reproductions Eaglemoss - Starships Collection ThinkGeek - Star Trek ***** Archive:
  3. Youtube Link Under the command of Captain Jonathan Archer, the NX-01 crew answers an urgent distress call only to quickly find themselves deep over their heads on a planet without any land mass. A Pritchard Studios Production. For more information, and to follow the progress of the film, see here. For some time I've been developing the idea for a Star Trek fanfilm. It's finally to the stage where I have something to show off! While the teaser here is entirely CG, the film itself will be mostly stop-motion, with effects shots and scenes of the ship rendered in Blender.
  4. M2m

    A Star Trek Replicator

    Recently finished this. Based on the reference below:
  5. NightmanCometh

    Looking for Star Trek MOCs

    Hi all, as is common for many folks around here, I am getting back into LEGO bricks as an adult. In particular, exploring the world of MOCs has been amazing. One thing that has puzzled me is the relitive lack of Star Trek MOCs (at least as far as I can find). Now, I understand that the LEGO group doesn’t have the rights to make official Star Trek sets, but it seems as if that lack carries over somewhat to the MOC building community. I have searched here at Eurobricks, rebrickabke, BrickLink, and a few other sites, and while I have found a few Star Trek MOCs, many of them are snall or unimpressive, and most of the nice ones seem to be of the starship enterprise or some other star fleet ship. What I am interested in is instructions or LDD files for high quality (UCS level of design, with a high part count, and lots of attention to detail) MOCs of the “bad guy’s” ships (aren’t they always more fun?). I would love to find MOCs of the Klingon bird of prey, the Klingon battle cruisers from the original series and TNG, Romulan bird of prey, the borg cube (the thought of all that black greebling in LEGO form makes me a bit giddy, I must admit!), and other ships along those lines. I found a pretty nice Klingon bird of prey on the site, “MOC Pages” that can give an idea of the sort of thing I was hoping to find; Unfortunately, it seems like this site is mostly for showing off pictures of MOCs, with little ability to share instructions or LDD files. Can anyone share any good MOCs they have found/made along the lines I have mentioned? Are there sites for high quality MOCs that might provide some good results? I really appreciate any help you can provide. Nice to be a part of such a supportive community. Happy building.
  6. BrickMonkeyMOCs

    [MOC] Star Trek USS Enterprise

    This is a model I've just recently finished on commission. The goal was to create a model of the iconic USS Enterprise from Star Trek with a Millennium Falcon-style petal-opening bridge that would fit a minifigure-scale interior. Obviously, a truly minifig-scale Enterprise would be a massive model, so the idea was rather to achieve something like the 10198 Tantive IV set where the scale of the interior differs from that of the actual ship. Accordingly, the full interior of the main hull here represents what in 'reality' would be a small section at the center top of the main hull. It has space for five minifigs seated centrally under the top 8x8 dish, and when the panels are opened this exposes the rest of the bridge interior where these figures can then be moved around. Instructions now available HERE.
  7. These are my Brickheadz of Captain Kirk and Mr Spock from Star Trek. I have tried to stay as close as possible to both the look of the characters and the official Brickheadz, except for the eyes which are not currently available in LDD. If you would like to build them, the instructions are available at Thank you for looking, any comments or questions welcome!
  8. Hi everyone. I just wanted to share my website that serves as a database for Christo7108's custom printed minifigures. Link: Website Please, if you find any photos of figures that are missing, let me know ASAP. Thanks for taking the time to read this!
  9. And here comes my latest MOC: the hybrid crossing between a STar Wars Y-Wing and a Star Trek USS Enterprise. Hybrid Bomber Wing by Veynom, on Flickr I based my model out of the Lego 75172 Y-Wing set and then started really heavily modifying everything. A new prototype is ready by Veynom, on Flickr The resulting model is very sturdy, fully swosshable, and not-so-ugly-kind-of, at least if you like flying junk ships. Preparing the new Wing bomber by Veynom, on Flickr Loading the bombs by Veynom, on Flickr As play features, I kept the bombing compartment, the rotating gun, the astromech slot, and the opening cockpit. The colors have moved from yellow to black, LBG, DBG, and white. A darker scheme in the end. Good job, Admiral! by Veynom, on Flickr It looks like the rebel admirals are relatively satisfied with the resulting hybrid bomber. I have been told it looks a bit like the Firefly Serenity, which I did not know before. I'm still looking for a valid name for that ship. One of the proposals on the table would be a Goose-Wing as it has a duck look. Comments welcome.
  10. This is based on Rick Sternbachs design wich you can see here: and here: It should be possible to connect multiple lifeboats with the magnet :)
  11. Some people requested it. So here it is. Ten Forward from Star Trek TNG You can see Riker having a drink and chit-chat with Guinan, while Worf is eating !
  12. Microscale version of the Star Trek - Next Generation Enterprise.I hope you like it! (New pictures uploaded. I did some small changes to the build and have new photos) Star Trek Enterprise NCC-1701-D LEGO Front by gonkius, on Flickr Star Trek Enterprise NCC-1701-D LEGO Rear by gonkius, on Flickr
  13. MrLegoCollector

    Mini MOCs: Nomad Probe (Star Trek)

    Here are two versions of the Nomad Probe from 'The Changeling' episode of Star Trek TOS. With Dr McCoy for scale. Heres a reference pic:
  14. I just watched The Wrath of Khan (Directors Cut) wich gave me the idea to recreate a scene in Lego. Here it is: And thats the scene from the movie: Hope you like it :) By the way - there is a spock minifig in the photon torpedo as you can see here:
  15. Unfortunately nobody has responded to my original German-speaking question in another (German) Lego forum. I try it here: Hello Although I myself have quite a lot of nerdiness to me, technical interests and hobbies, a certain film genre and hobbies that a "serious" adult should not have (?), I can start with the whole superhelden area, the starwarsfilms and also similar series little. Somehow I find the stories boring, very simplistic, humorless, politically far too correct and often too simple knit. Therefore, my question to the older fans (older in the sense of: Having a family of their own, have already participated in the professional life for a long time, the first destiny and crises have brought about, interested in "real" social / political issues - not only image newspaper and Facebook ...): What fascinates you at the superheldenstory, whether film, serial or comic? What is so special for you on Star Wars and similar film series? (No, I'm not interested in why Star Wars is better than Enterprise Enterprise, Battlestar Galactica, or is not). Signature: My nickname which I use in that forum. This text I have automatically translated with the Google translator. Lapidem
  16. Hello all, I apologize for bringing up the subject of megablocks but there is some news that I HAD to share. I am a Huge Star Trek TOS (The original series) and star trek in general and was considering buying some of the Kre-o (sorry) star trek sets when I saw this: MegaBlocks (sorry) are making Star Trek TOS sets!!!!!! That was the enterprise, here is the interior, a bird of prey and the next generation enterprise: Again, apologies for bringing up Megablocks but Live Long And Prosper! Columbus
  17. Some of you may remember the Vintage Space Memorial I posted a couple months ago. Well, I finally got to take proper pictures of the ship I mentioned in it: the fast space cruiser Andromeda! The ship is loosely based on FX Star Patroller (6931). At least it got a lot of parts from it - and was ironically (and without me even knowing!) build exactly 30 years after the release of the set - quite a happy coincidence. My main goal was building a ship large enough to give it a "proper" space-ship bridge, as you know from TV series like Star Trek. The name of the ship's class is inspired by ther German show Raumpatroullie - Die phantastischen Abenteuer des Raumschiffs Orion (Space Patrol - The fantastic adventures of the space ship Orion), where the designation schneller Raumkreuzer (fast space cruiser), was used. For the future I plan to refit the Andromeda with a small detachable shuttle-craft and improve a few things I am not quite happy with yet. For example I literally ran out of blue bricks! And some more wall-panel computers would be helpful too Anyway. I hope you like my little big spaceship!
  18. After some break I made another Star Trek MOC LDD. The Jeffries tube. The LDD file you can grab here: Some reference from the original show: Caption This/TNGCaption205e.jpg
  19. Thats my build of a Star Trek Type 6 Shuttle. You can grab the LDD file here: I would be happy if someone can build it in real Of course it has a cargo bay And space for the pilot (even though it should cope 2 pilots) In case of emergency the warp core can be ejected: Another shot:
  20. I recently rewatched a episode of TNG where the prisoner cell was shown. So I had to build it in Lego ! Seems the crew captured a Borg The cell features a washlet: But mostly the washlet is closed: And also a toilet is there: Front view: Worf takes care of security: As usual you can grab the LDD file here: Feedback welcome
  21. The captains quarters are a little more difficult, as they are directly under the hull and thus have the inclined roof. Anyway thats my attempt in LDD: You can find a couple of things from the show (books, sextant, etc) - but I also added a bathroom LDD file here: Feedback welcome
  22. In Worfs quarter we can of cours find some weapons, like the Bat'leth (Lego Batman batarang) hanging behind the couch or some spike punch and other stuff. Of course he keeps his bat'leth trophy he won on Forcas III on the table side table ! On the table in front of the couch there is the sculture of fighting Morath and Kahless... Also we can find his fancy futuristic sculpture chairs (?) next to the entrance. You find the LDD file here:
  23. I made the crews of TNG, DS9 and Voyager (even so I prefer TNG as a show). I used standard LDD tiles only (no custom tiles). For those younger ones from left to right: TNG crew: Picard, Riker, Troi, Worf, Dr. Crusher, La Forge, Data (with Spot the Cat) and Wesley, Ensign Ro, Q, Guinan DS9 crew: Jake Sisko, O'Brien, Capt. Sisko, Dr. Bashir, Odo, Dax, Garak, Kira, Quark, Morn, Dukat, Worf VOY crew: Tuvok, Capt. Janeway, Chakotay, Neelix, Ensign Kim, The Doc (Hologram), Tom Paris, Lt Torres, Seven of Nine, Kes Extra (some Aliens): Andorian, Borg, Klingon Get the LDD file here: I hope you like it ! Welcome any feedback or suggestion for different tiles and hairs :)
  24. As you can see Lt. Cmdr. Data is a busy guy: He is painting as usual, but of course you can find a Sherlock Holmes hat in the corner, and his violin in the back, while his feline "Spot" wants to jump on his small bonsai tree. Left of his computer table should be hid bed. On his writing table in the front, he keeps "Tasha's hologram" diaomond. Interested in the LDD file ? Here
  25. I made the Engineering Room and Warp Drive in LDD, with the "Pool Table" Computer in the front and the Warp Drive in the back :) Of course you can change the dilithium crystals if needed in the Warp Drive ! You can grab the LDD file here.