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Found 12 results

  1. Hello there, I go by the name Sytema and I come from the Netherlands. As a kid I loved Lego immensely! I think I stopped playing with Lego when I was about 16-17, not quite sure. I'm now 23 and the though of Lego came back to mind. I am currently sorting out the boxes of Lego that were dusted over, which takes longer then expected..! Anyway, I mostly played and collected Lego Star Wars. And I still have a strong bond with that. I always made my own custom capes and things for figures and I even made some tiny stop-motion video's! How do you guys take on custom Lego figures here? They are in a way, kind of, a MOC aswell aren't they? As a hobby, besides Lego (now.) I do some scale modelling and trying some sculpting. I though I could bring some of that creativity into Lego! I can't wait to browse these forums so I'm cutting it off here! ;) ~Sytema
  2. LittleM

    Hi from Denmark :D

    Hi :) My name is Mathieu and I'm arround 20 years old. I really like legos, had a lot when I was young, I'm in a pause (student, not a lot of money, other interests) but I'm planning to buy legos and play with legos again when I will have a work :) When I was young I made some brickfilms. I really liked lego creator and I had the lego Mindstorms which were fantastic! I'm curently in Erasmus in Denmark, living near Legoland and the Lego House (already visited, the lego house is soooo great!!!, and containes exclusive lego sets such as the Lego Architecture house 21037, if you know other exclusive let me know) Have a great day :D Mathieu
  3. Hello Eurobrickers! :) Youri here from The Netherlands, just signed up to this awesome forum. uild my whole life with LEGO and the last months is more serious and working on some MOCs instead of just building for fun :) I'm also preparing and planning an e-commerce business with (custom) LEGO sets and parts so I have a 'legit reason' to have the bricks all day long in my hands! If possible I'll share my first MOC in the upcoming days when I've finished the last parts and find a moment for good photos. Questions? I'd love to answer them! Happy brickings. Youri
  4. TechnicRCRacer


    Hi! I'm TechnicRCRacer and I love Technic! I have all the big sets and am creating MOCs as fast as I can to manage time. I also like the Creator Expert series because of the nicely built cars. If you want to know, my favorite set is the Porsche GT3 RS because of the cool orange panels and the very cool gearshift system. I attached a picture of my favorite MOC I built. -TechnicRCRacer
  5. Hello, I'm legobagel, as you probably read. I've been following the forums, but haven't posted much. I have been playing with LEGO (I'm proud to admit it) for a while now. I'm a collector of Marvel sets, Dimensions packs, and currently trying to top off my Disney collection. My YouTube channel is legobagel, but I probably a won't be very interesting to you. (It isn't that good.) I hope to have fun and meet all you awesome people on these forums, and I ask that you help me around a bit, because I'm new and might be a little confused. Thanks for your time, and see you later!
  6. ... Unless you want me to be. Opening jokes aside, I'm not really good at introductions, but I'm an avid Lego fan, I'm 18 years old, and armed with my crappy phone camera and my gaming PC, I plan to make friends, show off out-of-focus MOCs, show off custom minifigures, discuss Lego, and a bunch of other stuff that I can't predict but am very excited for. I've already visited a few posts, I've seen some very talented people on this site building wondrous things. I look forward to meeting as many of you as I can, talking about all things Lego! (If I did something wrong, please point it out, It's the only way I'll learn - I read the entire Rules page, but I wouldn't doubt I made some kind of mistake on my first day.)
  7. 28brickslater

    Hi from Edinburgh

    Greetings everyone! My name is James. I've been a life-long fan of Lego but had a few years away from it. Now I'm back, trying to leave the 9-5 grind and have just started to build a Lego-based career. I love anything Lego to do with Sci-Fi and robots (and particularly Doctor Who). Down the line, I think my dream would be for The Lego Group to really embrace the AFOL community and make a space that embraces anyone's Lego aspirations. I guess like the LCPs but in an almost open-source way. So, that's my far-flung project idea. My website is 28 Bricks Later where I put most of my MOCs, mods and stories. It's great to have found this forum, I look forward to getting to know you guys.
  8. SWNELoveAngel

    Hello [Think of a good song]

    Hello there everyone. I wish you all great things in life, and hope for peace. I've read some topics on this forum lately related to Lego Elves, and thought I'd join so I could talk with fellow fans of the new Lego Elves series of sets. After my niece received some of the Lego Elves sets last year for her birthday, and then asked me to build some of them for her [and then later re-build them some months later] ---- the sets also got me interested in Lego sets again. In some ways, for parts being in colors now that I wish had been around when I was a kid in the 1990's ---- and more colors of transparent pieces, too. Anyways, there sure are lots of new fun sets now!
  9. HI! My name is Robert and I am I a collector of legos, I have many sets and mini-figures, and always open to a conversation anytime! If you would like to buy or sell superhero related parts, figures or sets, please message me!
  10. Greetings Eurobricks! My name is LEGOXan, but you can call me Xan, and I am new to this community! I have been a fan of LEGO since 2005 and I am still going strong and won't end my hobby anytime soon! My current favourite LEGO themes are mostly Ninjago and Creator, but I like all kinds of LEGO! I also have other hobbies such as Basketball, Biking, Gaming (Minecraft, ROBLOX, Steam games, etc. Also watching television shows such as GoT and TWD, I also love science! I like making small MOCS (my own creations) for fun sometimes. I do my best to be kind to the people around me, and I think I do a pretty good job at it! I don't have that much of a sense of humor unfortunately. But I'm glad to be a part of this friendly community now! I heard about the community from an aquiantence on the computer game ROBLOX, his name is 4SCI, he's a great guy! Anyway that wraps up this small paragraph about me and how I got here. Thanks for reading! :-) -Xan
  11. LazorApple

    What's up euro bricks?

    Hi euro bricks! I've been reading your post for some time and decided to register. I make mocs watch tv and live in Canada. Loved lego ever since I got my first set and just couldn't stop collecting from that point on. Love the site and hope to post more! -LazorApple
  12. Aqualords

    Hey new here!

    My name is Aqualords and i have a blog I collect LXF files from difrent MOC some make great LEGO models. Like: StarWars LEGO model LEGO orginal model War LEGO model Fantasy LEGO model All great models can you see on my blog i are a big fan of LEGO like, IF you make LEGO model send them to me if them are great i put them on my blog :) GREATEST Aqualords