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  1. NevertooOld

    LEGO Pokémon GO - The Typical player

    Correct is: Angry Kitty Santa Claus (!) Peter Pan Black Widow Ariel X-Bones Deadpool Manbat Snowball Shaggy Welma and finally Lisa! (Daphne is incorrect - it´s a kid with same hair )
  2. NevertooOld

    LEGO Pokémon GO - The Typical player

    That would be 6 of 12 guest stars
  3. NevertooOld

    LEGO Pokémon GO - The Typical player

    Thank you friend! Btw this forum must be the friendliest forum out there. No studpid comments and i have never seen any evil posts
  4. Another production from me Take care out there! (For you who cant se the preview)
  5. NevertooOld

    LEGO Ninjago - Kai´s Nightmare II The Tivoli

    Thank you friends! Im trying to improve something in every production. Next movie will be a twisted crossover!
  6. **EDIT** Now it runs smoother and please enjoy! Part 2 Kai goes to sleep again. The Nighmares comes as last night. This night Kai´s visit a really scary Tivoli!
  7. The first Episode in the tirology "Kai´s Nightmare"
  8. NevertooOld

    LEGO Halloween - Mad Science

    NevertooOld is now 2.0. Higher frame rate, better overall quality and lots of improvements. Production rate is kinda slow for the moment but casting for the next move will start soon You will be one of the first to watch the upcoming <Secret title>
  9. NevertooOld

    LEGO Movie Night!

    Green Lantern invites Batman and Robin for a Movie Night. Someone has a gas problem...
  10. NevertooOld

    LEGO The Walking Bread - Episode 1

    *Notice* I have found and solved the problem i had with the movie "The Walking Bread" witch had missing frames and audio out of sync. Soon i will replace the original file with a new smooth one :D Sorry friends!
  11. NevertooOld

    Movie Night!

    Sneek peek from my next movie
  12. NevertooOld

    Deadpool - Something in the drain

    I have experimented a lot with higher fps....but when it comes to editing high fps will mess it up (missing frames, lagging etc.) really strange (Im using Sony Vegas 13 PRO and the raw video is shot in mp4 - seems it is a well know issue. I will test converting before editing in the future)
  13. NevertooOld

    LEGO The Walking Bread - Episode 1

    Edited the post with a nw version of the video. Last video had some codec issues. Still there is some audio out of sync and frame lagging... but its better.
  14. EDIT 2015-01-10 Hot dog man takes the shortcut over the graveyard. Smelling like a hot dog he will attract something evil....