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  1. IronBoy

    Non-Purist Superhero Figures

    Awesome work! great job with the hips! What was the dog for though? Besides that its amazing. Im doing a couple DC superheroes tha tgo along with batman- so tell what you think!
  2. IronBoy

    Hello! (Superhero fan)

    everything superhero! for further questions, please msg me on the forums.
  3. IronBoy

    Non-Purist Superhero Figures

    Any requests for non purists figs?
  4. IronBoy

    Non-Purist Superhero Figures

    In response to TheBigRedCheese ´s comment, First off, thanks for the the two heads, and secondly, Wolverine has custom molded claws, juggernaut with a slightly trimmed helmet and wade Wilson with a brickarms revolver. This may be small, and trust me my later posts will be in purist in multiple ways. I use knockoff pieces, brickarms, acrylic paint, and razors to trim certain pieces
  5. HI! My name is Robert and I am I a collector of legos, I have many sets and mini-figures, and always open to a conversation anytime! If you would like to buy or sell superhero related parts, figures or sets, please message me!
  6. IronBoy

    Non-Purist Superhero Figures

    This isnt shown in my photo, but often acrylic paint, birckarms and parts from knock-offs are what I use, And I know paint is often used.
  7. IronBoy

    Non-Purist Superhero Figures

    IMG_0132 by Robert Gomez, on Flickr Wolverine, Juggernaut and Wade Wilson based of his early appearances in comics. Side note, does anyone know what set juggernauts head came from? I know its Lego. also wolverines head.
  8. IronBoy


    Thanks to both of you
  9. IronBoy

    My MARVEL MOCs Does anyone know where this head is from? (credit to goodfella mini-figures)
  10. IronBoy

    HELP! ! !

    Hi, Im new her and two questions. First the website says My images are too big, how do I make them smaller (as in storage space) and how to I relpy to certain person, as Evil Jiminey did to Peppermint_M
  11. IronBoy


    Great job making hulk-buster in a better scale to hulk. (Great chest piece as well)
  12. IronBoy

    Hi! I'm new here!

    Nice to meet you! For any Marvel or DC needs, MSG me!