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Found 23 results

  1. Submitted this to the current LEGO Ideas beach competition.
  2. Pchan1983

    REVIEW: 3409 Championship Challenge

    I can't believe this set released 20+ years ago. Here is my review on 3409 Championship Challenge. THE GOOD: Fun set for everyone and football fans. The shooting mechanism works really well. Great utilisation of pieces to create the goal and using net for goal net. Added as much variations of face as they can at the time of production to give characters to each team. THE NOT SO GOOD: Can't really find any fault given the set is really selling the unlimited possibilities of the play feature. Overall, this is a great play set. It's definitely not a set for you if you are into building experience. I like how the shooting mechanism works. It's also great to see how easily they can make a goal with the limited piece variations back then. I definitely look at this set differently compared to how I would see it 20 years ago. It's great they included 2 teams for obvious reasons and I'm surprised how long those stickers last! All I say is I still like this set and would recommend to all football fans or if you looking for something that you can have fun with friends and family.
  3. Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event in the world watched by hundreds of millions of people all over the world. To celebrate the love for this sport, I built this kinetic sculpture of a football player running the ball near the sideline. LEGO Football - Kinetic Sculpture by Aldar Beedo, auf Flickr LEGO Football - Kinetic Sculpture by Aldar Beedo, auf Flickr LEGO Football - Kinetic Sculpture by Aldar Beedo, auf Flickr LEGO Football - Kinetic Sculpture by Aldar Beedo, auf Flickr
  4. BrickDesignerNL

    [IDEAS] [MOC] multi sports set

    This is my first LEGO Ideas contest submission. Concept: one set to create multiple sports (more than shown here) so you can always build any sport you and your friends like with just one set, and start playing. The field is modular so you can I hope you'll love it, and will vote for it if you like it. Thanks!
  5. Delbaerov

    Wrestling Arena

    Here is my latest floor for Delbaere Stadium A Wrestling Stage/Ring! Completed in 4 days over the holidays it features everything you'd expect to see at a modern TV Wrestling production - 18 x 18 stud ring with ropes - Big screen/stage (titantron) - Announcers booths + other ringside staff - Production booth + crane camera - Floor seating/barricades See all the pictures here: ( To see more of the stadium it is inside visit the tread on the stadium/ice rink here:
  6. Last year I created a custom LEGO Harry Potter advent calendar for my wife, and it went over spectacularly well. So well that my daughter, now 8 and a budding gymnast, requested one of her own this year. She wanted a gymnastics-themed calendar, so last spring I set about designing one for her. Weirdly enough LEGO introduced their own gymnastics-themed set in 41372 Stephanie's Gymnastics Show, but there wasn't much crossover with what I'd planned. I did ditch the trampoline I'd already assembled, though! Last year I did a day-by-day posting in the Brickset Forum, and this year I thought I'd introduce it here. I hope everyone enjoys it and I'd love to hear feedback! I'll have a full album over at Flickr as this moves along. Day 1: Base & "Floor Springs" The first day sets up the "training center," with four baseplates and the substructure for the floor exercise. I though it might be fun to build it this way so my daughter can think a little bit about how the floor at her gym is actually built. Doing it this way might result in the surface having a little "give," too. We'll see!
  7. FBros

    [MOC] Athletics Track

    Hello everyone! :) This is a project begun in 2016, freely inspired by an athletics track in the north of Italy. It's populated by friends and people - some of them are ordinary, others are so odd - that used to train or work there. As now, the MOC is in a minifig scale. The track combines bricks in different orientations and some techniques (e.g. the numbers before the finish line) to make it detailed and realistic as much as possible. It's also modular to make it easy to transport and, above all, easy to continue. The current version consists of about 3700 bricks, but we're already designing the curved section. We hope this MOC can interest you and, in case you like it, keep updated following us on Flickr! FBros
  8. GerardVanBezij

    [MOC] Gerard's LEGO Stadium

    Hi everyone! My name is Gerard and I am new here at I am a AFOL of the Netherlands and since last year I have been building with LEGO again, after a small dark age. As a football/soccer referee I’ve always been interested in football grounds and stadiums, so eight years ago a started to build my own out of LEGO. DSC01654 by Gerard van Bezij, on Flickr One of the older versions of the Red Stadium (2010) DSC01947 by Gerard van Bezij, on Flickr Another old version (2011) Every two or three months I expanded the stadiums, so they became bigger and bigger. Four years ago I stopped building because I did not had the space to build these things. Last year I’ve made some space in my livingroom, so from time to time I have the ability to work on my stadiums. As of this moment I have two stadiums: a red one and a blue one. The red one is the ‘oldest’ one, the blue one is the most recent one. I hope that I can expand them in the couple of months (the last time a build with LEGO was last April…) LEGO Stadium: Update #5 by Gerard van Bezij, on Flickr The Red Stadium (2016) DSC_1430 by Gerard van Bezij, on Flickr The Blue Stadium (2017) In this topic I’ll keep you guys and girls posted about my stadiums! Gerard
  9. If Lester is the kind of man to make an itinerary, I hope he leaves a month or two out to see the states. I first met Lester many years ago in London. I had gotten separated from my tour group and was just about to miss my train when Lester intervened. I never got the chance to say thank you... until now, that is. I heard that Lester is going on a grand adventure, right? Well if he makes his way across the pond, tell him to look me up in North Carolina. I assume it will be shortly after he wraps things up in Africa, so he's welcome to use my washing machine... and my Parabellum. The best way to see the USA is by road, and it just won't do for Lester to try and haul a safari jeep out here. If he's going to be driving across the continent, he'll need something to give him the All American experience. He'll save a bunch in gasoline as well. I have a 2017 Parabellum ARC. I know a lot of people only swear by the established names in the muscle car circles, but I haven't yet had anyone turn down my offer to let them take a lap in it. Take a look! This should come as good news: it only seats one so you don't have to get used to sitting on "the wrong side!" From the rear: So, what do you think of my car? I hope Lester will take me up on my offer. If any of you see him, would you do me a favor and point him in my direction? Thanks. -Floyd Burgundy
  10. Hi Everybody, I want to show you my Instruction Tutorial, which shows, how you can build the Red Fury Racer, known from Cartoon Saber Rider Star Sheriffs:
  11. Delbaerov

    (MOC) Outdoor Hockey Stadium

    Hello Eurobricks world, Having followed the site for a long time, I figured it was time to put up some of my own work to get some feedback (good or bad). First thing I want to share is a project I've been working on here and there for a couple years. I present Delbaere Stadium. This is being designed as an outdoor stadium (nothing like this here in Canada) Current Diemensions Length: 52.5" 133.5cm Width: 58" 147cm Height(Top of the scoreboard): 13" 33cm The Stadium has over 800 seats, a zamboni, dressing rooms, private suites, broadcast booth Under construction: Finishing touches on structure, 2 flood lights, concession stands, ticket booth, other side of private suites. I'll update it as construction continues. Stadium Scoreboard View facing east: View facing West:
  12. Hey guys, I wanted to test myself with non-symmetrical building as before my dark ages I used to always build everything symmetrically. Having just arisen from the dark ages about a month ago, I realized that to fit multiple functions and to utilize space, I realized that this skill was needed. Anyways, the Hatchback is actually inspired by French cars with long(ish) bonnets and the Renault clio V6 with it's rear engine taking up the rear seats... Please watch the video and give me feedback, I need to find great spaces for battery boxes in my later creations haha, Thanks
  13. CM4Sci

    Sports 2017

    Dunno if the mods wanna merge the other thread with this but Sports is coming next summer. Looks like we were right!
  14. Here's my latest creation, and yes it's another sports car. Yay! I wanted to have another go at building a small RC Sports Car, but this time loosely based around a 2009 corvette. This car is wide and low so I was expecting it to be a challenge. I also wanted to use some of the ideas from my other models, such as the L motor setup in the Mini Truck. Features - 2x L motors at 1:3 - 1x Servo - functional doors, boot & hood - battery access under dashboard - working front lights - 36Lx17Wx10H (chassis, in studs) - 804g Like the mini truck, the two L motors make this car move! The extra width seems to give it some extra traction as well. Design wise it isn't perfect, but I did the best with what I had available. Hope you like it. EDIT: Video is up!
  15. Will TLG ever bring back the Sports lines? I remember they used to span technic figures which came in those canisters that you can use as a water bottle, all the way up to arena sets. I feel likes Lego Sports was very underappreciated at the time and one of those themes people seem to forget about unless someone brings it up. I don't know how popular anything sports-related is nowadays, though. So I guess I can understand if they don't think they can turn it into the next Star Wars.
  16. In the Technic world of supercars and trial trucks, I hope this car isn't too simple and boring for you. This hatchback is scaled around a 2001 Renault Clio (2 door, 5 seats), which ended up more like a Modified Sports version. I found the blueprints for it and I just felt like building a 'normal' car. Nothing really special about it. Specs - 1x L motor at 1:1.67 - 1x Servo - functional hood - functional doors - functional boot (battery access) - working steering wheel - working front lights - 36Lx15Wx13H (chassis, in studs) - 808g This model was an experiment with half studs and building at angles. RC components are very simply integrated, though putting a working steering wheel and lights together in such a small space was an interesting challenge. Hope you like it. Any feedback (positive and negative) is appreciated. Thanks. More images at Bricksafe
  17. lightningtiger

    City Square Brick's Sports Store

    Another one of my Lego City series now, Brick's Sports Stores is a chain of sporting goods store in Legoland and this one is the latest in City Square. Now you maybe wondering why the odd design......well the next photo will make it all clear. You see there is method to my madness. Telco store is next, keep watching and Brick On everyone ! Oh, is it's Lego Ideas link if anyone wants to support, etc.,.
  18. Today, I bring you what is probably my favorite build of mine so far. Awhile ago I shared with the community a MOC of a museum and it was Green Arrow vs Sports-Master. I wasn't too fond of it but it wasn't bad. Anyways, let's talk about the build... I had this as an idea to add into my Daredevil series on Flickr but I decided since Green Arrow is my favorite DC Hero I decided that this was more of a Star City/Seattle Skyline. I'm very happy with the result. Disappointed with how long it took but I learned a lot about building with all that time. And I'm very happy that I took all this time to make this. Green Arrow is the basic GA fig with green arms and dark green vambraces from brickforge along with dark green hands. I really love their vambraces so I gave Sports-Master some too! My original idea was to raise up GA's building a bit more and then have the building Sports-Master is on be an apartment with Clark Kent looking out the window from his kitchen. I have a pic or two of it but it looked pretty awful. So I decided to not try to go full blown try hard on my first time building something like this. Sports-Master is also a combo of Space Police and Robot Cop legs with an Extremis Soldier's torso, a clone pauldron, Hawkman's face, the CMF Hockey Player helmet and the Hoth Trooper's goggles. Anyways, here's the build! (The old build is right here: ) Full Size along with a story! Can be seen here: C&C More than Welcome! Thanks for stopping by to look at this!
  19. francisg81

    Tennis Stadium (Court)

    Many people want to see more Lego Sports sets such as tennis courts, baseball fields, football stadiums, swimming pools and so on. For all sport and tennis fans, I want to introduce my first Lego Ideas Project, called "Greenbrick Tennis Stadium"
  20. Hello, Eurobricks! Today I bring you my first LEGO Ideas project! 2015 will be the 30th anniversary of Rocky IV, and you can help celebrate this awesome movie by supporting this set based off the iconic fight between Rocky Balboa and Ivan Drago! Set includes 212 pieces, 3 minifigures (Ivan Drago, Rocky Balboa, and The Announcer), a stand for said minifigures, and the quintessential boxing ring. If you any comments, suggestions, or criticisms, I will gladly listen to them and put them into consideration for any future updates. You can support the project here:
  21. LibraryBoy

    [MOC] Wrestling Ring (WIP)

    Still very much a newb to the whole AFOL thing, but I wanted to have a go at my first MOC, a wrestling ring. It's still very much a work in progress - I want to fix the announce table, replace the ropes, add some guard rails for the first row fans to stand behind and an entrance ramp area, maybe even a proper ring apron if I get ambitious enough - but I like what little I have so far. Feedback / suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  22. DigitalWizards

    BrickFlick: Rolled Up

    Joined Budo Jake on his wacky adventures as he travels the world learning about Brazillian Ju Jitsu. We teamed up with Budo Videos to recreate the opening of "Rolled Up" the most popular BJJ web series. Check it out! Tell us what you think!