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  1. somelegothings_

    [MOC] Brotherhood of Steel Power Armor

    I've updated my Fallout 4 inspired Power Armor, this set is much stronger than my first attempt and is much more accurate. In addition, I've made some characters to go along with the build! All of the minifigure purists should look away, however.
  2. somelegothings_

    [MOC] "Fire Walk With Me"

    Cheers! Much love to you all!
  3. somelegothings_

    [MOC] Rumors of a Vault

    In regards to the "YOU ROCK!" it was totally unintentional but now I can't stop thinking of your idea. That's the goal, it's an example entry for my contest on Instagram! I also just love working with small footprints because it's a unique challenge for me. Really appreciate the kind words - there will be more where that came from!
  4. somelegothings_

    [MOC] Rumors of a Vault

    Rumors of a Vault - A Fallout MOC I'm a huge Fallout fan, and when I first heard of a TV show I was admittedly very skeptical. Once set pics leaked, it's apparent that they aren't just winging it... whatever Amazon is cooking. The visual imagery of a torn-apart nursery room in a vault was the main inspiration for this build. Like Fallout, this build depends on visual story-telling and an apparent aesthetic. It has to tell a story, the rust in the vault not touching the nursery, did something happen intentionally? The dead Vault security officer, if something did happen, how long ago did it happen? Mixed with easter eggs that represent the game such as teddy bears, notes, and terminals (albeit Fallout 1-2 inspired). I'm definitely taking a lot of inspiration from Fallout 4's vaults because I just love the character of them. I chose to use 3 bases that all have an 8x8 footprint (give or take). I'm really happy with how this turned out and I hope others who are fans of the series or not can enjoy something about it.
  5. somelegothings_

    [MOC] "Fire Walk With Me"

    David Lynch's Twin Peaks is one of the formative pieces of media in my life - this small diorama is a tip of the hat to the masterpiece. It's tough to see but the red curtains are offset by a jumper plate every other row to mimic a curtain effect, the emerald ring is part of the base (albeit a bit obscured due to the lighting). I only included Bob, Cooper's backside, and the statue (the holes are photoshopped closed in the arm and hand sockets) because I've seen the expansive cast done to more significant effect than I could've accomplished. That and I'm happier doing something that not many people have done for the red room in LEGO.
  6. somelegothings_

    [MOC] David Tennant's TARDIS Console

    That's a fair comparison - seeing as not much stylistically changes between the two. I just bought a 21304 so I'll revamp it for 9/10 using this design! I agree, a new TARDIS with 10, Donna, and Ncuti Gatwa's Doctor would be incredible. Gosh - I wish LEGO found a way to make some sets. Us fans are locked out of Ideas to offer sets but we can continue MOCing and I'll definitely continue compositing figures to make the Doctors I want. As I stated above, I bought a copy of 21304 as well as parts for an additional TARDIS so I can display a 9/10 TARDIS at college. I have a lot I want to change and am excited to share how that looks with the iconic blue box attached.
  7. somelegothings_

    [MOC] David Tennant's TARDIS Console

    Many thanks, I’ll be expanding this and connecting it to the Ideas TARDIS for display!
  8. somelegothings_

    [MOC] David Tennant's TARDIS Console

    10th Doctor’s Console by SporadicUser, on Flickr Nothing to really say here, did go through Tennant's catalog and really enjoyed it. Forgot how much I liked it as a kid and that interest is revitalized as an adult. It's really exciting to see he's coming back. I'll also have a build for 14 (or whatever Doctor Ncuti Gatwa is) when it's revealed. For now, I'll post about some of my favorite parts... the screen actually spins! I have stickers numbered "10" and "14" on the console - though the "14" is hiding behind a microphone. Hand in a jar is there, and Wolverine claws are used to mimic wiring under the console. Unfortunately, Tennant is edited by myself and is not a figure anyone (even myself) can purchase. I've composited different figs into one. The base of Tennant's head is Owen from Jurassic World, eyes and eyebrows are from Star Wars' Cassian Andor, cheekbones are from Star Wars' Biggs Darklighter, and the mouth is from one of the Weasely twins. The sneakers are edited on from Beaker (Muppets CMF). The sonic is made from a Harry Potter Gryffindor sword (the red gem I edited blue), an X piece from Speed Champion tools cut for the base of the sonic, and a Harry Potter wand for the butt of the thing. The sticker on the screen isn't super accurate but I thought using some stickers from the new Harry Potter sets would be fun and this wizard looked particularly time-lord-y!
  9. Howl’s Moving Castle - Calcifer’s Spark by SporadicUser, on Flickr This is a creation I've been sitting on for a minute, I thought this community would enjoy seeing it as well. Having recently watched Howl's Moving Castle, I decided to make Calcifer's furnace because I loved its unique shape. My favorite part is the transition between the dome and how the curve is extended through a fender piece. Howl's face is edited and his sleeves are made of cut apollo studs (shock and awe ensue ). I just loved the chaos of the house and how delicious the breakfast looked. There's also the detail of the spell on the table that Howl then quickly erases.
  10. somelegothings_

    [MOC] Eddie's Barge Service - A Fallout 4 Inspired MOC

    Thank you so much! I'll send Eddie your regards, that is if he's still sailing these seas, of course.
  11. Eddie’s Barge Service - A Fallout 4 Inspired MOC "There’s nothing more dangerous than operating the seas in the Commonwealth. But the caps are always worth it, had some guy say he’s looking for his son. I remember losing like that, hard not to root for the guy. Something tells me this sunuvabitch is actually gonna find him too. Godspeed, brother." My MOC "Eddie's Barge Service" is based on Fallout 4 assets. I was really into the idea of the Raider settlement called Libertalia, and the floating houses all around it. I figured some guy would love to slap an engine on the back of a barge and make some caps from it. Eddie's tentative backstory is that he is getting caps to fund a harpoon gun from Far Harbor to get revenge on a Rad Whale that destroyed his first barge and swallowed a collection of rubber duckies. He chooses to help the Sole Survivor and Dogmeat traverse the waters of the Commonwealth for caps and the undying belief that the Sole Survivor will find his son.
  12. somelegothings_

    [MOC] "TENET" Art Vault

    Tenet - The Vault by SporadicUser, on Flickr Nothing too crazy, I watched Tenet a few times and loved the scenery of the art vault. I kept wanting to do the shelves with the 8x8 grills which work EXCEPTIONALLY well! Neil and The Protagonist's faces are edited.
  13. somelegothings_

    [MOC] "Uncharted 2" Train

    Uncharted by SporadicUser, on Flickr A real fun build to put together, I've been playing through Uncharted again with my girlfriend and we're taking turns playing chapters through Uncharted 4. The atmosphere of the train scene in the second game always captivated me, so I was intent on making it work. The red and purple just pop so well in my eyes, this was such a fun one-day build.
  14. Fallout would be such a good D2C/small line, the sets could be broken down into a Vault, a Raider Settlement, and a Red Rocket station. The general idea of Fallout has a lot of potential, a good amount of villains are bugs/mutated creatures that’d make a great enemy for the sets.
  15. somelegothings_

    [MOC] Harry Potter 4702 Remake

    Thanks a million!