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Found 4 results

  1. TheScotty91

    (MOC) LEGO Hockey Rink "MSG"

    Hey all, so I'm pretty new posting wise to these boards after just reading for a while and wanted to share a project I've started working on over the past year. After seeing some of the hockey rink creations across the internet, especially one posted on here, I was inspired to start designing my own creation in LDD and later I've been a hockey fan my whole life... originally a Hartford Whaler fan... now New York Rangers fans (if you can guess from my avatar) so this seemed to be the natural next step in my LEGO revival that started about 5 years ago. My goal is to build a LEGO minifig scale (about 1:48) of Madison Square Garden. Which for the ice surface equals 50" or 162 studs long by 21.25" or 68 studs wide. Eventually I also want to have two full teams of 40 players (custom created with individual jerseys), Rangers vs. Bruins, plus coaches, referees, off ice officials, ice crew and of course Zambonis. Later, when I have more space, I would love to start building out the stands. But after a couple of digital designs, I haven't gotten a look I've really loved yet so that's on the back burner for the moment until I finish the actual rink and obtain more space for this monster, lol. The first picture is what I'm hoping for the first phase of this to be. As a small sample of how many pieces are in the ice surface alone... 884 2x4 white tiles. My guess is over 2,300 in just tiles for the entire ice surface And here is my current physical build. I've completed center ice and am working on one of the end zones and starting to build out the benches and penalty boxes. It's really crazy how big this is in real life, haha. I have 46 16x16 dark bluish gray plates so far in this photo Better sense of the scale with one of my first custom minifig attempts for the future players for this rink. The only problem that I have run into so far that I didn't anticipate when building this digitally was getting the doors to the benches working correctly. It fits good closed... but can't open it up, haha. So posting this to see if anyone may have an idea on how to resolve this. I really... really don't want to cut a corner of a brick... but not sure what else would work right now. Thanks everyone for checking this out, and I'll throw up some more updates as I continue. You can also see more pictures at My Flickr Albumn
  2. Delbaerov

    (MOC) Outdoor Hockey Stadium

    Hello Eurobricks world, Having followed the site for a long time, I figured it was time to put up some of my own work to get some feedback (good or bad). First thing I want to share is a project I've been working on here and there for a couple years. I present Delbaere Stadium. This is being designed as an outdoor stadium (nothing like this here in Canada) Current Diemensions Length: 52.5" 133.5cm Width: 58" 147cm Height(Top of the scoreboard): 13" 33cm The Stadium has over 800 seats, a zamboni, dressing rooms, private suites, broadcast booth Under construction: Finishing touches on structure, 2 flood lights, concession stands, ticket booth, other side of private suites. I'll update it as construction continues. Stadium Scoreboard View facing east: View facing West:
  3. So . . . by now some of you may have seen me lurking around here. I registered back in 2011, introduced myself and then didn't make an impact. Things have changed a little, especially with the acquisition of lots of late 1980's lego and very early 90's lego and my first new lego sets in an eternity. I got a pair of 60051 trains, I do already enjoy the RC trains . . .minus the batteries that they use. I'm a little unique as I grew up looking at those catalogues that came with the sets and wanting the 12V stuff, even though we didn't have it in Canada . . .where I'm from. So . . . starting around 1999, I just started piling up Ebay transactions from everyone world wide. I once got a feedback of: "Good to dial wet" originally I thought it was something really perverted, and refused feedback. 2 years later I realized that I was "good to deal with." I can't really complain, my German is rather non-existent and I have a good amount of German blood in me. I play a lot of ball hockey (not field hockey, it's basically ice hockey without the ice), that's me, I'm big, strong extremely agile goalie. That's what makes me unique in my eyes rare traits to put together . . . . that and my 5' tall box of Kraft Dinner. I do a lot of hockey photography (ice hockey), I'm no pro, I don't even own an SLR camera, but it's something that I enjoy. I love just about all things from the 1980's: Transformers, Lego, Hair, Music (specifically pop rock and hip hop). I also love my Grand Prix's, I have three in total. In 2013 for my birthday one of my closest friends treated me (at my request, you can request free crap) for a photo shoot of AJAM & AMY (below) later in the shoot we had a hot air balloon land in the background of a shot (I also requested this about 30 minutes prior to happening, but jokingly), I'm active on the car scene on the internet and attend 3 meets a year, all in the US. I'll blame my nephew for sparking my interest in Lego again lately. He loves the stuff, my home is like some kind of theme park to him!! It probably needs some work (lots of work??) but I made 90% of this car 20 years ago and then never put a front end on it. Not sure I'm happy with it the way it is, but much the passenger jet conversion of my 6544 plane, tonight it's a true sign that I'm back in the lego fold. There will be a Youtube channel . . . and it will be epic. This is me about 6 years ago. I had bought a wrench for the house since I didn't have a BFW, but was shocked to find it was no ordindary wrench (rated PG-13): Will have a new Youtube channel for lego related stuffs). Thanks for being so welcoming already, for me the best is yet to come . . .and "ALL OF YOUR IDEAS IS BELONG TO ME." Some sets that I have kicking around: Trains: 182 727 7715 7722 (partial) 7745 60051 X2 Town: 6354 6358 6375 6378 6380 6382 6386 X2 6389 6391 6392 6394 X2 6395 6396 6397 6398 (and wish I had a 6399 . . . . maybe some day)
  4. Alasdair Ryan

    Review 5014 Hockey Slammer

    Today I was lucky to receive the 5014 hockey slammer set free with a Bricklink order I got through the post today,so I thought I would make a review of it. Some basic details: Theme Sports Year released 2003 Pieces 28 RRP £0.78 Packaging Polybag The front of the bag is pretty boring as you would expect for a set this size..... why is that player aiming for the other players face? Back of the bag looks like this.... The back of the bag also shows you how to place the puck in-between the 'legs' of the players and what should happen if you press down the 'head',that is if you build it right..... The parts..... The parts sorted.... There is no really interesting parts here,but you could say that all the parts may help boost you collection of technic parts. The instructions. The back of the instructions. I wounder if that red basketball player is really that bendy? Half way through the build,for some reason I have chosen to build both players simultaneously.... And finished..... Players from the back. Spare parts,there should be another spare rubber band but I got a piece of hard plastic instead... Ratings: Parts 8/10 Build 6 /10 Playability 5/10 Overall 7/10 So to sum up it's a interesting set,it is not very expensive but does give you some good parts to add to your collection. The build was as you can expect from a set this size not very interesting,just some parts stuck on top of each other. personally I would not of bought it myself,I got it as a free give from a Bricklink order..... so I am not going to complain.