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  1. Congrats to the winners! Very high standard of models to choose from for this contest.
  2. Thanks for the nice comment brickless, I hope you enjoy the build.
  3. Thanks mistakecargo. For a mid-sized model I was shocked when I found out how many parts the van contained.
  4. This model is up on Rebrickable for anyone interested.
  5. The styling on this is very good! Great job
  6. This is awesome! Love it. What parts are you using for the blades?
  7. Probably never. I just don't have the patience and the parts to build big.
  8. Thanks Lox Lego!
  9. Thanks BusterHaus I don't think it's quite at HoF standard, but thanks very much for the mention!
  10. Wow, thats a very impressive C model with very nice styling. I didn't think it was possible to change a motorbike into a dragster
  11. Thanks DugaldlC and Legorigs Yeah, there are a few inaccuracies in the model, the biggest one being the DBG on the top of the van. Funds are a bit tight ATM so I had to work with what I had, thus DBG was out. Actually I don't think the shaping would have been as good if I used another colour. Other issues: the elevation of the red stripe should have started after the front door not the side door, the stripe should have been thinner (half beam) across the front and side, the front lights should have a split through the middle and been a bit smaller, the spoiler should have a gap etc etc. What I concentrated most on was the shaping of the van, and included details where possible. Sometimes accurate detailing didn't come across well in technic form (or simply didn't work), so I modified it where necessary. It's still very much a learning process, but I'm having a lot of fun with this new hobby . Sorry, that went on longer than I meant it too...
  12. Thanks for the nice comments everyone! Btw, what does the star in front of the topic heading mean? I thought it indicated that it was my topic when I signed in, but I've realised that's not the case.
  13. Very nice model! The inward curve of the door and the clever use of flex axles really give the truck shape.