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  1. Aldar-Beedo

    [MOC] Uncle Scrooge's Money Bin

    Haha, nice! It's hard to find one "true" answer to many topics in Duckburg, as among the comics and cartoons there are many different versions for background stories or designs like buildings. But I liked this design, because it is a bit more colorful and I think it fits better to LEGO's intention of "friendly" designs (like the pirate ships with yellow, red and white instead of just brown) than just a grey cube. But I can totally understand that there are people who like other versions of the Money Bin better. :)
  2. Aldar-Beedo

    [MOC] Uncle Scrooge's Money Bin

    Yes, me too! I like DuckTales, but being grown up with e.g. the "Lustige Taschenb├╝cher" I'd also prefer some more comic related sets! Thanks for your support! :) I took this picture from the comic books as an orientation and the blue there fits the LEGO blue.
  3. Aldar-Beedo

    [MOC] Uncle Scrooge's Money Bin

    Thank you! I'm glad you like it :) All the round 1x1 plates let the number of total parts grow very fast and as there's a part limitation for IDEAS projects, I stopped at a certain point to stay below :D
  4. Aldar-Beedo

    [MOC] Uncle Scrooge's Money Bin

    I recently finished and updated a model that I started a long time ago: Uncle Scrooge's Money Bin. As I grew up in Germany, I read a lot of "Lustige Taschenb├╝cher" in my childhood but also comic boocs by Carl Barks or Don Rosa. Although the Money Bin looks a bit different in the "DuckTales" cartoons, I decided for the european version because it's the one I know from my childhood and I think the colorful outside fits more to LEGO than just a light grey cube. I also uploaded this model to the IDEAS plattform and I'd be very happy about every supporter! The model features several details on the inside like Uncle Scrooge's desk, his Number One Dime, a cannon to protect the vault from the Beagle Boys, a safe and Scrooge's "Worry Room" with a worn out floor. The roof and the first floor can be taken off and the rear wall can be folded out to get access to the inside: I hope you like it, feel free to give feedback or tips, I can try to include them in a re-design in the future :) Grettings, Aldar Beedo
  5. I recently updated my "James Bond Parachute"-MOC and put new, digital instructions to Rebrickable (free download). I also built the MOC with real bricks, although I didn't have enough white string-parts, so I used the long black ones instead: Hope you like it! :)
  6. Aldar-Beedo

    [MOC] LEGO Opera House

    Exactly, it's 32 studs wide and 48 studs deep, every section is built on a 16x32 baseplate
  7. Aldar-Beedo

    [MOC] LEGO Opera House

    I'm glad you like it! Thanks for the support! :)
  8. Aldar-Beedo

    [MOC] LEGO Opera House

    Hey guys! I recenty designed a LEGO Opera House which I want to present to you here: I wanted a design that shows a closed building from all sides, but with the option to get a good access to the interior. Therefore, the roof and the first floor is detachable: But for a real access to everything, or to get a different shape with a long front facade and an open backside, the two halves of the main room can be taken off and attached at the sides of the front section: If you like my Opera House. you have the chance to support it on LEGO IDEAS, to improve its chances to become a real LEGO set: LEGO Opera House on LEGO IDEAS (As I submitted this model to IDEAS, only 3,000 parts were allowed which led to an untiled first floor or the less-detailed roof) Thanks for every one who supports my idea! :) Hope you like the model! Cheers, Aldar Beedo
  9. Hey LEGO Star Wars Fans, in addition to this year's May the 4th GWP from LEGO (Death Star II Battle), which lines up with last year's GWPs (Battle of Hoth & Battle of Endor), I built a small scene with the same dimensions for Tatooine: (Unforunately I don't own any of the 20 years anniversary tiles from last year, so it had to stay black) I built a digital model afterwards, too and you can find the instructions here: I know I'm one day too late, but May the 4th be with you, always ;) Cheers, Aldar Beedo
  10. Aldar-Beedo

    [MOC] Musical Modular

    Did so, too, sorry :/ But there are so many stunning entries among the finalists, it was very hard to choose! I really like your modular, it features so many different kinds and ways of music! :)
  11. Aldar-Beedo

    [MOC] Bounty Hunter Scene (Episode V)

    Thanks for your appreciation @all :) Yes! I had this scene in mind as a MOC for quite a while, but I needed to wait for LEGo to release Zuckuss to be able to make it complete :D I'm glad they did all the "classic" Bounty Hunters nowadays.
  12. Aldar-Beedo

    Hello from Germany :)

    Thanks for the warm welcome you two
  13. Aldar-Beedo

    [WIP] Central Perk Modular

    Haha, yes! But they did it in the only possible way, with the brick.built door and the snotted frame :)
  14. Aldar-Beedo

    Hello from Germany :)

    Guten Tag Lego-Fans, my name is Tobias, I'm 24 years old and I'm back to LEGO for almost three years now. From about 1998 on, LEGO was a huge part of my childhood and I built a lot of stuff with my father, my sister or my friends. My last big Set before the Dark Ages began was the Tantive IV from 2009. As nowadays I also focussed mainly on Star Wars and Harry Potter in my childhood, in the meantime, I developed a weakness for Creator Expert sets (especially Modular Building) and IDEAS Sets, too. I already did some MOCs in the past years and plan to do many more in the future which I will share with you on this platform. Feel free to ask me anything you'd like to know :) Greeting, Aldar Beedo (Tobias)