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  1. BrickDesignerNL

    Some RIS 51515 Docs

    Thanks for sharing your docs! Maybe this website might be of your interest too:
  2. BrickDesignerNL

    TWO HUBS 51515

    @ekba maybe this post can help you
  3. BrickDesignerNL

    Lego 51515 Bluetooth Object Detection Robot

    Why is the arduino needed in between? The Hub has BT as well, right? So can't we just let the hub receive the data directly from the Android app via BT and process it in python on the Hub?
  4. There are more people who like to do the same as you with Windows machines or Chromebooks. So it will be beneficial for others if you'd publish your document online or even as blog/webpage or maybe even as a video, step trough guide. Where you tell, what mistakes/false starts you did, and how it eventually worked for you, and what you came accros. So that people who make similar mistakes, see how to recover to a working situation :)
  5. The first time I saw them I though it wasn't LEGO until I build this one: The upper part rotates using this par that would easilly let go of the top, so it's joined together with these (trough the center hole) so it won't fall off when lifting some heavy load. On normal axles and using normal bushes these would probably get lose over time.
  6. Does anyone know what Lego part is used here on top for the eyepiece (foto is from 2013, Lego Ideas): I got some suggestions that it might be an inverted / inside out Lego tire. Does anyone know what tire it is? Thank you for sharing this! Very smart and clear demonstration. Now I understand why some Lego GBC components I see online sometimes have that unintended speed-up and show-down, while it should be moving at a constant velocity. Thanks, I've learned something new!
  7. BrickDesignerNL

    26287 without LEGO logo

    @Rudivdk and @syclone thank you!
  8. Hi, I have ordered a few dozen 26287 via bricklink and actually found 2 versions in my order. One type has the LEGO logo and 42195 molded on it and the other type has no logo, no part number and has a notch on top. Is that common that part 26287 didn't have the LEGO logo on it? Or did I get an order with half real LEGO and half "other brand"?
  9. BrickDesignerNL

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    The balloon with face?
  10. BrickDesignerNL

    [MOC] Compact gearbox with reverse

    I think you've nailed it! This is an extended model; just adding a 1/2 bush between the 12T & 24T gear (it becomes wider, so fixation and yellow axle changed as well) This introduces the "free gear" in the middle: When put on a flat table no-matter in what position the gear on the red axle starts, when you start spinning the 8L axle, the gear gets to the center and stays there, the faster you spin, the faster it tries to move away from the other gears. And then re-tested with the first build; evolves to locking. So in short; you have to continuously keep pressure on one of the ends of the red (yellow in the initial post) axle to keep the gear in place. So the ends of the red (yellow) axle acts like a switch: when the axle is pressed it starts moving until the pressure on the switch is gone or weak enough to resist by the rotational energy that wants to move out the gear. Building instructions can be found on rebrickable.
  11. BrickDesignerNL

    [MOC] Compact gearbox with reverse

    Thank you Raskia for the feedback.Would the 3L axle with stop and a 1/2 bush give enough stability as well, in your experience? And looking at it differently; would the pushing of the yellow axle to the right help to enough re-ensure the 12T gear into it's position on the axle pin? Or your experience is that such would not be sufficiently in durable operation? Thank you very much for the suggestion and feedback. Thanks for that feedback, I'll look for better angles next posts!
  12. BrickDesignerNL

    [IDEAS] [MOC] multi sports set

    25214 (the elbow piece) has axle holes - there is no version with pin holes in production at the moment, so the 2476 with pin does not fit, below is an alternative with 18677 and 36840, and to get a symmetric visual I've used a 1x1 plate. An other alternative can be using the 2x2 turnable base and 2x4 Technic plate: the white 2x2 tunable base (27448) can also be used as foot.
  13. I'm working on a small model that needs to revers it's pattern when it hits the end, and again when it's at the start (like auto-reverse in an old cassette deck). This is the first concept draft I made using only pieces from 51515-1 and no clutch gears and driving ring, and utilizing the "double bevel" feature of the gears. Resulting in a 2.5L instead of 5L gear width. How it functions The long axle turns, the 12 gear double bevel on the yellow axle can be pressed in two sides, press left and it turns in the same speed and direction, press right and it will turn in the opposite direction of the black axle. Part list and building instruction can be found here: TODO I would like the reverse to turn in the same speed as the forward. - so size will change
  14. BrickDesignerNL

    [IDEAS] [MOC] multi sports set

    Thank you for the compliment. And good suggestion! Tanks! Thanks for the tips! I tried at first to fill the base plate with tiles or jumpers like this (this structure is optimized for positioning of minifigures in the strategies typically used in korfball matches). But I found that my kids loved playing with a field with studs better. It's a VERY GOOD suggestion you give to use the 2476 for the basket and the pole, why didn't I think of that! Thanks! @higgings91 For details on how I made this build stable, you can look at this earlier MOC I made: I gave that as a birthday present to my sons korfball team, they build them directly outside on the pavement and started playing with them; trowing the lego ball in from different distances. I didn't notice them falling apart or getting lose from the base plate during play, but I'll have a look to see how to improve it. The set has one lose part, that's the bar of the high jump: so that during play this can come lose when the minifigure hits it during it's jump.
  15. BrickDesignerNL

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Hi everyone, I've created a post my first ever Lego Ideas contest submission: I hope you'll like the concept of this set I designed.