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Found 8 results

  1. evancelt

    [MOC] Fix Bayonets!

    Sergeant Kilherby eyed Private Upperton, who was lock-kneed and apparently daydreaming. "Private, I said 'Fix Bayonets!'" ----------------------- An outtake shot while testing out a new lightbox - thought it was salvageable
  2. Brickforge, the custom minifigure accessories maker, started a crowd-funded project on Kickstarter to make special parts inspired by the Back to the Future movies. It expires on December 1st. I’d like to support this project, but have never used Kickstarter. What do people think about Kickstarter? Have you backed a project that was successful, and received rewards for it? For BTTF fans, would you support this project, or have you done it already? You can find out more at https://www.kickstar...fig-accessories Thanks for your input P.S. I could not find this topic in the forum search, apologies if it has been discussed already. I thought this post is suitable for the Minifig Customisation Workshop, let me know if it is not.
  3. Nagol of Fortfield

    Help with hoplites

    Hello, soon to be fellow customizes! I will start of by saying that I am a purist... ish... When I say "purist" I mean that I am as of yet unwilling to cut, glue, mold, bake, sharpie, paint, etc.. LEGO bricks. I am willing though to do all of the above to non-Lego. I have recently ordered some Brick Warriors, and they are AWESOME!!!! Also, I got the Brick Forge hoplite pack (http://www.brickforg...&cat=582&page=1), which is also awesome... too awesome . I checked Brick Forge's site and YAY there are four different kinds of packs! Sadly there is only one color of javelin and two colors of shields, both not in bronze (that is, outside of the packs). Also, the helmets and shields by themselves for 10 soldiers might look bland, so I might want to paint or decal them. For now what I'm asking is: #1 Has anyone had experience doing something like this? If so, please comment! #2 Would it be worth it (the cost of paper, decals, paint, clear coat, the amount of time etc...)? Or is the fun for you guys not in the product, but in the making of it? #4 Because I'm new to this, would the finished product even look good? #3 Any other general advice to a newbie about customization will be appreciated. This probably will amount to nothing, but it could be the makings of a project! Also, I probably won't do anything with this until after December (wow, that's a long ways off). Only when I order some more stuff, or receive is as presents (my birthday is 7 days away from Christmas), will I be able to make some real decisions. In the meantime, general advice to a newbie about customization will be appreciated. Thanks in advance! How did this paragraph get so big!
  4. somelegothings_

    [MOC] Green Arrow vs Sports-Master Redux

    Today, I bring you what is probably my favorite build of mine so far. Awhile ago I shared with the community a MOC of a museum and it was Green Arrow vs Sports-Master. I wasn't too fond of it but it wasn't bad. Anyways, let's talk about the build... I had this as an idea to add into my Daredevil series on Flickr but I decided since Green Arrow is my favorite DC Hero I decided that this was more of a Star City/Seattle Skyline. I'm very happy with the result. Disappointed with how long it took but I learned a lot about building with all that time. And I'm very happy that I took all this time to make this. Green Arrow is the basic GA fig with green arms and dark green vambraces from brickforge along with dark green hands. I really love their vambraces so I gave Sports-Master some too! My original idea was to raise up GA's building a bit more and then have the building Sports-Master is on be an apartment with Clark Kent looking out the window from his kitchen. I have a pic or two of it but it looked pretty awful. So I decided to not try to go full blown try hard on my first time building something like this. Sports-Master is also a combo of Space Police and Robot Cop legs with an Extremis Soldier's torso, a clone pauldron, Hawkman's face, the CMF Hockey Player helmet and the Hoth Trooper's goggles. Anyways, here's the build! (The old build is right here: ) Full Size along with a story! Can be seen here: C&C More than Welcome! Thanks for stopping by to look at this!
  5. Hi Guys, I figured a few of you might be interested in 20 new RiGGED items released Sept 1st! They are all compatible with the first Wave - increasing customizing possibilities hundred-fold. -Armothe
  6. Growing up in the 80's I discovered a new comic called "The Punisher" a story about a man out for revenge. Later on I discovered that he debuted in Spiderman ~129 in 1974! Two whole years before I was born. I've been hooked on his adventures ever since. Over the years Frank Castle has been through a lot of changes, some stories were gritty and tense others like Punisher Angel were frankly dumb. To be honest though I loved them all! Punisher Captain America - Marvel teased the Punisher as the new cap when Steve Rogers took a dive. FrankenCastle - When Daken beat Frank and cut off both his arms and head most people thought it was the end for the Punisher, however Morbius and the Legion of Monsters had other ideas. The Punisher - This is pretty much how I see the Punisher in my head, without his 70's costume and tooled uo! Punisher Noir - From the Marvel Noir series. The Mask was a nice touch. 1930's Frank avenges his Fathers death! Punisher Angel - Not at all what you might think! having committed suicide, Frank is given a second chance by his Rubbish Guardian Angel Gadriel who failed to save his family. Gifted supernatural powers and the greatest weapons of Heaven, Frank sets out on a mission from God for a bit... then decides he'd rather just keep doing things his way...
  7. Yatkuu

    Stargate bookends

    Hello everyone, Seeing so many great bookends MOCs popping up online lately inspired me to try my hand at one. Stargate remains one of my all time favorite Sci-Fi movies… and I just thought that the subject would be a perfect fit for this. Stargate bookends by Yatkuu, on Flickr Stargate bookends - Abydos by Yatkuu, on Flickr Stargate bookends - SGC by Yatkuu, on Flickr Stargate bookends by Yatkuu, on Flickr Each vignette is on a base of 18*18 and can either be connected to the other to form a larger diorama or used as bookends - or rather “dvd ends” as shown in this extra picture: I was worried about finding a way to come-up with a convincing vortex effect.. it turned out that a simple printed sheet of paper is perfect! If you liked this, you will perhaps also enjoy this other Stargate MOC I built a couple of years ago. Thanks for watching!
  8. Here are some custom figures I made for this years Classic Castle CCCX contest: The Royal Knight (fantasy) and The Minstrel (realistic) For the figs I have mostly used Lego parts that I have customised. On the royal knight I have also used Brickwarriors and Brickforge accessories. Occelot, the Royal Knight Gilbert the Wandering Minstrel Thanks for watching Some C & C would be welcome, what do you guys think, what could be done better, ASO