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  1. I wonder, how many people make models from their favourite video games come to life in lego form? This can include any game; World on tanks, Need for Speed, Counter strike, Overwatch, etc.
  2. Thank you to Lego

    Thanks Lego for giving me another hobby, now I have excessive video game and lego playtimes :)
  3. 42078 - Mack Anthem

    I like what I see... but what concerns me the most is the price and value. I feel that it will be expensive because of the licencing and size. I also am looking for other pieces. Wish lego would release another low budget full size vehicle (eg. 42029 or 42037) since im looking for parts that the sets contain :D
  4. Looks great! It a bit of a shame that lego used 3 gears for the steering assembly which would have been a lot more 'attractive' to buy if they used small chain links (which i need lol).
  5. [MOC] F14A Tomcat

    That is amazing!
  6. It is a very nice project! Can you do more mud bogging? Perhaps at a different location :)
  7. Mini skid-steer loader

    Woah! It looks great, the smoothness of the modelling is great!
  8. It is amazing! The only worrying part is the bit that holds the propeller in place, does it warp?
  9. [MOC] Ocean Racer

    Woah! This could've won tc12 xD