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  1. Very beautiful modeling!
  2. Name Unknown

    That's awesome :) I wonder if someone will someday start a world record for the largest lego fake engine
  3. Impossible LEGO

    That is a very smart fix. Do you mind if I share this on my YouTube channel? Many people would want to know :)
  4. [GBC] Ball Catcher

    At Victoria? I probably won't be able to get there just for the convention
  5. [GBC] Ball Catcher

    Bah, Sydney, I'm guessing you're in Victoria :) I know Still Thinking in real like but that's about it.
  6. [GBC] Ball Catcher

    Wish we had this in Australia I would try the module out
  7. Detailed review for a detailed book :)
  8. A little flat but since it is lego much can't be done. There have been many Mclaren models but I think this is one of my favourites :)
  9. RoscoPC's Lego Technic Racecar Stable

    They are... Beautiful
  10. BMW vision M power

    I love the way you make the M colours on the side of the car
  11. Simple yet effective and beautiful!
  12. Double Bucket Wheel GBC

    I love how you used the Minifigs to help make the model seem alive :)
  13. [TC12] The Banana Scorpion

    A super long poking stick?