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  1. GerardVanBezij

    [MOC] Gerard's LEGO Stadium

    And we're back again! Had some days off and I decided to bring the stadium back. I demolished the old red stadium to build another one, since the structure of the old stadium wasn't strong enough. LEGO Red Stadium by Gerard van Bezij, on Flickr LEGO Red Stadium by Gerard van Bezij, on Flickr LEGO Red Stadium by Gerard van Bezij, on Flickr LEGO Red Stadium by Gerard van Bezij, on Flickr
  2. GerardVanBezij

    [MOC] Gerard's LEGO Stadium

    Thanks Wesley! The dimensions of the field are 220 x 140. I do not have plans to populate the stadium. The red one is going to have a seating capacity of approx. 4500 seats, and I only have about 200 minifigs... Besides that I prefer to have an 'empty' stadium, it looks better to me. I hope to complete the next fase of the stadium in december, I will make a picture of the teams then!
  3. GerardVanBezij

    [MOC] Gerard's LEGO Stadium

    Hi everyone! My name is Gerard and I am new here at I am a AFOL of the Netherlands and since last year I have been building with LEGO again, after a small dark age. As a football/soccer referee I’ve always been interested in football grounds and stadiums, so eight years ago a started to build my own out of LEGO. DSC01654 by Gerard van Bezij, on Flickr One of the older versions of the Red Stadium (2010) DSC01947 by Gerard van Bezij, on Flickr Another old version (2011) Every two or three months I expanded the stadiums, so they became bigger and bigger. Four years ago I stopped building because I did not had the space to build these things. Last year I’ve made some space in my livingroom, so from time to time I have the ability to work on my stadiums. As of this moment I have two stadiums: a red one and a blue one. The red one is the ‘oldest’ one, the blue one is the most recent one. I hope that I can expand them in the couple of months (the last time a build with LEGO was last April…) LEGO Stadium: Update #5 by Gerard van Bezij, on Flickr The Red Stadium (2016) DSC_1430 by Gerard van Bezij, on Flickr The Blue Stadium (2017) In this topic I’ll keep you guys and girls posted about my stadiums! Gerard