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    Space - Exploriens
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    Exploriens MOC

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  1. MRYJ

    [CSE] Spyrius Robot Retreiver

    Interesting build!! love the robot in spaceship setting
  2. I am very excited to share with you about my BLACKTRON Mecha MOC in real life 🔥
  3. 😄THX, btw the EXPLORIENS MECHA No.1 needs ur support on IDEAS! plz support 😄Btw the EXPLORIENS MECHA No.1 needs ur support on IDEAS! plz support
  4. MRYJ

    [MOC] MTRON MECHA Strikes Back🔥!

    thx and yes I use joints part from lego Ninjago mechs
  5. Hello Guys, 1990 LEGO SPACE Sub-theme MTRON Strikes back! with the MTRON MECHA🔥 Newest Mecha Design by me Stay tune for more detail updates ! Pl Plz leave comment to share your thoughts of my builds~
  6. MRYJ

    Blacktron Buzzard - XL-15 spaceship MOD

    I am a Blacktron fan too, go checkout my BLACKTRON I MECHA buddy 😉
  7. MRYJ

    Black Hole Mk. II

    EPIC WORK! love BT2 too
  8. MRYJ

    [CSE] Classic Space LL-G0113

    looks cute ! love the smaller size =p
  9. Video Clip about My EXPLORIENS MOC GO Check it out 😉
  10. EXPLORIENS From 1997 LEGO SYSTEM SPACE Sub-theme Back to the Magic Year 1996, LEGO released a System Space theme EXPLORIENS, My Favorite Theme at 90s. When I was a Kid, this cool Space Explore Idea, Advanced spaceship/Base Units Design, and the SCI-FI theme Trans-NEON BLUE / white black color combine really shocks me and I got my 1st lego set in my life. [6958] Space Base. Since then, I become a hardcore Exploriens fan and I deeply love 90s system space themes Now I am very proud to present My big MOC of the Ultimate EXPLORIENS BASE !! Enjoy the Gallery HOPE you enjoy my build and plz leave a comment to discuss 😉 Come Join me in the 90s space meeting Next Post Pre-notice: THE EXPLORIENS MECHA 02
  11. MRYJ

    Classic Space Color meanings

    I use GREEN Spaceman as Engineers for my hangarbase, because they are quite unique 😉 I