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  1. adwind

    Winter Village 2018 Full Diorama

    This is gorgeous, really hope they'll produce your Ideas submission!
  2. adwind

    My relax and addiction room :)

    That poster!
  3. adwind

    10264 Corner Garage

    It's not bad, but let's be honest - ask yourself - is it better than PR? Obviously not! Then why is it almost 25% more expensive with the same amount of pieces? No Lego, thanks.
  4. adwind

    10264 Corner Garage

    PR is 159$ right? Why would this cost 200? The set itself - is just fine, nothing too touchy to me, but still good
  5. adwind

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Ok, what should we do next? )
  6. adwind

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    My favorite one is where they are buying PS4 and Xbox with that mashup with game of thrones ))
  7. adwind

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Do you think there will be the same amount of hype when Elon Mask finally reaches the Mars? ))
  8. adwind

    Winter Wonderland Village MOC Display

    This is a great display! I like that cozy narrow streets so much! )
  9. Wow! Happy Sunday, I'm day 2 winner ))) Prize E! Really appreciate this amazing tradition! ))
  10. Thank for advice, I'll definitely check that program. Now It's all about how well a program will cut out the object. PS I'm not familiar with PS ((
  11. Thank you, I though maybe there's a way to paint it the same color as a floor (as it shows on a pre-render).
  12. Hi everyone! I was trying to make a good render with Studio but faced with a problem that when I choose "floor only" option the background gets that nasty black stripe in the top of the shot. And when choosing transparent it makes it all just black. Is there any way to get rid off that black field above the color I chose as a background? Thank you in advance! Adding link
  13. C'mon guys, everyone tried those dancing moves in 18-th, ha? So I thought why would Santa miss that? )) Thank you CopMike for this amazing contest! And, yup, it realy was a lot of fun! ))) thattimeagain by adwind adwind, on Flickr