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  1. Santa's Village - our Christmas theme layout

    Very nice! But we need more pictures! )
  2. Why don't give it a try?

    You actually don't have to. It votes and then just asks to donate if you want )
  3. Why don't give it a try?

    I am new on this forum and started to collect Lego only since 2014-th, so don't throw rocks in me if something is wrong, but here is what I think! ) https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/lego10194
  4. My Winter Village Diorama 2017

    Very nice job! We're doing ours this year as well but will need much more white details so probably will be able to show our creation only next year. Thanks to all those AFOLs who shows their Winter Village mocs and inspire others! )) Best theme ever!
  5. Already voted, really hope to see this creation in our winter village one day!
  6. Train just doesn't fit all that cute vintage style.. it's too bright and unrealistic. And you're right I haven't seen market in person ) I have no idea why workshop has so many haters - I like mocs where they put it a little separately from other buildings. :)
  7. Mine top look like this: 1. Toy shop 2. Cottage 3. Santa's workshop 4. Post office or Bakery - just can not decide. 5. Station 6. Market 7. Train I would never buy that train set or market - they are the worst for me. Train - is my personal pain... :(
  8. I couldn't understand what happened to my favorite theme (actually the only one I am collecting with my wife) when they released that holiday train... My choice would be Winter Village Pollar Express (expert rain like Emerald Night), they have pretty nice on Leo Ideas (not perfect) but I'm sure they could make a marvelous set that everyone would want with snow and Christmas spirit on the roof just like had in the movie. They could even make only one wagon with rounded tail. My dream, even though that's not gonna happen.