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  1. adwind

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Oh wow, this year's set really appeals to me! I wonder if we're still getting something else? I mean it's smaller than usual WV sets but still bigger than promotional sets like small gingerbread house, skating rink and others, so maybe it's the only WV set we're getting this year?
  2. adwind

    Bricklink Designer Program 2021 Discussion Thread

    Thanks mate, sounds like a fair price but I'm still not sure whether to buy it or not... I don't like the fact that all the spare parts don't fit into the drawer any more. But anyway it's a great concept and design. P.S. I really do like it ;)
  3. adwind

    Bricklink Designer Program 2021 Discussion Thread

    Hey guys, I wonder how much the Calendar might cost. This is the only project I'm interested in but I afraid the cost might be too high given the amount of parts
  4. adwind

    More LEGO Ghostbusters in 2020?

    Oh boy, simply give as back a Headquarters
  5. adwind

    Help with building accordion

    I've built one digitally back in the days for Ideas contest -
  6. adwind

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    They only let 5 projects per batch because of production capabilities. Otherwise we would wait the releases not till 2022 but till 2023...
  7. adwind

    Lego Ideas: Chip n Dale - Rescue Rangers!

    Sharing some good news and this picture with you today! Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers project has hit 5000 votes and we still have 291 days that gives it some chances to cross the finish line on time :) Please join the squad if you haven't yet!
  8. adwind

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    That's an interesting statistic, thank you!
  9. adwind

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Haven't heard, but correct me if I'm wrong - the previous one (a blue car) took almost 2 years after results announcement?
  10. adwind

    FRIENDS 2021 - Rumours & Discussion

    Very nice actually! Would be funny to have a sticker on Chandler's room door to represent it's not a one piece any more :) Would love to have that yellow frame on a door as a print though. And yeah the duck... doesn't look right. The rest is awesome.
  11. adwind

    [MOC]: Lifeguard's Shack

    Thank you mate! Yeah, honestly, anything that is below 50 projects in one review would look like a luck nowadays :) Only time will show, I'm not holding my breath (however I really want it to happen again), just waiting patiently!
  12. adwind

    [MOC]: Lifeguard's Shack

    And then 2 years after - boom! :) Ha-ha, but who counts, right? Just wanted to share with you my happiness - this thing has hit 10k this past weakened!
  13. adwind

    FRIENDS 2021 - Rumours & Discussion

    I'd like a nice way to keep these sets in my city, so I'm looking for a way to MOC them into one building. Just like that very nice MOC combining BBT and Central Perk... why would combining those? Because it's a nice way to have your favorite characters on your city... basically when you build your own city you create a unique cross-universe. I wasn't expecting them to make an official solution for these purposes.
  14. adwind

    FRIENDS 2021 - Rumours & Discussion

    That would be a smart move! There are quite awesome MOCs on the web with the Central Perk and a Big Bang Theory in one building and I would love to make something similar with this new set too...