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  1. adwind

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    omg, just can't wait anymore )))
  2. adwind

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I would like to see a nice design and completed building first of all - maybe a grocery, coffee shop, book store. I don't want they to spend bricks on vehicles since we do have enough of them in a small village. Would be awesome to have something as big as cottage with big enough side walls. I passed 2 previous years since train was absolutely frustration for me... Really hope to see something more "expert" this year. And of course more winter theme torsos and headdresses :)
  3. adwind

    Pieces without Lego mark

    Thank you guys, considering your answers and some older posts above - I'm willing to think they are legal :) I wish we had some kind of thing like QR code on each piece so we never ever had questions about garbage from China :)
  4. adwind

    Pieces without Lego mark

    Hi everyone! Didn't really want to start a new topic, so I'll ask it here, if you don't mind ) I just bought a lot of black 1x1 slopes (id54200) that actually don't have a lego logo underneath - there's just a (c) sign and nothing more (no even a part number). However some of them has everything I just wrote, so I just wonder do you think those with only (c) sign underneath are fakes? Thank you guys in advance!
  5. adwind

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Am I the only one WV fan who is already waiting for August to see images of upcoming set? Any rumors guys?
  6. I have absolutely the same issue. My steam engine and tender are completely black and using bluerender I get awful results... (( Blacks have no depth at all and they all unrealistically smooth. Would appreciate any advises.
  7. adwind

    Best ways to design water for Winter Village Docks?

    Hey I was thinking about the same thing here! ) What do you think about ice in Winter Bakery set? I believe we could get some interesting view by modifying it a little bit with white and transparent plates maybe.
  8. Holly cow! I've been waiting for this since the first day I saw that picture on pinterest without even a name of it's creator! Detailed video - thank you, Universe! )) About the project - are you serious?! This is one of the most amazing things in Lego I've ever seen! Is 11 out of 10! Thank you for all those sweet details and I didn't know it's motorized!
  9. adwind

    Gigantic Christmas Village

    Details! This is what makes it so gorgeous! When me and my wife were watching this video - we both thought about what an awesome smells probably wake up those lucky families that leave right above the bakery! And a lot of details like that makes it awesome! The only thing I don't like about it - is absolutely different style train that doesn't fit there. That's why we need official polar express so badly! ))
  10. adwind

    Winter Village 2017

    It is still great looking diorama! We're going to get a bigger surface next year to fit there everything we want, so yeah I understand you )) Will share ours next year (hopefully) :)
  11. adwind

    Winter Village 2017

    Very nice over all look! Like that pound too! You need to get more white plates to build north pole without using different from Lego materials next year! Also, in my opinion there are too much vehicles )
  12. adwind

    Deeks 2017 Winter Village

    Very well done! Happy holidays to you and your family. This is such a great tradition to build Lego Winter Village each year, it's our third year now )
  13. adwind

    Gigantic Christmas Village

    This is just stunning! You did a great job! There are lots of nice details and still it's not a mess (what happens pretty often with other dioramas)!
  14. adwind

    Santa's Village - our Christmas theme layout

    Very nice! But we need more pictures! )
  15. adwind

    Why don't give it a try?

    You actually don't have to. It votes and then just asks to donate if you want )