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  1. adwind

    Lego Ideas: Chip n Dale - Rescue Rangers!

    Over 2000 supporters now! Not that fast but growing, come join our squad :)
  2. adwind

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    There are folks (including me) who love vintage and just beautiful things being displayed at their living space, so I'm guessing this is the niche for the typewriter. Basically you're right, but there are also sets like Old Fishing Store, Pirate's Bay and the medieval thing who probably won't bring new customers to Lego, while being really cool sets though. Btw I think that this was the reason why Food Stands wasn't approved.
  3. adwind

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    One of the hints on their video seems to be directing us to Queen as well... Being honest until today I would never ever even thought that The Break Free version of Queen can actually happen!
  4. adwind

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Interesting points! And why do you think Disney wouldn't approve the Ratatouille?
  5. adwind

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Agree with everything you wrote here. Regarding the Piano - I guess it's about "WOW" factor since it's made so well. I'm a guitar player but would be happy to get the pian since it's so well made :)
  6. adwind

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    They're doing a giveaway of Pirate Bay set! Asking us to guess who's the winner in this stage
  7. adwind

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    And the results are coming tomorrow 4 pm Danish time!
  8. adwind

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    So, on Friday they'll reveal finalists of the vacation contest and will open a voting, based on this I assume review results are going to happen either tomorrow or next week... I doubt they will announce it on Friday with contest's finalists.
  9. adwind

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    350$ is a lot but with that price tag I guess we're going to get something extraordinary, so we'll see :)
  10. adwind

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    It feels awkward to me as well. Maybe raising 10k milestone only for IP projects could help? Also I feel like projects started to gain more votes once the "top" section was made as default when you open product ideas section - it gives more visibility to already popular ideas. Well and the fact that Ideas line became more popular than before makes some projects grow faster as well I think
  11. adwind

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Not interested in bionicles but Ratatoille would be a really great choice to me!
  12. adwind

    [WIP] Winter Diorama - Update #3 Mountain trail

    Looks great, I'm a conformist!!
  13. adwind

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I think it really depends on the number of Ideas sets they are allowed to produce per year... I mean there should be some limits in certain theme right?
  14. adwind

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    If I was guessing, then I'd say June 2-nd or 8-th. Because we still have two 10k club interviews to be published (and that usually happen on Mondays), so the last interview will happen on June 1-st and then I'm guessing they will reveal results the next day or next Monday :)
  15. adwind

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I only hope this is not going to be a re-release or slight update of previous sets. Want something cozy and warm, also I wish they go for more complex sets, I wouldn't mind "openable" models - but that sounds more like a dream to me :)