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  1. adwind

    [MOC] Lego Hard Rock Cafe

    Thank you! Glad you noticed, my personal favorite is stetoskope for the car bumper :)
  2. adwind

    [MOC] Lego Hard Rock Cafe

    Who would resist to drop in for a nice burger and french fries flavored with some powerful guitar riff? Definitely not me! This fictional Hard Rock Cafe is located in a heart of an old Eroupean town and attaracts numerous tourists throughout a year! It has around 2840 piecies and is full of refferences and easter eggs. Hope you like it! It is also on Ideas website where there's a small promo video:
  3. adwind

    UP House MOD

    Hi guys, I've been dreaming about this set since around 2017-th. I absolutely had to MOD it! I am finally satisfied with it's look and ready to share with with folks :) Hope you like it! P.S. still can't believe we didn't get Ellie and hands prints on the mailbox... I also have a full review on my channel
  4. Hi everyone! I've been working on this project to pay homage to Rock 'n' Roll and 50s era in a brick form! Jukebox was the most obvious choice but I really wanted to make it a bit more than just a "real world object" project, I wanted to capture a little bit of that romanticized spirit of dance nights and rock 'n' roll and pastel colors. Originally I thought I will be able to fit way more cool 50s style things in this build but mechanical part of the build (credit to JKBrickworks as it was partly inspired by his amazing jewelry box) and my will to stay reasonable in regards the overall size resulted in what you can see below :) Every song you can see on the display has a special Lego "twist" in it's name, hope you like it! As you probably now, I love creating concepts on Lego Ideas, so this one is no exception and you can vote for it if you find it nice:
  5. adwind

    [MOC] Small Shrimping Boat

    So, I decided to make this image to have a better idea of how it fits some current sets: Lego Ideas: Small Shrimping Boat by I'm Adwind
  6. adwind

    [MOC] Small Shrimping Boat

    ha-ha, where's the rest though? :) @Jonsson @Johnny1360 appreciate it, guys! Spent quite some time on it and I'm very pleased to read your comments!
  7. adwind

    [MOC] Small Shrimping Boat

    @Chilis @Yperio_Bricks @gabrielerava Thank for all the kind words! Much appreciated :) And yeah, I kind of like how shrimp cutter turned out too!
  8. adwind

    [MOC] Small Shrimping Boat

    Hi folks! This is my latest MOC, I was inspired by Motorized Lighthouse set and my daughter who asked for a boat to go with the Lighthouse :) I tried to make it as playable as possible but at the same time I wanted it to have a display value, so I've added the unfold mechanism like real shrimpers have and a display stand that suppose to look like those trendy epoxy tables. There are 2 minifigures (Anna and her grandpa) and their playful doggie! I also made a short stop motion animation to tell a little story about the build. Hope you like it! If you like it, please consider voting on Lego Ideas:
  9. adwind

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Hey mates, I guess, it's time to ask for your help to rescue the Rescue Rangers - one of my Ideas project. 16 days left and just 993 votes to 10k. Any help will be super appreciated!
  10. adwind

    Lego Ideas: Chip n Dale - Rescue Rangers!

    Hey beautiful folks! Here is my newest render I made yesterday and a quick update on the progress - 1840 votes to 10k and 58 days left! Please support if you like idea\design :)
  11. adwind

    TMNT in 2022? 2023?

    Would absolutely love to see some sets based on the 80s-90s show...
  12. Same with mine, I think it's common for this piece. I'm okay with it though
  13. adwind

    Fairground Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    While I absolutely love the original coaster set, I don't feel like it's time for another coaster... So many opportunities in this line and just another coaster doesn't look right to me. Would be cool to see bumper cars that use magnets or even a new mixer type of ride would be more appropriate. Well, we'll see, anyway I'm excited!
  14. adwind

    MOC: The Polar Express

    Hobo on the roof of The Polar Express
  15. adwind

    MOC: The Polar Express

    A quick look at the purist minifigures I made for this project :)