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Found 4 results

  1. *Your entry has earned 9 XP* Crescendo [1] by simulterious, on Flickr "Splendid work, captain Neimor!" exclaimed the High admiral as he watched the holographic battle report. "With the Impervious gone we can start probing the planet's defensive network on the ground." "Of course admiral. Along with the other officers, I will send a small team to the surface in order to sabotage facilities crucial to the planets defence." Crescendo [7] by simulterious, on Flickr "I take it you will be assisting Wolfbane in cutting off arms to the capital then?" Crescendo [6] by simulterious, on Flickr "Commander Wolfbane will make sure of that sir. Our goals are more pedestrian in nature, yet equally important. BRAVURA squad will destroy key industrial plants and refineries near the capital. With Wolfbane acting as a diversion I expect Bravura to face nothing more than skeletal guard crews. Commander Bannon will be able to infiltrate the underground facility we discussed earlier more easily as well. Lieutenant Stanan is yet to prove himself, but I trust his attack on the water refinery will go according to plan." Crescendo [5] by simulterious, on Flickr "Your tactics, as unusual as they are, seem sound. I will inform commander Bannon personally. I should also like to pay a visit to the Pentatonic - DT-R65 has quite the colorful reputation and I would like to meet him." Crescendo [4] by simulterious, on Flickr "Very well sir. I shall accompany you and brief DT-R65 personally." Crescendo [3] by simulterious, on Flickr "The whole occupation is hinged on the success of these missions. Failure is not an option captain." "Understood sir." Crescendo [2] by simulterious, on Flickr Crescendo [9] by simulterious, on Flickr Crescendo [8] by simulterious, on Flickr
  2. *Your entry has earned 7 XP* Commanders and Generals need the best possible information about enemy positions for their proper decisions. Recon units, such as ARF Troopers, can find all hidden droid outpost, by approaching they unnoticed. During the battles on Exodeen, ARF troopers were scattered among the ruins of the buildings of the old city, to locate separatist patrols and convoys. "These clone troopers were often tasked with scouting out the enemy position on the battlefield. Although stealthy and well-trained, recon troopers' duties differed from that of Clone Commandos or Advance Recon Commandos as their focus was on gathering information about the enemy or carrying out surprise attacks."
  3. Gubi0222

    [M12 - Exodeen - TT] Clone ambush

    *Your entry has earned 12 XP* Due to it's important position in the core, Exodeen was the location of many battles.Both sides wanted to take control of the planet and this did cost the destruction of the main cities of the it. Clone units needed take every opportunity to disable droid patrols. "The troopers learned to incorporate their jetpacks in battlefield tactics, sometimes mounting ambushes like the Mandalorians who had trained them."
  4. *Your entry has earned 11 XP* Our mission, to deliver our very important medical cargo to Kuat, is still running. We had problem to pass the blockade. It turned out, that the ships we saw at the ring of Kuat, wasn't belonging to TCR. They were sent to there by the Triumvirate. Unfortunately, we wasn't able to reach the Commenor Remnant High Command for a while now and we got the information, that the remaining units of TCR will merge into TT. Our diplomat, Moff Iax Draenar, is handling the operation... At Byblos: APR-30 - This way, Sir. APR-30 - Director Vori, Moff Iax Draenar, from the Commenor Remnant, has been arrived. Moff Draenar - Sir, It's a pleasure to finally meet you in person. Director Vori - Welcome. It's not necessary to sit down, we will finish quickly. Director Vori - After all negotiations, just one step left. By signing this, the merging You and your men to The Triumvirate will be complete. Moff Draenar - This is a moment, I've waiting for a long time. All looks OK to me. Director Vori - Thank you! Welcome to The Imperial Triumvirate, Moff Draenar. Now return to your ship for further orders! Director Vori - APR-30, order my new units to here. Now with them I can more power within the High Command and probably further. Moff Draenar - What?? Moff Draenar - Your new units? Our deal was, that I'll be at charge of the units from the Commenor Remnant and we will operate as an independent part of your branch. Director Vori - That's right. You will be, immediately, as soon as I retired, you will be my successor. Until that, just follow my orders. Director Vori - Guards! APR-30 - I surrender, please don't clear my memory. Director Vori - Now, with the Director's early retirement, I'll take his place in the High Command, as we agreed earlier. The build: