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  1. MontyMatte

    [MOC] Ice Station Icarus

    Wow! Impressive creation!
  2. MontyMatte

    [MOC] Horizon: Zero Dawn machines

    Wow. Outstanding creations and thanks for sharing the instructions.
  3. MontyMatte

    [MOC] Battlestar Galactica Colonial Raptor

    Awesome MOC. Really like it (even I'm not into Battlestar)
  4. MontyMatte

    [MOC] Indiana Jones 'habitat' vignette

    Nice compact MOC about a great film. Already thinking about replicating it ;)
  5. MontyMatte

    [Moc] Indiana Jones ''Last crusade''

    Love the movies, especially the last crusade. Your MOC is awesome and I really really like the idea using a frame to highlight the model.
  6. MontyMatte


    I'd love to have a futurama collection.
  7. MontyMatte

    Licensed Lego Ideas - Support & Discussion

    Dear Lego community, I'd like to introduce my LEGOIdeas project about the 1988 fantasy classic "WILLOW". The model shows a detailed interpretation of the battle scene at castle Tir Asleen (close of the motion picture from 1988) with about 3,000 bricks used. It should unite playability and the passion for collecting and displaying. In the meantime, more than 9,500 of were achieved - so this should also be a last call: A vote for a goat! Thank you so much in advance and ofc I‘m very grateful for further support - as well as for discussions, suggestions and criticism. It will(ow) come true!
  8. MontyMatte

    [LEGOIdeas] Willow - Battle of Tir Asleen

    Classic Castle Edition General Kael Helmet Classic Castle Easter Egg
  9. MontyMatte

    [LEGOIdeas] Willow - Battle of Tir Asleen

    Hi Snoozle. Thanks for your awesome feedback (and ofc your support). Fingers crossed ;) Awesome, thanks. Already watched the new show btw?
  10. MontyMatte

    [LEGOIdeas] Willow - Battle of Tir Asleen

    Because I have a lot of fun with this project, I've built Madmartigan & Willow as Brickheadz. Have fun :)
  11. MontyMatte

    [MOC] Willow - Movie vignettes - Chapter I

    Thanks so much. If you like it have a look at my socials. There's even more Willow stuff. All the best to you :)
  12. MontyMatte

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Some vignettes and a short story about the movie you can find here:
  13. MontyMatte

    [LEGOIdeas] Willow - Battle of Tir Asleen

    Some vignettes and a short story about the Willow movie you can find here: