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  1. MontyMatte

    The Three Investigators / Die Drei Fragezeichen (Kids)

    Thank you very much. I'm really glad you highlighted some of the details. I also listen to the classic stories. We once listened to the kids version with the boy, and now he listens to it every day. Could be worse ;) (Sorry for the late response)
  2. Because I hadn't any idea for a new project, my girlfriend suggested building something based on the radio play "The Three Investigators" (kids edition). My bro (stepson) listens to the series every day and was very happy with the result: The coffee pot as the main headquarters of the three young detectives.
  3. MontyMatte

    [MOC] The Sword in the Stone

    Both are my favorites. Couldn't say which of them is the first/second ;)
  4. "Whoso pulleth out this sword of this stone and anvil is rightwise king born of England." The Sword in the Stone is a 1963 animated movie based on the novel of the same name. It tells the story of a boy who is commonly just called Wart and would like to become a squire. After meeting the sorcerer Merlin, his life turns into a magical adventure - full of enchantments, catchy tunes (Higitus Figitus) and lots of comedy - especially by Archimedes, an Owl. Even if there are more successful ones: This is - next to another classic (Oo-De-Lally) - my favorite Disney movie. It's one of the reasons I've been interested in knights and fantasy since I was a child. Or was it the other way around? Who knows! I definitely still enjoy watching it today. This little MOC was once built for a contest - and now the instructions are available for free download on rebrickable. Have fun with it! KR, Tobi aka MM
  5. I recognize myself in many details of your description of your passion for the Middle Ages :) Because you're talking about Kaltenberger Ritterturnier and blue toilets #Dixi, I assume you're from Germany!? (Grüße aus Hannover!) In fact, I'm currently building more sections of the Spectaculum. The blue toilet was also on my list, but I don't think it will happen this time.
  6. I understand what you mean and can understand it well. I think with 5 finalists the average number of parts should be around 2500. (But this also means that if you choose a very large set, the chance of getting smaller ones increases ;) )
  7. Thanks for this detailed feedback and highlighting your favorites 👌 Especially happy to find someone who has experience at such festivals. I hope you enjoyed it.
  8. Do you think you're surprised that there are so many? Thanks a lot BTW 😊
  9. Dear Eurobricks community, it’s time again! Like every year, locals are as excited as hobby knights and maids from all over the region: The Medieval Spectaculum at the Museum of History opens its doors! A festival where young and old can relive the Middle Ages. The narrow, cobbled streets are packed with lovingly and detailed designed market stalls and attractions. Heart of the event and central place is the old Museum of History - located in a restored building that is several hundred years old. Whether it was once a prison, a town hall or something else (no one knows for sure) in any case it is the city's favorite. It offers culture-loving visitors the opportunity to explore the medieval world, while the little ones invent their own knight stories in the outdoor area. Of course, under grandma’s supervision. [Front: The facades should be designed differently, as you can see in the pictures. In addition, the outdoor area should appear lively - highlighted by children playing under grandma's supervision, lots of plants and other details to explore.] [Inside: The interior was used as a homage to the Classic Castle era. For example, you can see this by the designed tiles on the upper floor. There are also a few smaller functions built in.] At the juggler's stage, spectators can admire some wonderful, more or less dangerous performances and watch the fireworks every evening. On the ship swing, children can prove that knights can also be great sailors. The Night Watch at the well loves to delight interested people with scary and funny anecdotes and to accompany them on a journey through time. (A well, a fire hydrant and a street lamp...his loyal, yapping companion obviously lives in a paradise) Finally, the market is a great place to stroll. In addition to the merchant with her (mainly wooden) replicas of medieval equipment, berry juice, wine and other delicacies can be bought from the winemaker. Archery and ax throwing skills can also be tested here. About my intention: While visiting a similar festival with friends and family, the idea was born that it'd be a great opportunity for a new building project. I found it challenging and fascinating at the same time to combine my favorite theme (=castle) with a modern touch (=city). A combination that is probably not that common and that hopefully many people can enjoy. For me personally it was a nice change. Examples of the modern touch are the fire hydrant, the bird house, wearing glasses, visitors dressed in modern clothes and much more. Of course, it was also important to me to incorporate a lot of details and maintain an own style. The interior of the museum in particular gave me the space to show my love for the classical (castle) era. About the project: As some of you probably already guessed It's submitted to the Bricklink Designer Program (Link below). As always, I built it physically first. It took several months from the first brick to the completion of the instructions. When I transferred it to digital, I was curious to see how many parts it has. In fact, I had to reduce and ended up using around 3800 parts. 12 minifigures and four animals are included. There are also some stickers for the first time: 17 pcs. with 14 different designs. Due to the amount of detail, it is probably more suitable as a display set, but some functions are also integrated. The sensible reduced range of parts was challenging, but could mostly be solved. --- Thank you for taking the time to look into this project. I hope you like it and I'm happy about any kind of support - that includes a vote, feedback... but also criticism! Otherwise, I'm glad that the Medieval Spectaculum is growing and that I still have a lot of ideas to expand the festival. Accordingly, see you soon. Link to BDP: (Ofc your support and a short comment greatly appreciated :)) Keep building while having fun! Yours, Tobi aka MontyMatte
  10. MontyMatte

    [ENTRY] SIN ISLAND: Keg & Cutlass Inn + Comic book

    Very very nice project. I especially like the amount of detail and the possibilities to play with it. An excellent combination of both. BTW: Also a great idea to give the captain hair instead of a hat. I haven't seen it often, but it looks great. Good luck to you two/three :)
  11. MontyMatte

    [ENTRY] The Hurricane

    Great and huge ship! The compliment to what was created at such a young age is also huge. The techniques in particular appear very professional. Keep it up!
  12. MontyMatte

    [ENTRY] Sloop Windy (Mini Set)

    Late, but hopefully not too late... A sweet little set that meets the criteria of the competition like no other. I think the comic-style presentation is very successful and it looks great next to the Eldorado. Good luck, dear MM.
  13. MontyMatte

    [ENTRY] Captain's Cabin (Mini set)

    Thanks for the kind words. In fact I had some ideas for the back of the cabin - but you're right: The limitation doesn't give me the opportunity. Good luck in the contest btw :)
  14. MontyMatte


    Main Building Category: 6269 Islander Palace by BrynnOfCastlegate 6278/6292 Enchanted Island Remake by Danny_Boy4 Caribbean Shipyard by Cincinnati The Hurricane by Marooned Marin SIN ISLAND: Keg & Cutlass Inn + Comic book by Marooned Marin Mini Set Building Category Fortune Idol by Oky Sloop Windy (Mini Set) by Marooned Marin Caribbean River Soldiers by Rogue Redocat 6232 Skeleton Crew Remake by Jack Sassy 1464 Pirate Lookout Reborn by Elephant Knight