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  1. Hey guys!! I recently designed a MOC of Lilo & Stitch's iconic beach house and posted it on LEGO Ideas! We’ve reached 3,400 supports so far and I’d love your support to 4K!!https://ideas.lego.com/…/708b8674-23e8-4a23-b847-b3d8d1fbfc… Here's the link -- I'd love it if you checked it out and pressed that "support" button :)Hopefully, we’ll see Lilo & Stitch’s spaceship cars flying around LEGO stores soon!
  2. Hello everybody, please go check out my new Lego Idea for Lilo & Stitch's beach house! https://ideas.lego.com/projects/708b8674-23e8-4a23-b847-b3d8d1fbfc00 It's one of the best Disney shows ever and I would love it to become a set! I appreciate your support :)