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Found 8 results

  1. Medel

    [MOC] The Admiral's House

    THE ADMIRAL'S HOUSE This LEGO set is a 14th century house located in an archipelago. The Admiral, a former pirate, hides his treasures in this house which is built on a solid rock foundation. It is designed as a play-and-display set. My love for the pirate theme dates back to my very first LEGO set, Sea Mates (6252). After rekindling many fond memories thanks to the Pirates of the Barracuda Bay (21322), it was clear to me that the Imperials deserved their own comeback. Clearly I wasn’t the only one with the idea but luckily I imagined something to expand on the original theme and this is why I believe the Admiral's house would make a fantastic addition to any pirate layout. When you gaze at it, you can imagine being on the island, surrounded by palm trees, engaging in activities like fishing as a merchant or admiring the boundless ocean from the balcony like an Admiral. It was supposed to be my first ideas project but as it was built with +5000 pieces unfortunately it was rejected.
  2. Un racconto “piratesco” PARTE 2: IL SERPENTE Intanto nei mari più a Nord una sagoma possente baluginava all'orizzonte sotto i raggi del Sole. Scintillii dorati ed una grande sagoma bianca e rossa si affioravano tra le onde. Armato di cannocchiale, al nostromo di un piccolo brigantino con il Jolly Roger in cima all'albero maestro, sembrò di scorgere un serpente marino dalla testa rossa e le spire bicrome solcare i flutti lontani. Un attimo, e il pirata vide appena sopra la testa del serpente un lampo e uno sbuffo di fumo seguiti da un sibilo... poco dopo un colpo di mortaio li mancò di poche spanne. All'istante il brigantino invertì la rotta ed intraprese la fuga. Quel manipolo di pirati fu il primo a scorgere "Tiamat", la nuovissima ammi raglia delle giubbe blu, pronta a portare il caos nelle acque infestate dai pirati. Nell'antica mitologia babilonese Tiamat era la madre di tutto il cosmo, la dea primordiale degli oceani e delle acque salate. Raffigurata come un serpente marino o un drago, era il simbolo e l'incarnazione del caos primordiale. Il governatore, grande studioso delle civiltà antiche, scelse questo nome per l'imbarcazione di punta della sua flotta, un nome che avrebbe dovuto incutere terrore e rispetto in chiunque pensasse (malauguratamente) di ingaggiare un duello con il veliero. Tre possenti alberi e 12 vele ingabbiavano i venti che spingevano il vascello, dotato di grande agilità e velocità nonostante la mole dello scafo. Armato di tutto punto da prua a poppa, con cannoni, mortai e bombarde pronte ad affondare quei maledetti filibustieri che insozzavano le acque caraibiche. Pur essendo una nave progettata per dar battaglia, il governatore pretese che fosse anche riccamente decorata, e quindi il vascello era un fiorire di ornamenti dorati ad intervallare la bicromia rossa e bianca dello scafo. Finalmente pronta al varo la Tiamat fu “benedetta” dal re in persona, ed appena la sua chiglia tocco le acque l'esperto capitano fece rotta verso i caraibi per saggiare la potenza di fuoco dell'ammiraglia e dare un avvertimento chiaro ai filibustieri: niente sarà più come prima, nessuna pirateria sarà facile, tutti saranno puniti dalla dea babilonese… A "pirate" tale PART 2: THE SERPENT Meanwhile, in the seas further north, a mighty shape glimmered on the horizon under the rays of the sun. Golden sparkles and a large white and red shape emerged from the waves. Armed with a telescope, the boatswain of a small brig with the Jolly Roger at the top of the main mast thought he saw a sea serpent with a red head and dichromatic coils furrowing the distant waves. A moment, and the pirate saw just above the snake's head a flash and a puff of smoke followed by a hiss... shortly after a mortar round missed them by a few hands. Instantly the brig reversed course and began to flee. That handful of pirates were the first to see 'Tiamat', the newest flagship of the Bluecoats, ready to wreak havoc on the pirate-infested waters. In ancient Babylonian mythology Tiamat was the mother of all cosmos, the primordial goddess of the oceans and salt waters. Depicted as a sea serpent or a dragon, she was the symbol and embodiment of primordial chaos. The governor, a great scholar of ancient civilizations, chose this name for the flagship of his fleet, a name that should have instilled terror and respect in anyone thinking (unfortunately) of engaging in a duel with the sailing ship. Three mighty masts and 12 sails caged the winds that pushed the vessel, endowed with great agility and speed despite the bulk of the hull. Fully armed from bow to stern, with cannons, mortars and bombards ready to sink those accursed freebooters who littered the Caribbean waters. Despite being a ship designed to do battle, the governor demanded that it was also richly decorated, and therefore the vessel was a flourishing of golden ornaments interspersed with the red and white duotone of the hull. Finally ready to launch, the Tiamat was "blessed" by the king himself, and as soon as her keel touched the waters, the expert captain set sail for the Caribbean to test the firepower of the flagship and give a clear warning to the buccaneers: nothing it will be more like before, no piracy will be easy, everyone will be punished by the Babylonian goddess…
  3. The fearsome First Order strikes again! This model occupies over two square feet of your average usable coffee table space at just under (an estimated) 2000 pieces. This behemoth took over two months to design - but I'm not done yet. Before the Christmas season, I hope to have instructions completed. This model is based on the First Order Resurgent-class Star Destroyer's bridge. The original model was a measly 8x12 inches: And used only around 700 pieces. The most difficult part of this stage was creating the curved portion of the front section. This took many iterations to get right. When I had time, I would plan the wings of the bridge. The wings use around 300 pieces for the left-wing (looking from the back) and 350 pieces for the right-wing. Finally, we get to the back extension. This alone uses around 650 pieces and expands the length of the model by 25%. I knew that this would be the last section for one crucial reason: I was running out of space at this point. I wanted to focus more on figure placement for this part, so I left it mainly open while emphasizing the diorama aesthetic. It took a while but I was able to obtain all of the black bricks I needed for the back of the bridge. I think it turned out well. @Monkeyulize, if I may ask for your help designing a UCS sticker for this model, here's that question. The 1x2 technic brick is designed to be used to anchor a figure stand (coming soon) - I know it's there, don't worry. At last, the finished product. A piece fell off during transport but I found it and it's back on. I'm very pleased with this but know it can be improved. If you have any questions or critiques, please don't hesitate to post. I have but one request: stay civil. I will update this post with more design changes and processes. The Flickr album link can be found here:
  4. The Dreadnaught Class Heavy Cruiser is a Star Wars warship well known from the lost Katana Fleet of the Thrawn Trilogy. At 600 meters, it was roughly half the length of a Venator and could be configured with varying combinations of turbolasers, point defense cannons, and missiles. Most of these would be located in the hull "blisters" similar to Mon Calamari ships. I was recently acquainted with the cruiser as I'm reading through the Thrawn Trilogy (Half way through the second book at the moment). Not the most sophisticated-looking ship, but a fun one to design nonetheless. As usual, it's designed to 1:2600 scale. Some additional views in the spoiler below...
  5. The conference room onboard the ISD Relentless Admiral Bryce: Gentlemen. We are looking at the planet Uquine. The last planet on the Commenor Run in this sector. Retaking Uquine will place the entire sector under the Commenor Remnant control. I’m sending three battalions to the surface to establish an initial occupation. I will stay in this system to oversee the occupation and await further instructions from high command. This is what must be done before we initiate Operation Stronghold. Admiral Rovv and Admiral Cerato, you will escort the Senator and Agent Visqar back to Commenor. You will need to convince High Command that we need additional ships to carry out our expansion. You know what to do after that. Admiral Cerato: We should approach Moff Barthol regarding Operation Stronghold. Admiral Rovv: Yes, he would be a powerful ally. Admiral Bryce: I agree. Admiral Rovv. Seek an audience with the moff and introduce him to Operation Stronghold, but plan a contingency should he decline to join. This has to be done in secrecy. Admiral Bryce: Gentlement, Cpt. Bannon. Captain, congratulations on your latest success. I apologize for the wait. These are extraordinary circumstances. Please meet Senator Belrus, Agent Visqar, Admiral Rovv and Admiral Cerato. We are a newly established subcommittee of the Commenor Remnant. Consider us your direct leadership. Gentlemen, please excuse us. I will brief Cpt. Bannon on his first assignment. Admiral Bryce: Captain, your first task is to establish your new squad. You are free to choose whomever you see fit to carry out the mission. I will see to it that you get access to the imperial elite personnel manifest. Lt. Markland will serve as your personal assistant. She is a trusted member of my crew. You report to me directly. Any questions? Cpt. Bannon: I need a ship. Behind the scenes: This is my first attempt at a modular scene. The idea is so make different rooms and interior of an imperial star destroyer to reuse during my stories. Let me know what you think?
  6. Captain de Flynt was studying the sea charts for his upcoming trade mission when a knock at his cabin door interrupted his thoughts. "Come!" he answered. One of his lieutenants entered the cabin. "We've received the post from the harbor master, sir. There are orders from home." The lieutenant held out the orders, and de Flynt took them and broke the seal. He read them silently as the lieutenant wondered what might lay in store for the crew of the Espada de Luna. Theirs was the flagship escort of the largest Eslandolan trade fleet in the western seas, and Captain de Flynt had the temporary rank of commodore while he commanded the squadron. "Well, lieutenant, it appears the Council is happy with our efforts. And these orders have reached us just in time." "What is it, sir?" "I have been promoted to Admiral, effective immediately. Signed by Secretary of the Navy Jerome Monezterrell himself." "Congratulations, sir!" exclaimed the lieutenant, "but why do you say the orders reached us just in time?" Admiral de Flynt studied his young officer briefly. "Have you not seen the other ships in port? There are two more vessels here flying MAESTRO colors. They intend to join our convoy. Without this promotion, I would have been haggling over command issues with the captain of the AQAR. Now I have clear authority to command the entire squadron." "Ah, yes, of course sir! Good timing indeed!" "Lieutenant, have my personal flag raised in place of the commodore's pennant. And tell the quartermaster to acquire the best bottle of wine he can find in port. We shall celebrate tonight!" --- Just a little vig to promote Captain de Flynt from commodore to admiral, as necessary per the convoy rules.
  7. LOTHAL SYSTEM, LOTHAL. SENTINEL BASE, ONE STANDARD DAY BEFORE THRAWN'S ARRIVAL... Holo transmission between Governor Tarkin and Emperor Palpatine... Emperor Palpatine to Tarkin: Governor, I received a report on a series of attacks by Phoenix Squadron on Sentinel base. Is this true? Tarkin: My Lord, the report states the truth. Palpatine(angrily): I expected better than this. You should have eradicated them by now, instead of being attacked Governor. Tarkin: But my Lord, the attacks were unexpected, and... Palpatine: Spare me the excuses Governor, I see that you are unfit for the task at hand, that is why I am sending Grand Admiral Thrawn to assist you. Tarkin(protesting): But your Lordship, I can handle this task without need Palpatine: Silence Governor! Perhaps I should send Lord Vader instead. Tarkin(afraid): There is no need my Lord, Grand Admiral Thrawn will be enough. Palpatine(pleased): Then so it shall be, Governor. I expect the situation to be resolved soon. Tarkin(very unhappy): Yes my Lord TRANSMISSION END SENTINEL IMPERIAL RESEARCH BASE ON LOTHAL, MISSILE RESEARCH DEPARTMENT, PRESENT TIME.... STAR DESTROYER CHIMAERA, CURRENTLY ORBITING LOTHAL. Assigned by Emperor Palpatine to aid Grand Moff Tarkin in defending the highly important missile base on Lothal, Grand Admiral Thrawn, along with his star destroyer, the Chimaera, have finally arrived in orbit around the planet. Boarding his shuttle, the Grand Admiral is prepared to crush the local resistance, also capturing key members part of Phoenix Squadron. The Lambda shuttle began it's landing procedure as it approached the landing pad. Shortly after landing, Grand Admiral Thrawn emerged from the shuttle, escorted by his usual security detail. Gazing around the airfield, Thrawn spotted troopers rushing to put out flames from the shield generator and the fuel tanks. Tarkin(unpleasantly,to Thrawn): Welcome Grand Admiral, to Sentinel base. We are honored by your presence. Thrawn(to Tarkin): Thank you Governor. Tell me, is there something troubling you? Tarkin(surprised): No, not at all Grand Admiral. Thrawn: We shall get to business then. Tarkin: Yes. Recently, there were a series of rebel attacks on our missile research base. Thrawn(Interrupting): So I heard. Tarkin(angry at being interrupted): Fortunately our defenses were enough to stop them from destroying the launch pad. The Emperor is very displeased. Thrawn: So that's the reason the Emperor assigned me here. Perhaps you can show me a few holo recordings of the attacks. Tarkin(unhappily) : Yes, we captured most of the attacks on the hidden holo cams as well discovering a phoenix insignia burned on a wall. Thrawn: Show me. Leading the Grand Admiral to the missile launch pad, Tarkin showed Thrawn the massive phoenix shaped burn on the wall. Thrawn: Interesting... After leaving the missile pad, Thrawn went to his new office in the research complex. Studying the holo recordings, a smile creeping onto his lips, Thrawn finally understood the motive of the rebels and their true target. Reaching for his comlink, he called Tarkin to his office. Tarkin: Yes Grand Admiral? What is it? Thrawn: Governor, I believe I have discovered the true target of the rebels. Tarkin: Really? What is it? The missile launch pad! That's their target! I will tighten the security there immediately! Thrawn: As I expected. You fell for their ruse. Tarkin: If it isn't the missile, then what is their target? Thrawn: Think Governor. The rebels obviously found the location of the missile. If they wanted to destroy it, the lab would be rubble by now. The attacks were a ruse to make us loosen our security in the laboratory so they can steal the technical readouts of the missile. Tarkin: So do I need to double the security in the lab? Thrawn: No Governor, still, prepare your troops. Tarkin: If I shouldn't tighten the security, why prepare my troops? Thrawn: I assure you Governor, if you listen to me, the rebels will be captured by the end of the day. Tarkin(Questioningly): Okay? So I'll follow your lead then.Thrawn: Good. Bring in some shadow guards as well, Governor. Tarkin : Why? Thrawn: I got a feeling that there will be Jedi present at the attack. RESEARCH LAB, COMPUTER TERMINAL, NEAR THE LAUNCH PAD, EIGHT STANDARD HOURS AFTER THRAWN'S ARRIVAL... HISSSSS... As the cut metal was pushed aside, Ezra Bridger, Kanan Jarrus, Sabine Wren and several troopers entered the laboratory. Ezra: Now that's easy. Sabine: The imperials don't seem to have even tightened their security. Trooper 1: Lieutenant, we found the technical readouts. Ezra: Extract them. Let's hope our luck holds out. Kanan: Be quick. I sense a trap. As the trooper extracted the technical readouts of the missile, the lights suddenly turned on and two squads of stormtroopers ran in, blasters drawn as well as two Shadow Guards and their Shadow Troopers. Grand Admiral Thrawn and Governor Tarkin soon entered the lab, escorted by Senate Commandos. Ezra: Thrawn! Tarkin: Ezra Bridger, Sabine Wren and Kanan Jarrus, you are under arrest! Ezra(angrily): How did you know we are attacking the lab? Thrawn: I noticed that you found the missile launch pad, yet you did not destroy it.Kanan: And how did you know we will be here? Thrawn: I suspect that your padawan learner left the phoenix mark with his lightsaber, to tell us that Phoenix Squadron was behind the attacks.Tarkin: Enough with the chit chat, trooper take them away! Sabine(to Thrawn): No matter how hard you try, Grand Admiral, Phoenix Squadron will always be one step ahead! Thrawn: I don't think so, rebel scum. In time, it will be I who is the victor. He watched the troopers as they led the rebels away. Tarkin: Your reputation certainly precedes you Grand Admiral. Thrawn: I'll take that as a compliment. Tarkin to Thrawn: The Emperor will be pleased. Not only did we resolve this matter, we captured two Jedi for him as well. Thrawn: Yes Governor, he will be. Also, I received a transmission form the Emperor himself. Tarkin(nervous): what did he say? Tell me! Thrawn: You are relieved of your assignment effective immediately. I am in charge of the Lothal system now and the problem of Phoenix Squadron. Tarkin(very mad): WHAAAT! Thrawn(calm): The Emperor requests you to go to imperial center at once as well. Tarkin(fuming): Oh I will! --------END-------- Pics of the mocs Made a sliding door for the big moc, got a bit stuck in the middle. here is a video
  8. [soNE Freebuild] "The Meeting" Part. 2 Please comment, tell me what you think, it helps me to better perform next time. This is my fourth Episode. I think after 4 episodes, they can be judged? If these 4 episodes can be judged for points by a judge, I'd very much like them to be. INTRODUCTION: Captain Vars recently found out that one of the B-Squad members, Dan Jars, James's friend, was a Rebel spy. He now waits for Admiral Brickton to plot his plan to capture the traitor and get information from Dan. Meanwhile, James anxiously awaits Captain Vars to dock at the hanger, to tell him the growing Rebel movement on Coreillia. Star Destroyer "Tyrant", Brick System, 2 ABY. SONEe3s11 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Sergeant Trans: Welcome back, Sir! Captain Vars: Thank you, thank you all. Sergeant Trans: We trust your meeting went we- James: Excuse me, Sergeant. SONEe3s12 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Darek: Hey, watch it! James: Sorry to interrupt, Sir, but I received a transmission from Coreillia, the Imperial base there is being overrun by Rebels, Sir, we need to help them! SONEe3s13 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Captain Vars: James, Coreillia is far from here, we cannot just go and help them. I will alert ships nearby to send reinforcements, but we have orders to stay here until further notice. I'm confused as to why they even contacted us instead of a ship nearby. SONEe3s14 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Captain Vars: I will contact Star Destroyers Trandirum and Crusher to go and help the base on Coreillia. I thank you for telling me, James. We need more capable troopers like you. James: Alright, sir. Thanks, I guess. But what about the *lowers voice* secret mission, Sir? Captain Vars: Uh.. We will do a few more briefings on it. I will get you all together when the time comes to do them. SONEe3s15 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Captain Vars: Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some work to do. As you were, B-Squad. Officers, get to your stations. *Later on* SONEe3s16 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr *Boom-Beep Boom-Beep* Captain Vars: Ah, hello, Sir. Admiral Brickton (via hologram): Hello, Captain. We are almost ready to take the spy into custody. Right after, you will inform B-Squad and any high ranking officers of what happened. I know some if not all of B-Squad will not take this easily. Captain Vars: Yes, Sir. Contact me when you're ready. Admiral Brickton: Excellent, I will also see to it personally that the Rebel is apprehended. I will come aboard shortly after I contact you. I will bring some troopers to detain him, and to transport him to the station. You may continue with any other plans you have after that, Captain. Captain Vars: *Sigh* Very well, Sir. Contact me when it's time. SONEe3s17 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Admiral Brickton: Soon, the Rebel Scum will learn not to spy on the mighty Galactic Empire. Soon, my plan to catch all of their pathetic spies will be engaged. And we will find them all. That will be all Captain. See what happens next in Episode 5! Please comment, and tell me what you thought!