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Found 8 results

  1. Location: Tortuga Type: Minichallenge Category A The WTC, though late to the party, was determined to make its mark on the Beaches of Tortuga. Dolphin was roasted... ...and a Oleander was pickpocketed for good measure... Later: (Category B) "It's perfect" And so, the WTC finished a small sandcastle of their 'classic' qualty. Meanwhile, the rowboat was loaded with some goods the Marines had 'found', The Dock was blown up, and the Oleander's sandcastle was kicked over for good measure. It was a good time all around. FIN A last minute entry to @Professor Thaum 's awesome contest. Feel free to exclude it, as it is late, but I wanted to do something for it regardless. The "B" part of the entry is a bit of a throwaway gag as to some of my older build's quality, as I have like no tan bricks at the moment. C&C appreciated!
  2. Avalonia Mini-Challenge : Game Of Thrones The Warden of the Enchanted Forest It is well known by all the guilders that Avalonia is the country of the "tree huggers", a common nickname we can hear when travelling out of the Avalonian borders. But little is known from where this nickname took its roots... Some are thinking this nickname is deserved because of the very ancient Ceremony called the "Warden of the Enchanted Forest Ceremony". It is a very old tradition in the lands where the Enchanted Forest florishes to thank the trees for their protection. Lady Walaheria of Falahuas, is one of the designated Warden of the Enchanted Forest. By its origin, she has Elvish blood but also a High Nobility lineage that can link her to the kings of Avalonia. She is also known to be a great enchantress and a fierce fighter and has earned the title of "Defeater of the Algus" amongst the Elves during the war against Lor Raavage as she used her great powers to counter the ice flow the dreadful Algus summoned upon the Enchanted Forest. She could pretend a claim at the vacant Throne of Avalonia being Warden of the Enchanted Forest, because she is garantifying the country is always green and lush. And now it is time to perform this year Ceremony. The Sacred Tree of the Enchanted Forest is in blossoms and to thank him it is required to feed him at this period. Lady Walaheria performed the old time ritual at the perfection, just being escorted by her personal guard. She dropped a little bottle of an elvish magic fertilizer at the tree's feet and pronounced words of prayer before softly touching the golden trunk of the magic tree and left it absorb the offering. "Well, now." She thought. "It is time to save my husband and take claim of that abandoned throne..." Some bonus pictures :
  3. The Tale of Doctor Alfredson of Corrington: Chapter 3 Chapter 1 : Embarking on towards Adventure. Chapter 2 : The Voyage of the Autumn Blossom. Character list in spoiler brackets. On his journey through the sea of storms Ragnar had bonded with one of the All Seasons Trade Guild Marines, a jolly old man by the name of Satoshi. At Ragnar's request Captain Yiroe had allowed Satoshi to go off with the scientists on their field work on the island, as long as they hired the labourers first. Upon Arriving in Rassilon the first sensation to reach the men was that of a lyrical melody. The Weelond players had deiced to practice in Rassilon, far away from the prying ears of their Esolandian rivals and managed to get permission to use the bandstand on the premise that there music was a free charitable gift to the people of Rassilon. "I see bright hills, and pasture's green, the grapevine gives freely it's fruit." "What does it mean to love the sea? To see the land so fresh and clean, but run back far from our home, to the ocean that I have known." The players sang their song in background.Calder was not softened by the tune the flute nor that of the paino and he was still extremely anxious, and eager to done with this whole ordeal. He had hoped they'd be in Cocovia by now ,with his limited seafaring experience he had assumed they'd get there much quicker. "Should we not get moving? Time is not a finite resource, it would be safer for us to continue." "It's a lovely melody.So needless to say you'd regret it if you missed out.Besides we have no idea when Yiroe will be back so there isn't any need to rush, we should make the most of this oppertunity," Satoshi chipped in saying "It's no better to be safe than sorry." Calder let out a resigned sigh and submitted. "I suppose it is a nice tune." "There we go, you're slowly learning that life is okay" A small crowd had gathered to listen to the song. The Weelond players were glad that there song was well recieved. "Land is full of toil of pain, but life at sea is much the same" "flute noises" "and yet when I feel the salt in the wind and taste that ocean breeze I know where I belong." "I know where I belong ,Within that deep blue throng" "In a vessel bought from the Weelond wharf, I'll sail contented and free." "I'll sail with the wind behind me, and I won't let the sun blind me," "No one's here to berate me, I'll sail contented and free, Knowing it's where I'm glad to be" "Traveling from port to port, cashing in on my trade and bringing glory with me back home." "Oh glory comes home to Esol..." (the players decided to omit that word to make the song more appealing to their current audience.)" Thanks to the love of the sea!" "All thanks to the love of the sea!" "Woo,Encore Encore!" Calder still had his grivences and tried again to address them to Ragnar. "I'm odds and ends,You seem so positive about this trip, but can you really be so without doubt? "You seemed happy to sign up in the first place, We're talking away I don't know what I'm to say, I don't know how to help you." "If you want to help then tell me, these things that you say is it life or just to play my worries away?" "Honestly I think we'll be fine, we should back on Corrish soil in a day or two ,Are you fine to carry on or do need some rest?" "I'm fine thanks, It will be over faster if we get it done, I just hope Yiroe and Ruri don't take too long." They left the bandstand ready to hire some labourers. The music they left behind still rang out across town.Much to displeasure of those in Rassilon who did not like being awake. OOC: This is the Third part of Doctor Alfredson's story and also my entry in category 3 of the Musicians Talent Fair Mini-Challenge , whilst its separate parts are spread over an area it is too big but it can all fit on a 16 x 16 so I hope that's okay, if not then could you count the bandstand on it's own as my entry. C and C are as always welcome. Calder's temperament in this chapter is more intense intense than I'd originally intended but I couldn't miss an opportunity to reference my favourite song (The first person to spot all the references to this song wins a free no-prize prize). Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it .
  4. When the barrel runs dry during Octoberfest those folks from Weelond can turn to desperate measures - moonshine! In the cover of the night and in an abandoned warehouse, two pals set about brewing the liquid with a hired guard at the door. The fireplace heats the container full of squashed potatoes with the vapour travelling down the pipe and cooled. The process is repeated into the large barrel where the fake whisky is poured into other containers for consumption (or not, I've never made moonshine. Don't try this at home kids). The older man stokes the fireplace. "Keep on walking, pal" __________ A small build for the Annual Octoberfest mini-challenge. Now where's my 25 DBs? I'll probably license it as a small factory in Weelond
  5. "Inspector Clurog here! Gotta check over your pumpkin pies. Productions standards, ya' know. Everything has to be ship-shape." "Welcome! I'm Kilos, one of the workers here, and we've been expecting you! You're just the ingre-oomph!" "Inspector, he was saying; I'm Tozna, head chef of the kitchen. Follow me and I'll show you exactly what we put into our famous pies. Highest quality ingredients, let me assure you! Watch your mouth Kilos, or I'll bat your ears in," Tozna growled below his breath as the inspector moved towards the first shelf. "And what do you keep in these bottles, eh, daises?" sneered Clurog. "I should say not! Only the finest quality slime is used in our pies! And we make sure the bottles are spotless before filling them with fresh slime. That jar there contains seeds from our own Venus fly-trap, adds some kick to the pies!" "So you say, so you say..." Clurog muttered, as he scribbled some notes on his paper. "What are you doing now, trying to pull the walls in?" queried Clurog as Tozna grabbed a knob embedded in the wall. "Hahaw! Nothing like an inspector with a sense of humor!" guffawed Tozna, "These are storage drawers. See, swamp flowers from Moruth. Kilos! Keep an eye on that pie! I'll have no burned crusts around here." "Well how many drawers do you need? Isn't a roomful a bit much?" protested the inspector as they moved to the corner of the kitchen. "Those are just for show, no real drawers there. Though we have some potent mushrooms, and carrots here. No Avalonian imports, we maintain a strict Nocturnus grown policy. These also are thoroughly washed before use." "That seems decidedly un-Nocturnian! A few bugs here and there never hurt anyone, I find them quite tasty myself. You chef's always claim to have the best of the best, but it's the inspector's job to see what's really going on." "Of course, of course. Well here's a fresh pie now, why don't you check it over for yourself?" "Yes indeed, I have to say with your obsession for cleanliness, I doubt it will even be edible. And It had better be good, or I'll report this kitchen to the PPA." As Clurog moved to sample the pie, the whole kitchen crew (except for Kilos that is, who was busy watching another pie) gathered around expectantly. "Well, it does smell alright," Clurog admitted reluctantly, leaning in to sniff the odorous pie. And then with a swift gulp, the pie dragged Clurog in! "AAAAHHH." "Well boys, good job, this pie passes the test! You can send it out to the Pumkpin Pie Associatin for distribution now, Erus." "Yes sir, Tozna! One more pie for those ridiculous tree-huggers coming right up!" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Built for the Kitchen category of the Pie minichallenge. This build started with the Mixel ball-joint wall design, which I’ve had lying around for a while now. I quite like how it turned out, and will probably be using it more in the future. The working drawers were very fun to make as well. Lots more pictures on brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, C&C appreciated
  6. The Musician's Talent Fair in Bardo is in full swing! So much so that the musical team Nightblood & Darkstar had to set up their own little stage on the northwest beach. "Don't tell me I'm wrong," roared Ian Nightblood, "Don't tell me that you knew all along . . ." Dougal Darkstar gets a nice view of this lass swinging her blouse. This lady has decided to toss her pantalettes on stage. Up on the precarious balcony High Priestess Ylsbeth the Starcatcher and Consort Taliesin the Lightbringer enjoy the show. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I know the images are a bit fuzzy, but I think they tell the story well enough.
  7. "Get in position! This is our only chance." Lord Osric yellled at his troops, trying to prepare them for a desperate attempt to break the enemy's lines. The Desert King's advance in the west had been stopped by a fresh recruited and well equipped army loyal to the High Council. Now, after one week of bloody battles, the Wither Woods were cut off from the Pharao's main land in the east. His troops were far from being defeated yet, but Osric was not willing to spend the next two months trying to stand his ground while over Nocturnian captains would claim honour for conquering Kaliphlin's great cities and win all the loot and attention of their resurrected master. He would make a glorious attack against the besiegers and fight his way through the High Council's lines back to the Rakath Mountains. "Bring my rat!" When the rat lord spoke of his rat, he did not mean one of his men, to whom he referred to as simply "his men". "His rat" was his joker. Something that would guarantee their escape...
  8. Ch II - Prologue - New Leadership - Discussion by mpoh98, on Flickr Part 2 of the GoH Challenge Prologue. Enjoy! Feren sighed happily, breathing in the fresh night's air. Nothing like a walk in the night to freshen you up. Feren was taking another one of his nightly walks, pondering the change of leaders in Avalonia. Even though I will miss Lord Varis, Lord Simon is a very good friend of mine, and his loyalty to Avalonia is unquestionable. His leadership skills will prove useful in the coming times, as we will most likely soon learn what the Drow are up to, and what we need to do to defend. As he trudged through the alleyway, next to the tavern, his fine-tuned ears picked up a conversation. Cocking his head to one side, he concentrated on the source. It's coming from the 2nd floor of the tavern, he realized. Flattening himself next to the wall, he debated whether he should climb it, but discarded the idea. If someone walks by, that would be extremely embarrassing to be caught spying on 2 of my citizens. He listened in, and was just in time to hear them talking about their new leader. Ch II - Prologue - New Leadership - Discussion by mpoh98, on Flickr "What do you think of this new leader, Simon of Nalderic?" Feren's eyes widened, it was one of his Elite Rangers, a man by the name of Roger. He must be taking a break from his shift. "Meh, I personally don't care, as long as he doesn't do anything stupid, and is fair, I'm good." Feren nodded, this man was one of his friends, Gavin was his name. A good man, but slightly on the easygoing side of things, he was very lenient in political matters. "Well," Roger said, "I am glad in the change, as my Lord Feren is a good friend with Lord Simon, I know him to be a fantastic leader, and a good man. I am sure he will make a wonderful leader." Good man, Feren thought to himself. He yawned. It was time he went back to the keep, and to his toasty bed. I've heard enough, things seem to be going well here in Marrock Fortress......I really need to change the name of my castle, it's to repetitive with my island.....anyway my Rangers seem to like him, so that's good. I pray that Simon will turn out to be a good leader as we think he will be, we will need one soon..." Turning around, he silently padded around the corner, and back to the keep. Well, this is my 2nd entry into GoH for the Avalonia mini challenge, and it was an extremely fun build. I had fun building the interior, I need to experiment more with that. Tell me what you think of it, I would love to get better with interiors! Critiques appreciated! Thanks for viewing! Soli Deo Gloria! ~Matthew~