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  1. scholalala

    Spirited Away movie scene: Chihiro and Kamaji

    Thanks :-) The arms of minifigures were used as cigarette butts.
  2. scholalala

    The Tranquil Meadow

    I really love the tree built from axes! It looks so good!
  3. scholalala

    [MOC] Breakfast

    It is wonderful!! Thanks for sharing.
  4. Kamaji and Chihiro came together to have a competition on table tennis. Kamaji was very confident and that's why he just sat down and played the game with Chihiro. While Chihiro was getting nervous, Kamaji failed to hit the ball on Chihiro side. Sometimes having a lot of hands do not help.
  5. Hi everyone, I would like to share my MOC created few years back. It is a movie scene from the Japanese animation Spirited Away where the main character Chihiro first met the bathhouse boiler-man Kamaji. Hope you guys like it. :-) Close-up of Kamaji. He is busy with his work at the bathhouse. Thanks for reading. :-)
  6. scholalala

    My dream home

    Hi everyone! I would like to share my recent creation "My dream home". Let's take a look at the kitchen on the ground floor first. The open kitchen is a place to cook delicious meals for the whole family. Ovens, stoves and fridges are all necessary. Cabinets of different sizes also help the cook to have the cookware and utensils well organized. When the dishes are done, the whole family can dine leisurely at the designer dining table and enjoy great meals. I love cats, so there will be cat-friendly furniture for my cats. :-) A tree-like bookshelf where the cats could hide themselves and climb up to. A cat sofa where the sofa is attached to a cat tree. Cat scratching pole, food and water bowl and a cat house are also important for happy cat life. Now let's move on to the second floor. where we have bathroom, bedroom and a LEGO room. Designer bed, closet and window. And a painting by Piet Mondrian (Composition II in Red, Blue and Yellow). Thai style bathing area. In addition to decoration of various Lego display figures, Lego parts are all well-organized so that MOCs can be done in a more systematic way. Of course we need a computer to help us to do research (as pre-building work) and for sharing. That's all for my sharing. Thanks for reading. :-)
  7. Hello builders, this is my entry! Birth & Death Minifig: Surgeon Theme: Hospital The setting is a hospital - a place about two most important things in life: birth and death. The surgeon is helping a pregnant woman and a seriously ill man. A happy pregnant woman expecting a baby A sad old sick patient expecting...?? By the way, can you figure out the parts that have been used to make the drip? Thanks for viewing. Happy building ^_^ More pictures on my flicr.
  8. scholalala

    LEGO Team GB Minifigures Discussion

    Frankly speaking...I think this exclusive set is not really attractive to me. Perhaps if Lego could add some new types (i.e. previously unreleased) of sports, the set could become better. But I must say that the printing is cool indeed!!
  9. scholalala

    LEGO 10226 Sopwith Camel

    A super amazing set!! This one is even better the previous version!! The colour scheme is particularly attractive to me
  10. scholalala

    Review Review: 21013 Big Ben

    This is by far the most realistic Architecture set! Very tempting!! A very cool review indeed. I like fabuland figures
  11. scholalala

    WINNERS: Architecture Building Contest

    Congratulations to all the entries and winners!! I think the first 3 places demonstrate very different building styles: Champion: combination of basic bricks and technic parts First runner-up: sculpture by small parts Second runner-up: symbolic representation A very interesting and eye-opening event indeed!!
  12. Minifig: Vampire Theme: Castle Long long time ago, in Transylvania, a vampire called Dracula lived in a small medieval tower. The vampire left his coffin every night hunting for "food". He fed on the blood of the living. But he got a very strange habit...he only drank the blood with his gold goblet because he thought this was the only way to keep the taste of the blood!! Top view ~ Thanks for watching ~