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Found 2 results

  1. So, I've attempted my first Modular. I was limited by the bricks I have, (and a couple of bricks seem to have somehow fallen off), but it's the right dimensions to fit alongside the official Modular Buildings. Just wondering what thoughts/advice people may have to help me improve my modular building skills? So, here's the house And the people and animals who live there There's an open plan living area on the ground floor With a kitchen area A downstairs WC & a place to sit Going up the stairs, we reach the bedroom area There's an en suite shower & a balcony with Jaccuzzi From there, we can access the roof terrace Where the minifigures like to hold barbecue parties I used transparent coloured bricks where appropriate to let in light but retain privacy
  2. Hi there, this is a MOC modular building with a different approach. But first, a little background: After I came out of my Dark Ages roughly a year ago, I mainly started doing two things - building classic space sets, and getting into the official modular buildings (I now have four and counting). I once built a MOD of the Ice Planet Deep Freeze Defender, but up until now, I never built a real, aspiring MOC. I'm lucky to still have all my old Lego from when I was a kid, a lot of which was handed down from our old neighbour, so I ended up with a nice collection of vintage parts and sets, all of them somewhere between 20 and 40 years old. I also bought a couple of bulk lots from Ebay with more stuff from the 80ies/early 90ies, with the goal to get more classic space stuff. Building the official modulars and also seeing the amazing MOCs posted here, I naturally got itchy and wanted to create my own modular MOC. The only downside was, apart from the pieces from the 4 modulars I own, I don't have any modern bricks. And building something in LDD and then buying the necessary bricks sounded nice, but I had to find out that I do not have the patience to design anything worthwhile in LDD. So I decided to try to build a modular MOC using just the old vintage pieces I already have in abundance. Here are the two most challenging problems I faced building this: Colors: The 80ies and early 90ies were the time of black, white, yellow, blue, red and grey, with green and brown just starting to make appearances (I have very, very few pieces in those two colors). So I had to find a color scheme with those colors that would work. I decided on white and black, with some red detailing. SNOT: I definately wanted to do some SNOT building in my modular. However this is not too easy as a lot of the useful pieces that we have nowadays were simply not available back then. The only really useful SNOT pieces were the classic headlight brick, the old bracket (http://www.bricklink...Item.asp?P=3956) and the hinge brick (http://www.bricklink...m.asp?P=3937c01). Against my original intent I ended up doing one bricklink order after all, but it was mainly for the dark grey and light grey tiles used on the pavement and on top of each module. But, enough babble, here's the Hat Shop - my first MOC since coming out of my Dark Ages I took some inspiration from the Pet Shop, mainly in how the shop sign is built (though mine is built slightly differently) and the general floor plan inside. Ground floor detail. First floor (european counting ) detail. The classic windows on the left and right are built in sideways using several headlight bricks. As a sideeffect, the middle window got drapes. The whole construction is very sturdy and stable . Top floor detail. Keeping with the tradition of some of the official modulars, the back is rather plain. I used old doors from the H0 scale days as windows, which works rather well, I think. Inside the Hat Shop. As I already mentioned, this building uses old bricks, a lot of them from my childhood. While I sorted out any really damaged bricks (teeth marks, sticker residue and the like), I got pretty much every level of yellowing on the white bricks. I tried to use the yellowed one on the side of the building, where they won't be visible when its on display with the other modulars, and the white ones for the front & back facades. In this picture you can see that the store sign is built similar to, but not exactly like the one in the Pet Shop. Moving up to the second floor. It hold a spacious kitchen with a small kitchen table. The blue and grey color scheme of the kitchen gives it a nice, Spacey feel...kinda Classic, really... . . . Uh-oh... Moving up to the upper floor. It holds a combined living and bedroom with a TV, sofa and sofa table, bed, chest, some slightly odd pictures on the wall and a parrot. Another detail shot of the roof. The greebling atop the windows was the last thing I built last night, I had a simpler design of the facade at first, but it didn't look right. Here's some shots with the official modulars. I think my Hat Shop fits in surprisingly well . The difference between the old and new greys. I hope you enjoyed my MOC, and look forward to reading your comments Cheers, Roger