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  1. It's obvious you've spend a tremendous amount of time and effort building and shaping this. You put in so much detail, mind blowing. Love the stickers, such a cool and detailed interior...it's all there! About the front, you wrote that you would like to make it more realistic. You know it's hard to tell someone else what or how to do things. As we all know building is a process, the model evolves. Two things I notice and maybe you can use that as a guidance to work on it a little more: A) It really misses that curved line between the two tones. I'm not sure I would use the rigid hose to solve that. Parts with different angles would help a lot I think. B) For the White area I simple could say: there's to much going on. All kind of curved slopes which tells us you really have tried hard, but somehow it became messy so to speak. Do you see what I mean? BTW I would never have suggested any changes because I can tell this is your baby! :-) But since you ask here's my point of view for what it's worth...
  2. Love this as I already told you. Cool to see that I've inspired you, can tell without any doubt :-) but the same time you really went wild on it. You stepped out of the box and build your own interpretation and takes courage...and well done!!!
  3. Is it possible that you've out done yourself? This is so cool and well executed! It's accurate and functional...love it...
  4. This is such a cool scale model of both truck and trailer. You did a tremendous job buddy...this really is so cool! Looking forward to see it in real life soon!
  5. That cab is so cool... Nice shapes so I'm sure you get there! :-)
  6. Can not really answer your question from my own experience but I would say take 1:20 if you're in a hurry. Probably even in this scale you can capture much detail. Many super car builders have done so, not necessarily in that scale but at least in a rather small scale. On the other hand I would like to see in it scale 1:10 to be honest... :-) Nice project, if some one could do it it's you my friend! I'm curious to see what you'll come up with...
  7. Those tracks are outstanding...really well done!
  8. Howdy my friend, I wrote you an email, didn't get a reply. You must be very busy, especially with this new forum,

    'Scale Modeling', looks like some interesting reading. Been busy on the house and (1) new project completed.

    Let me know you're still okay.

    Regards, Stephen

    1. 2LegoOrNot2Lego...


      Hi my friend,

      You're right... :-) ...never a reason not to reply...haha...

      Wrote a message to myself as a reminder to reply to your email. Will do so tomorrow if that's okay...


    2. ritztoys


      Thanks Ingmar, I was worried.  (even though I delayed your first email to me, sorry) We both got "lots of explaining to do"!

      Regards, Stephen

  9. @Ludo Visser I really like your suggestion. Makes it more "all-inclusive"...excellent!
  10. Last picture, the one with open doors and hood appeals to me the most. It shows all details...excellent!
  11. So much details...it's impressive! Excellent build...
  12. 2LegoOrNot2Lego...

    [MOC] Mack CL

    Great that you're posting some stuff buddy! Nice...
  13. This is getting somewhere for sure! Great progress on an equal build. To me it seems like the main boom isn't lowering enough. Could this be true?
  14. 2LegoOrNot2Lego...

    Complete out of my box

    You did great buddy, but what else could we expect form you... ;-)
  15. 2LegoOrNot2Lego...

    [MOC] Palace of Westminster

    Already loved the "less quality" images and I was astonished... And then you came with the pro pics...wow!!! It is an excellent build and I love it very much!