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  1. Sci-FiFleetAdmiral

    [Lester] Daimler-Benz Navigator CT

    Thank you Lady K! Thank you Exetrius. I worked really hard to get the fenders and grill just right. Yes, I am not really happy with the seating either, but the minifig chairs don't fit in that space, and in order for a fig to fit in the vehicle, I had to use plain brick for the back. Well, since you requested, here it is. I apologize for the late reply, weather was very poor for photos until this week. Haha! Thanks Digger!
  2. Sci-FiFleetAdmiral

    Lester's Big Adventure Winners!

    Congratulations Kritch, the Black Crow was a great entry and a truly worthy winner! Awesome contest Peppermint! Thank you so much for hosting this great competition! I would like the pith helmet please. I loved participating in this, it was a blast, and I hope you do another contest like this one soon. Long live Johnny Thunder!
  3. Sci-FiFleetAdmiral

    Lester's Big Adventure Voting

    8 - 1 11 - 1 12 - 1 Very tough choice, great entries all around!
  4. Sci-FiFleetAdmiral

    [LESTER] - The Black Crow

    Wow! Superb work Kritch. I love how it instantly brings to mind the rugged buses and trucks they use in Nepal and Tibet; The Black Crow looks like it would fit right in on the streets of Kathmandu! My favorite part is the removable hood and engine underneath. I know how hard it is to get details like that at this scale, so it makes your MOC all the more impressive. Lovely!
  5. The all-new Daimler-Benz Navigator, Convertible Truck: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Navigator, the newest off-road automobile from Daimler-Benz, is the vehicle of choice for the rugged outdoorsman, the stubborn explorer, the far-flung military unit, or the discerning traveler. Coming in Convertible or Hardtop Truck, and Convertible or Hardtop Sedan, the Navigator is equipped with a flat-cylinder V8, all-weather leather seats, removable soft top in the convertibles, ample rear trunk space, a reinforced steel bedrack for holding tools, and locking 4-wheel drive. A steel tow hitch at the back ensures that whatever won't fit in the trunk, you can pull behind you! The Navigator comes in Temple Gray, Sahara Tan, Jungle Green, and Atlantis Blue. This is the rough-and-tumble automobile for all your exploration needs, so pick one up today!** *Available at select Benz dealers in Europe, North America, and Asia. The Navigator model features working steering, opening doors, folding windshield and removable top, plus it seats two minifigs, albeit uncomfortably. I wanted to include suspension and opening hood, but ran out of time and space. :( *Promotional images used with permission of Colonel Jacque DeAthos. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hope you all like it, and may the best Adventurer win! :D
  6. Sci-FiFleetAdmiral

    [MOC] Mirtrum castle

    Magnificent. This is one of the best microscale creations I have seen in a very long time. I am blown away with the clever parts usages in the houses, but the main castle section is the piece d' resistance for me. The detail you achieved at such a small scale is mind-boggling! Amazing job!
  7. Sci-FiFleetAdmiral

    [MOC] Cargo starships

    Wow! Superb group of microscale ships you have there. The amazing parts usage, color schemes, and varied roles, all help to give the vessels their own flair, while still seeming to still come from the same universe. My favorite has to be the Protected Container Ship. Such great NPU, especially on the bridge, plus the unique color scheme really makes it pop!
  8. Sci-FiFleetAdmiral

    Contest: Lester's Big Adventure!

    Great contest idea Peppermint_M! I definitely want to participate in this. One question though: The vehicle I have in mind is going to be a few studs longer than the red Jake Raines truck. Is that okay?
  9. Sci-FiFleetAdmiral

    The Falcon's Nest

    Thanks Blufiji! Ah, very nice. Yeah, the Rhine Falls are absolutely gorgeous. Makes the nearest falls to where I'm living, Great Falls, look like a trickle, lol! Oh, haha. They are supposed to be tree rings, although I admit they do look a bit like helipads. Thanks again! I do indeed enjoy some good literature. Thank you! Cheers, Joshua
  10. Sci-FiFleetAdmiral

    [M - E01] OMG Is That A RHHC(1).... ! ?

    Great build Lady K! I especially like the Octan rover, and the detail you put into the comms unit, very well done! :thumbup:
  11. Sci-FiFleetAdmiral

    Winter Village: Brewery

    Wow! This is an awesome model! If this were an official set, I'd buy three of them! There's so much to love, but I think my favorite part is that fantastic lorry! :sweet: Great job, and congrats on being one of the contest winners! :thumbup:
  12. Sci-FiFleetAdmiral

    MOC Police swat team with a humvee

    Very nice! I particularly like the opening hood, and the way you got the back of the trunk curved!
  13. Sci-FiFleetAdmiral

    The Falcon's Nest

    Thanks Graham! Lol, no it isn't easy! Thank you Lady K! I'm glad you like it! Thanks SupremoDesslock! I'm glad you think the story was that good. That's funny you should ask that. I'm actually American, but we spent some time in Germany and Switzerland when I was younger. If I may ask, where in Switzerland do you live? I chose German names for the two main characters because most of my other main characters in my other Lands of Roawia stories have English or Scottish names, so I wanted some variety. Plus, both names sounded cool and fantasy-ish. Who knows, maybe we'll see Rhinedall and Elfrida again sometime. Thank you Rogue Angel! Thanks! It was definitely not easy making them round, lol! I'm glad you like all the small details! Thanks! I'm happy you liked it. Thank you Faladrin! Cheers, Joshua
  14. Sci-FiFleetAdmiral

    The Chase Begins

    Wow, great build Soccerkid6! I love the patterns in the floor.
  15. Sci-FiFleetAdmiral

    The Falcon's Nest

    Hello fellow EBers, I would would like to present my latest build: The Falcon's Nest The Falcon's Nest by Joshua, on Flickr The Falcon's Nest- tree platform details by Joshua, on Flickr The Falcon's Nest- Lenfel riverine patrol boat by Joshua, on Flickr The Falcon's Nest ------------------------------- As the riverine patrol boat rounded the bend in the river, Elfrida beheld a sight such as she had never seen in her lifetime. Ahead of them, standing at the water's edge, were a half-dozen tan trees, speckled with brown spots. But that was not what was so mind-blowing about them. Rather, it was the fact that they were giants, soaring up into the sky for hundreds of feet, their huge roots disappearing under the pale blue water. Ringing the colossal trunks, every twenty feet or so, were wooden platforms, some with doorways to rooms bored into the tree, others with huts, supported by thick beams. A narrow bridge, without railings, spanned the river, connecting two of the largest trees. Whatever she had imagined the so-called 'Falcon's Nest' to be, it paled in comparison to the real thing. Behind her, manning the tiller of the boat, the captain called to his sailors. "Lower the sail boys! And get that mooring line ready!" As the crew carried out their orders, movement on the bridge ahead caught Elfrida's sharp eye. A Lenfel Scout Sniper stepped out onto the walkway, watching the boat approach, then turned to call down to someone, presumably to say they had arrived. Rounding the biggest tree's trunk, they came within sight of the small dock built into the trunk. A figure walked out to the end of the dock, waiting for them to pull up. Elfrida grinned and waved when she saw who was waiting for them on the dock. ----------------------------------------- Captain Rhinedall Alden smiled, and waved back as the boat pulled close enough for him to see his old friend, whom he hadn't recognized at first with her shorter hair, standing amidships, waving to him with a huge grin on her face. Stepping forward, he prepared to catch the mooring line, as it was tossed to him by a sailor. ----------------------------------------- As soon as the boat bumped against the dock, pushing a small rowboat out of the way, Elfrida jumped nimbly onto the dock, and embraced her childhood friend warmly. He returned the embrace, then held her at arm's length. "Look at you! You've changed so much, I barely recognize you now!" She laughed. "I'm a full-fledged Ranger now Rhinedall. Of course I've changed. You however," she looked him up and down, "haven't changed a bit!" "He grinned, and they started walking towards the ladder leading up to the first platform, after untieing the patrol boat so it could continue on it's way. "Why'd you cut your hair?" Rhinedall asked curiously. The other replied, "I found it was starting to get in the way during combat. Plus, knowing I was being deployed here, I decided long hair might not be the best idea in a humid environment. Why? Don't you think it looks good?" Rhinedall shrugged. "No, I do think you look good. It's just going to take some getting used to, that's all." Changing the subject, he added," You must have lot to talk about." She smiled. "I do indeed. But first, got any ale in this place? Elfrida and Rhinedall had known each other since childhood, growing up together in Stonebourgh. Both had joined the Rangers when they'd gotten old enough, but they were sent to seperate places, Rhinedall to Stonewald, Elfrida to Durrough, where, during her stay there, she had run into a young knight by the name of Haymar, and decided to take a break from her tedious ranger training, and join his company, participating in several notable quests and events, such as the Battle of Durrough. Having recently left Haymar's company, she had traveled to Stonewald, to finally complete her erstwhile training. It was here that she and Rhinedall ran into each other again, and their old friendship was renewed, only to be broken again when news of the Great Western Islands reached Stonewald, and Rhinedall was deployed there, to establish a Scout Sniper outpost. Now however, they had been reunited once more, as Elfrida was now a full-fledged Ranger, and had also been deployed to New Lenfald, to check up on and help with improvements, to both the Emerald City, and the outpost, which had been dubbed The Falcon's Nest. And we won't be separated again. Not if I have anything to say about it, that is. She was snapped out of her reverie, by the shout of a panicked (and unseen) Scout Sniper, on lookout duty somewhere in the outpost. "River Serpent!!!!!!" Grabbing her bow, Elfrida followed Rhinedall out of the small hut were they'd been having lunch. Seems I'm about to find out just how good my Ranger skills are. ------------------------------------------------ The Falcon's Nest is my entry for Lenfald's LC 21: New Lenfald Rising, over on Merlin's Beard. Hope you all like it!