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  1. Th3_Br1ck_Kid

    【MOC】Steam castle

    I LOVE the mini blimp, it's so cute! ;3 Great build, very creative, you do all the shaping very well.
  2. Th3_Br1ck_Kid

    The best of the worst Lego Ideas

    I wanted to reply to this article, since I totally agree, and just saw some hilariously bad set ideas today First up, this small spaceship a person made, and while not exactly "set worthy" I will give the builder credit for sticking to one color, and actually making a non-digital build. An electronics store would work nicely in a Lego city setting, but whoever built this clearly did it in five minutes, also are there only TWO iMacs inside there? The quality of the mechs that get uploaded to Lego Ideas is astonishing. This "Cyklop Stormwalker" supposedly from a book series (as the creator writes "If you read it then you know what I'm talking about."), has non-posable legs, non-firing weapons, and a cockpit that has "a bunch of chairs" OK, I'm happy to see that kids are coming up with creative ideas for Lego sets, but for goodness sake, was this kid even trying? This build was literally thrown together in less than seven minutes, and aside from an Exo Force version of the farmer, I don't see Shaun, Gym Puppy, or any other characters from Shaun the Sheep!
  3. I would have posted this sooner but I was too busy. I was experimenting with my collection when I came up with this amazing work of Lego artwork! This set not only LOOKS fantastic but it has some of the most AMAZING functionality ever! My most beautiful lego creation yet! by nicholaswatson-titch, on Flickr It also has BEAUTIFUL engine detailing in back! My most beautiful lego creation yet! by nicholaswatson-titch, on Flickr It also has wings that actually MOVE My most beautiful lego creation yet! by nicholaswatson-titch, on Flickr Up. My most beautiful lego creation yet! by nicholaswatson-titch, on Flickr Down. The build can also hold over FIVE minifigures total! My most beautiful lego creation yet! by nicholaswatson-titch, on Flickr If that's not enough, the FRONT can freakin' COME OFF! My most beautiful lego creation yet! by nicholaswatson-titch, on Flickr My most beautiful lego creation yet! by nicholaswatson-titch, on Flickr And here's what life is like on the ship: My most beautiful lego creation yet! by nicholaswatson-titch, on Flickr I hope you REALLY enjoyed watching this, because this MOC means so much to me! So hope you enjoyed ;) Th3_Br1ck_Kid Oh, and happy April Fool's day XD
  4. Hi, I just got this set, and when I finished building, I realized the bucket wheel at the front wasn't turning properly. I checked to make sure I hadn't built anything wrong, and I hadn't, so do you have any recommendations on what the problem may be or how to fix it?
  5. Th3_Br1ck_Kid

    Lego themes that we would like to happen

    Kre-O may have Transformer sets out, but if Lego did transformers they'd be better 'cuz while Kre-o transformers just rebuild into robots, Lego could actually create a vehicle that transforms into a robot. However you are exactly right in the fact that Lego cannot make transformers because they are owned by Hasbro, so I guess we'll just have to keep making good MOCs. But how is Creator set #31007 not a rip-off of the Transformers G1 Springer!?
  6. Th3_Br1ck_Kid

    [MOC] Samus Aran

    Very Nice! Will your next challenge be getting the model to roll into a ball?:)
  7. Th3_Br1ck_Kid

    How successful was Galaxy Squad?

    I only ever had two Galaxy Squad sets, the big blue ship and tank, along with the huge queen bug (which I personally thought were the best sets in the line), but I always enjoyed the line, as I thought the split function was very creative, and could inspire great MOC builds. The alien ship build I also thought looked very nice, but they may have been better of as just giant bugs than simply "bug-shaped ships".
  8. Th3_Br1ck_Kid

    Metal Brick Solid; The Phantom Snap

    I've been thinking of doing a large scale build of the Rex or Sahelantropus, but this one very small. I only wanted it to fit on minifig and just have a strong Metal Gear vibe to it.
  9. Th3_Br1ck_Kid

    [MOC] Octan Diesel Locomotive

    I like it...but I think you should expand your variety of pieces a little bit more. The train's design is nice, but it's a little to boxy. I'd recommend adding more detail to the cabin and engine to give it a more realistic feel. But keep up your work!
  10. Th3_Br1ck_Kid

    [MOC] Darksight

    Looks awesome! The landing gear and engines work superbly. With the green swapped for yellow, it would be great in a Blacktron setting!
  11. Th3_Br1ck_Kid

    MOC: The Boats of Gelo

    Being carbon rods, I wanted to use glow-the-dark tiles. The specific ones I used were from the Diagon Ally set from 2012
  12. Looks Good! I love the new tire elements that were released in the set.
  13. Th3_Br1ck_Kid

    Space Police Ideas

    I was thinking something like that, only chunkier arms and legs so it wouldn't look as silly.
  14. Th3_Br1ck_Kid

    MOC: The Boats of Gelo

    In the year 2561, a gas giant exists known as R7-55, or Gelo. The planet is inhabited by a rag tag society of aliens from across the galaxy, living on towns built on small low-orbiting asteroids in the planets sea-like gases. However, only an approximate 700,000 people live on the planet, spread out among the surface, making economy difficult. So what most inhabitants do to make money, is build boat-like transporters designed to "float" across waves of gasses. These are used to transport goods between towns, and look like this: (sorry you can see my finger in this photo.) These "boats" bring and trade goods at trade stores. You can make a trade right through an open window, or you can also buy something inside the shop while your transporter is being loaded. Transporters are created by building a hull out of pretty much any material you can get your hands on, then adding a "mast",with some pieces of fabric to catch the wind. Engines usually consist of a few gas tanks connected to a compression chamber, to create a small (or large) flame to propel the transporter through the gasses. A rudder is always added for steering, and occasionally an extra fin or two for stability. While most transporters are relatively small, this is the largest transporter ever built, owned by Arnold Henderson and is wife. In this picture, it's docking with Dragon Traders, the planets most successful trade shop. The trade shop is so successful, it had a crane built in 2558 so it could load larger amounts of goods in faster time. The transporter has been designed to go longer distances and hold more cargo, the engine is significantly larger, and also carries a water tank and a generator for the on board cabin. Even though the engine is much larger, you can still see the similarities it has with the other much smaller transporter. here you can see the ships cabin, and its detailed interior. I had some trouble getting a good roof with my peices, so it's a little flimsy. You can see my design though. Sometimes pickup trucks ship out goods to other planets. This is an old one way back from 2234! And here are some shots from inside Dragon Traders. Here you can see the shop level of the trade store. Funny, I thought they stopped selling alien weapons. And for fun here are some goods that are often shipped between towns. Gold, warp crystals, and carbon rods. And always, a transporter operator should be aware of the unpredictable lighting storms that happen in the planets gassy layers, as they can easily knock a transporter off course. hope you enjoyed the post, Th3_Br1ck_Kid
  15. Th3_Br1ck_Kid

    Metal Brick Solid; The Phantom Snap

    It's an MOC mainly, but take most of its inspiration from the Metal Gear Zeke.