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Found 3 results

  1. We had a Biblical level infestation of flies some years ago, they are apparently attracted to things that are tall or high up, landed all over my Pirate and Imperial Navy ships. I've soaked and cleaned most of the sails with Oxiclean, except the Imperial Flagship, because I don't know if it is safe for that thinner, scrappier, stiffer material. I'm not sure what either version of the sails (and capes and flags) are made of, but I've soaked all the older style material with no issues, but I can't find anything about cleaning the later cloth material. I also didn't know sails could yellow until I read about it and saw the video posted here. The lower front sail on the Skull's Eye Schooner was slightly yellowed, and it was back to normal after an Oxiclean bath. For some fraying and unthreading sails on my childhood copy of the original Imperial Flagship, and some extra Armada Flagship and Black Seas Barracuda sails, I cut right at where the thread emerged from the sail, and carefully cut off some threadbare unraveled sections that are prime for more fraying. Hopefully cutting those off will stop that. The childhood Imperial Flagship sails are going to get soaked too. They were in a shed at my grandma's old house that had holes in it and got very dirty! I'm just glad those sails and the other two hull sections were there! I thought I had lost them! How would you lose such giant parts haha. I hope to be more active here again from now on! And don't worry, no second dark age here. I have a good ten years worth of MOCs and grown collection of sets and bulk parts to share. I have so many parts from childhood and adult sets, bulk collections, eBay, Pick-a-Brick, Bricks & Pieces, and Bricklink orders, I can sit down and pretty much build whatever I want to my heart's content, and I've got a dedicated hobby room and big work table with a bunch of bins now. There's also model trains, slot cars, die-cast, and retro games in that same room. :) Happy to be back and thanks ahead of time for any help and advice on getting my Imperial Flagship back on the open sea again!
  2. Hello again everybody, while I might risk sounding a bit like a spoiled brat, I 'll still tell you the "story" of my first "pirate theme" ship. Remember drooling over those 1989, 1990 and 1991 lego catalouges with the great Black Seas Barracuda (6285) and while the Skull's Eye Schooner (6286) was a far more elaborate ship, thoes red sails got imprinted in my retina. The BSB was simply my dream ship, and I asked my parents if they ever get the chance to get me that "red sail ship" and they got me the "red sail ship", only it wasn't BSB it was the Imperial Flagship (6271). That was my childhoods first and only lego pirate theme ship. I really liked that ship after I got used to the fact that it is not the actual red sail ship, but I still remember the initial disappointment that it wasn't the BSB. You can notice the size difference on this photo between 6271 and the modded 6285: A year ago I got the BSB and really loved it, but felt it was a bit small now that I've grown, so I modded it into a bit longer three masted ship. And with BSB around I felt the Imperial flagship was kinda outgunned in every possible way, and didn't feel that, even thoe it looks faster, the ships commander would ever sail into an engagment facing a ship as big as BSB. So I decided to make my own version. Btw, I always preferd the blue coats over the red coats. So ladies and pirates this is it: Brig - Two Masts - One Square Sail on the Main 6C Just kidding :D This was something I built during my dark age, one night I was back at my folks home going trought lego boxes. My first idea was to try and see if it looked any better in blue coats colours and I'll let you be the judge of that: And then I started planing for the total rehull. Orderd another hull mid section and parts for another mast and a few windows, and this is what I came up with (ofcourse used my lego stash aswell), a blue coats version of imperial flagship named "Impérial": It actually isn't fair to compare it to my moded version of BSB since I made it quite bigger, but still think that the commander of "Impérial" could face the BSB with a fighting chance on the high seas: The ships bow with the figurehead: And the stern: Hope you like the new blue coats flagship!
  3. [pid][/pid] Hey Guys, here is a review of the Classic System Imperial Flagship 6271! I hope you enjoy, I thought it may be cool to see this set in more detail! Since the price of this set varies, anywhere from about $80 onward, it is up to you whether it is worth it or not. I have had mine in my collection for a long time, when I got it as a gift it was NIB. Personally I love it, and think it is an essential to any pirate or imperial navy collection! Set 6271, 375pcs. 1992 Lego System