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  1. Quotenotto

    [MOC] Dark-red imperial Frigatte (WIP)

    Update: I am now mostly fineshed with the design of the build, i just need to make the sails (the part i hate the most...) and add the small upper deck guns for wich i'm missing some parts. The ship is designed modular, the upper decks are removable while the two big masts stay connected to the hull, wich makes them relativly stable. The guns are on wheels and moderately secured, they roll out easily when the gun ports are opend and the ship is tilted. The two quater deck guns are able to be pushed out by levers. The anker can be hoisted and the wheel actually turns the rudder. WIP Lego Red imperial frigate, auf Flickr WIP Lego Red imperial frigate, auf Flickr WIP Lego Red imperial frigate, auf Flickr WIP Lego Red imperial frigate, auf Flickr WIP Lego Red imperial frigate, auf Flickr WIP Lego Red imperial frigate, auf Flickr
  2. Quotenotto

    [MOC] Dark-red imperial Frigatte (WIP)

    I've got some fine cotton cloth wich I'm either gonna starch or maybe apply some acrylic color to strengthen it. For a different ship I used transfer paper to iron on a red striped design onto the sails, but I'm not really 100% satisfied with the results, because the color wasn't as bright as I had hoped it would be. But if you know better ways of making sails I would be glad for some insight. I have started on an .io file, but it is in a verry early stage in wich I haven't completed the bow and with a totally different stern. But I plan to create instructions for this ship, once I've finished it.
  3. WIP Lego Frigatte, auf Flickr WIP Lego Frigatte, auf Flickr WIP Lego Frigatte, auf Flickr WIP Lego Frigatte, auf Flickr This is a work-in-progress project of an 18th century 26 gun frigatte with 14 heavy guns on the gundeck aswell as 10 small guns on the upper deck and two foreward facing chasers. I chose the dark-red color sceme as a tribute to the 2009 Brickbeards Bounty, because i liked the dark-red and gold colors and I used one of those as a base with two added hull-parts. Next, I'm giong to start on the masts and connect them to the rigging and figure out the dimensions of the sails. The upper deck will be modular and easily removable for access to the gundeck. I have yet to work on the interior.
  4. Thank you all for your comments, here is the next part of the set: The ropebridge. I added a trap/playfeature where the icicles can fall onto the path below and of course the ropebridge is collapseble. Temple of Mt, auf Flickr Temple of Mt_2, auf Flickr Temple of Mt_3, auf Flickr
  5. I changed the design of the biplane a bit as recommended: Temple of Mt. Everest with Biplane V_3, auf Flickr Temple of Mt. Everest with Biplane V_5, auf Flickr Temple of Mt. Everest with Biplane V_4, auf Flickr I also created some alternate versions: Temple of Mt. Everest with Biplane V.2, auf Flickr Temple of Mt. Everest with Biplane V.2_2, auf Flickr Temple of Mt. Everest with Biplane V, auf Flickr
  6. Thanks for your suggestions, the modified slope piece is indeed realy chunky, I‘m gonna try to find something better, but it should be something stable aswell. For the engine i went that way at first, because I wanted a clean look, but I‘m gonna create some alternate versions, maybe even something a little more cartoony with an oversized engine.
  7. This set was one of my favorites when i was young. It was my first "big" lego set and Orient Expedition was one of my favorite themes. Therefore i started to recreate this set in Stud.io and maybe I'm gonna get the parts to build it. I started with Sam Sinisters (or Baron von Barons) biplane, this is my first prototype: Doppeldecker, auf Flickr Doppeldecker_2, auf Flickr Doppeldecker_3, auf Flickr Doppeldecker_4, auf Flickr Let me now if you have any suggestions. The next part is going to be the ropebridge.
  8. Quotenotto

    [MOC] Ghost Ship "Reaper"

    Thanks! The hull is basically a snot build with different slopes for the front and 2x1x3 inverted slopes in the back. There are some half brick wide steps in there to get the shape, therefore i had to reinforce it with some technic structures. Then some construction with hinge plates on top. Here is an early wip picture: Boat Hull, auf Flickr
  9. Quotenotto

    [MOC] Ghost Ship "Reaper"

    The Reaper emerges from the depths to haunt the seven seas! Lego Ghost Ship, auf flickr Lego Ghost Ship, auf flickr Lego Ghost Ship, auf flickr Lego Ghost Ship, auf flickr I designed this scary vessel in Stud.io as a Halloween project. It is supposed to stretch the proportions of high build sixteenth century ships to the extreme. The castle-like structures are letting it look like some relic of a distant past compared to the typical Lego pirate ships, so even pirates would fear it as something, that has haunted the seas for centuries. I would welcome suggestions for the upper most deck, as it looks rather plain right now. Happy Halloween!
  10. Quotenotto

    [MOC] ca. 1650s 54-gun pirate 4th-rate 'Rode Dageraad'

    Amazing! I like the way you shaped the front with the bow and the mermaid and the overall curvature of the ship.
  11. Quotenotto

    [MOC] Sloop in the Black Seas Barracuda Style

    Thanks, I don’t know a whole lot about the proper proportions of sailing ships. Could you point me towards some good resources for that kind of knowledge?
  12. Quotenotto

    [MOC] Lateen Rigged Gunboat St Mercia

    Quite a nice little ship, I really like the brickbuild sail. I would raise the stern a little bit to give the captain a bridge to commandeer his vessel.
  13. This is a small project i'm currently working on. I designed a rough prototype with my own bricks to create the shape of the hull and to figure out the right distaces inbetween the parts. Then i build the ship in studio and gave it the colours of the black seas barracuda. I would love to get some suggestions for different colour palettes, preferably with a light and dark bluish gray hull, because i've got a lot of those parts already. In the future i might buy the parts i need to build this ship in real.