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  1. Definitely should come join the Blue Coats on the Brick Seas.... this ship is beautiful! Well done!
  2. CapOnBOBS

    [COR - FB] A Royal Proclamation

    Well done "Red Team!" Congrats to those recognized. Lovely scene, gold frogs on the throne is great!
  3. CapOnBOBS

    Settlement: Lavalette, Stéphanique, Oleon

    Mercury Mine outside Lavalette.
  4. Another Strategic mineral being mined in the abundant land of Lavalette. After a geologic survey turned up some mercury rich rocks, teams set to work digging a second tunnel and trying to separate the mercury from the rest of the stone. "Joe?" "Yeah, Bill?" "Do you ever wonder, like if these fumes are bad for us?" "What? If mercury was bad for us, why would doctors prescribe it and why would it be used in hats... hats that you wear against your head all day long!? You are an idiot sometimes Bill!" NOTE: Slow to get posted, new mine min size got me. Also, disaster struck mid photo shoot.
  5. CapOnBOBS

    Settlement: Breshaun, Le Bellan, Oleon

    The backlog of capital ship orders to support the war in Terraversa has required, but also funded, Admiral Beauchamp in expanding the shipyard even further with the addition of a rope factory - licensed as a large factory.
  6. Throughout the war, demand in the ship building industry far outpaced capacity. Sensing the shortfall early on, Admiral Retired Girard Beauchamp shrewdly sank every DB he could leverage into expanding the Beauchamp Shipyard in Breshaun. Today, the latest expansion is complete, a rope making factory. The shipyard has always been the crown jewel of Beauchamp's economic empire, and the continued expansion clearly shows that this remains the case. The long, narrow building is an iconic fixture in major shipyards, required to house the equipment needed to make the miles of rope each capital ship requires. The high, vaulted ceiling keeps workers cool despite their labor. To make room for the long building, Beauchamp had to build a sturdy pier with added sturdy beams taken from his Plantation in Eltina. With the backlog of lucrative naval contracts to support the Crown's Fleet, the Admiral loosened up on his traditionally utilitarian construction methods and allowed his home grown carpenters a little freedom in the building's face and stonework. Even with some added frills, the Admiral was pleased to see the new build fit nicely with the rest of the yard. Laid along side the drydock and perpendicular to the shoreline, the shipyard is becoming a prominent fixture in the waterfront of Breshaun. The Beauchamp Shipyard can now outfit rigging without relying on external vendors. Licensing this latest large factory continues to build self sufficiency and owning his entire production chain. Note: True or not, my father pointed out long brick buildings in the Charleston Naval Yard once upon a time and explained that it was a rope factory. He never let facts ruin a good story, but I thought it was neat to think of building a building that size just so you could make the miles and miles of rope needed for a ship. So with that inspiration, I had no idea what an actual rope making machine looked like. What you see is loosely based off some stuff google spit out.
  7. Thanks @Ayrlego! All makes sense, no surprises, just good to have it laid out. We will take the fort discussion off this thread.
  8. @Ayrlego (and Court), I think this is great! A great way to allow the dust to settle in TV, advance the story, and give everybody a vote in continuing to shape it. Well planned! Great build ideas. A couple questions. I want to ask up front before people start building things and are surprised by assumptions about unspecified details: 1. Can we clarify/specify up front that digital builds are ok, not ok, or "ok, but..." I think it will help manage expectations for all, particularly those of us who are transitioning between continents this summer. 2. Also, to clarify, there was a lot of discussion about how settlements would shrink/grow, maybe be incorporated, etc. in negotiating the peace treaty. I think we were all fine to wait and see if the next KPA would specify size and trade value of everything in TV. BUT, now we are all potentially about to embark on a few months worth of TV focused builds. I think it would be very helpful to publish the settlement size and details for EACH settlement in TV ASAP. If we don't do this now, then later we will be struggling to figure out what builds were rolled into the settlement when. EX. If as the dust settles from the war, it is determined that KP is a "City" it would need 8 Artisans, etc. to upgrade to a "Large City" we should stake out the size before people start building artisan builds in KP. 2.a. OL built 4 forts in TV before the rules changed. Those builds would now be illegal. The Medium (I think) in Plinton and Large Fort in Nola Mar (and large cultural build in Nola Mar) probably don't need rulings other than, "they are rolled into the current settlement size" or "they are added onto the new settlement size." The Large Fort in Tarlor and the Royal Fort in KP probably need a ruling. I think best ruling is, "Oleon just change the locations to a settlement you own, tell us which ones" I don't think anything else was "licensed" during the war. 3. Do we read this as a potential outcome of this challenge being ESL taking over a settlement? There are no faction prizes and no mention of settlements. Can we specify that resizing (beyond licensing builds) and reflagging settlements "is" or "is not" on the table as potential outcomes during this challenge? I hope the court views all this as trying to improve transparency, clarify, and expectations before people start slapping bricks together. I'll end where I began, this challenge, and all the sub-elements, is a great idea to in and out of context move forward from the peace treaty. I'm looking forward to it.
  9. CapOnBOBS

    [COR - FB] Wullham Quarry

    Ooooohhhhh droid arms between two lances.... very nice.... I would love to see the opposite view, is that only plate thin as it climbs uphill? From the edge it seems like it may not be as rocky and dense as it appears?
  10. CapOnBOBS

    [COR-FB] A Toast To Corrington!

    Superb! The door and stone work around it, the edges of the table, the use of the lime(ish) green, the studs on top for texture while the rest of the roof is smooth. All fantastic.
  11. CapOnBOBS

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    Humbled by the King's recognition and with little need to debating the issue, Edward has selected the family's long used, but never formalized Crest as his Coat of Arms. Thanks for the very formal write up @Captain Genaro
  12. I think your three builds together now make a great story that is well woven into the rest of the TV story. Now that all three are laid out, starting with the sudden and unannounced move of the quiver seems clearly justified and well in context. Like a movie that starts mid drama and action then cuts to "two weeks earlier" to explain how it all started.
  13. Very nice @Bregir great use of curves to make that organic tail shape
  14. CapOnBOBS

    [BTV2 - OL] The Death of COL Delange

    Yup, Lieutenant Colonel for LTC and Colonel for COL is an easier leap but still unexplained shorthand. Glad the story is appreciated, seemed like a good way to (shamelessly promote my sigfig) add some more color and depth to recent events.