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  1. CapOnBOBS

    Settlement: Breshaun, Le Bellan, Oleon

    Another Large Factory, "The Twins" added to the Beauchamp Shipyard. This may be the last thing needed to upgrade Breshaun to a Grand City.
  2. Along the Breshaun waterfront in Le Bellan, the sprawling Beauchamp Shipyard has become a recognizable landmark. With the opening of twin blast furnaces to produce their own steel, the yard is now even more unmistakable to approaching ships. The latest "Large Factory" rounds out the initial frontage that Admiral Beauchamp had purchased for his grand vision. This latest segment expands pre-existing dock space and ship slips out into the harbor while also building up a rocky bar to park the new smelting operation. Never one to claim a humble nature, Retired Admiral Girard Beauchamp adorned the retaining wall facing the harbor with a massive family crest, no doubt celebrating his son, Edward, finally earning the family the noble title Girard had risked life, and lost limb, to gain. Despite the massive size of the yard, the activity and spendthrift use of space creates a small feel. You have to take a step back... And walk around the grounds... To truly get a sense... Of the actual size... Though the functions of the various structures change, there is consistency in the architecture that pulls the various pieces together into the Admiral's favorite of his many economic engines. Despite peace, the threat of war, the long under appreciated menace of the Loti, keeps the shipyard operating at max capacity. Necessitating the double barreled blast furnaces, commonly referred to as, "The Twins" in the yard. Bellow operators, shielded from the heat, keep jets of air firing into the crucibles through a complex pulley system. Up above, the raw materials, coal, iron ore, and sulphur, are carted up and layered into the molten slurry. Down below and on the opposite side, valves allow the pure steel to be poured out in a glowing orange goo into preset ingot molds. Once cool enough to stop glowing, but still hot enough that they would set a wooden table ablaze, they get a quick bath to temper the steel and are placed on polished stone cooling tables until hot, but not painful, to the touch before being placed in racks to await the blacksmiths. The flames leaping from the top of the chimneys provide an eerie glow as the sun sets and work continues to keep up with demand. NOTE1: This may be the last build needed to upgrade Breshaun into the Grand City that is most rightfully ought to be @Ayrlego. NOTE2: This has taken me over a year. Stats: 19,626 digital lego bricks, "Can be yours through Bricklink apparently for $11,639.96 except a number of bricks don't actually exist. 165 studs wide (1.3 M), by 93 studs long (.75 M), 60 studs high (.5 M). Would weigh 22.7 KG. It is my favorite.
  3. CapOnBOBS

    [OL - FB] King's College, Breshaun

    My wife is convinced I have enough Lego. I assure her I do not. Prime examples here, just dont have two more of those tiles. Also don't have enough white 2x2 2 sided slopes
  4. CapOnBOBS

    Port Wilks Waterwheel

    What an incredible build! The color scheme, the details on the building, the round rocks. Everything is so we'll done!!!
  5. CapOnBOBS

    Settlement: Breshaun, Le Bellan, Oleon

    Large educational build, King's College.
  6. "Such a Grand City as Breshaun clearly deserves a first rate institute of higher education." So said the King and so then was it done. A large endowment from the royal coffers, a few eminent domain relocations to secure the prime real estate such a fine institution requires, and then just a matter of finding the right institutional leadership. College President, Terrance Tussaud, who despite his outwardly flashy dress and intense mannerisms was a true champion of education and the youth of Oleon Adoringly referred to as "Mr. T" he was known for his simple and heartfelt advice. "Stay in school! Drink your milk!" He would fire off to unsuspecting students as he trotted around campus. "Treat your momma right!" He would sign off at assemblies. Students from all over Oleon loved their President. The art department featured both drama and traditional arts. The histor department and library mutually benefitted from the husband and wife couple occupying the department head positions, while many were attracted to the archiology department for their daring stories of searching the Brick Seas for treasure. All in all the massive university campus of this large educational structure with its neo classical architecture still maintained a personal touch and demonstrated Breshaun's prominence as one of the grandest cities in the Brick Seas.
  7. CapOnBOBS

    [OL - TROOP] Oleon Royal Rangers

    Updated and completed.
  8. "Well I can't see anything!" The aide protested in an angry whisper to the man sitting next to him. He was incredibly uncomfortable to begin with and kept fidgeting with the crotch of his pants. What had possessed the Army to drag the high council staff out of the comfort of Breshaun for this "demonstration" was beyond him. Lieutenant Colonel Uncus Skyler chuckled confidently at the clerks frustration. Skyler, who managed to look awkward in the formal uniform required for the occasion, like he had never worn the costume before (in truth, it was new and he had rarely been in such fine company), while also carry the air of confidence that seemed part of him as his towering stature and his half Atwi feature. Perhaps his little game had gone on long enough, come to think of it if he ever wanted to grow his newly formed Battalion of Rangers into the swaggering alliteration of "The Royal Regiment of Rangers" he so sought, he better stop (literally) sweating the officials and make his point. But... also... not JUST yet... *pause for effect* What they could not see was that the entire battalion had slowly infiltrated the woods around them. They couldn't see that the three companies had basically formed up, with Company Commanders front and center, guidons, colors, etc. They hadn't heard a noise as the hand picked woodsmen, many Atwi or half-Atwi, like himself, had creeped to within rock (or tomahawk) throwing distance of the bureaucrats. Ok long enough... "Gentlemen, what you do not see before you is the latest addition to the Crown's arsenal..." reveling in the cryptic phrasing, Skyler raised his hand casually over his head. "The men you can not see have been specially selected and trained to by invisible, to be ghosts, to appear out of thin air and to vanish in a moment." He threw his hand down quickly and the woods erupted in fire, smoke and noise as 90 powder charged rifles discharged harmlessly into the air from all directions. Many sacred oaths were and violated as the crowd of onlookers, stunned, tried to regain their senses while the sulphur smoke swirled around their heads. LTC Skyler barked, "Fall in!" and suddenly the smokey woods all around stood up, took the forms of men and stepped forward. "Report" Skyler barked, and one of the Company Commanders began a detailed recitation of every word that had been spoken over the last half hour. "...Well I can't see a thing, stated the man in the black coat..." Captain Rogette carried on and one of the Atwi troops mumbled something comprehendible to the bureaucrats, but that made all the Rangers laugh. "What did he say!?" Demanded the man in the black coat A voice rang out facelessly from the massed troops, "He says you keep scratching, you probably ought to get that checked out!" as all present erupted in laughter. "Attention!" Skyler bellowed and the formation instantly froze in silence. "That will do" "Anyway Gentlemen, I hope this demonstration has been informative as to the stealth, reconnaissance value, and fighting ability of the Crown's "1st" Ranger Battalion. We had planned to send 1 Company to Lavalette as a reserve and for two Companies to deploy with me to Terraversa to plot routes and maintain reconnaissance of our new neighbors on the island. I have heard the discussions of issues with the Loti in New Haven and now believe that I will take one Company to New Haven under the Command of COL Beauchamp and the 1st Grenadiers."
  9. Strong start, beautiful build all around.
  10. CapOnBOBS

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    North Sillitholina: COL Beauchamp reviewed his copy of the Red Coat letter that had been transcribed to all field Commanders from Breshaun. "Quartermaster, prepare charts of New Haven, compare ours to any friendly Merchant men in the harbor. Prepare combat provisions for 1 battalion to be ready for load out by 20 October." "Aye, Sir" "Adjucdant, check the roles, how many men do we have from New Haven, let's get them in front of the staff tomorrow evening." "Aye, Sir" "Mitchell, send orders, be prepared, but do not execute: 2nd and 3rd Battalions extend and relieve 1st Battalion. 1st Battalion, be prepared to embark by months end at full strength and provisioned for combat. All commanders join me for a staff briefing and dinner tomorrow night at the headquarters." "Aye, Sir" "Exec, draft a reply back to Army Headquarters, though it certainly pains me to admit, I agree with each of Sir Allcock's points. Our position here is a good one and improving, though the best way to defend our holdings in TV against our Red Coat enemies would be to make them our friends. To that end, I can embark with a full Battalion for New Haven by month's end while maintaining our positions here. Awaiting your orders, your humble servant, etc. etc." "Aye, Sir"
  11. CapOnBOBS

    Settlement: Nola Mar, Terraversa - Oleon

    A large educational build, home of the Nola Mar University of Classical Studies
  12. It is know that the Kingdom of Light leads the Brick Seas in classical scholarly research and archival work. Such endeavors thrive when given the proper environmental and benefactor support. Thus the wealthy elite of Oleon have established an endowment and built a home in Nola Mar for the academic pursuit of understanding and cataloging the work of those who have come before us. It also demonstrates that the interests in and study of the relics of Terraversa, clearly the Quiver of Artemis foremost among them, will be grounded in academic rigor and not be solely a matter for the Faith. The benefactors are escorted uphill along the carriage path physically elevating this center for higher thinking from the bustle of the city below. The courtyard is flanked by grand statues of Athena (representing wisdom, played by 2 dots) and Helios and his flaming chariot (representing light, cheese wedge) a symbolic pairing representing the path of education. The inner courtyard revolves around a fountain of Zues (the all knowing) representing the goal of the symbolic journey. The "large educational" university building holds 1 wing for document and artifact archives, another as dorms and administration, and a central hall filled with display galleries, lecture halls, and studies. Upgraded participation prize for part 1 of CHIV Rebuilding TV. A large educational build in Nola Mar.
  13. CapOnBOBS

    Settlement: Breshaun, Le Bellan, Oleon

    Small Commercial office of the Maritime Shares and Insurance Co.
  14. Note the intricate carvings of flowing seas, tossed ships, and bustling ports that adorn the facade of the Small Commercial office of the Maritime Shares and Insurance Company on the Breshaun commercial district. Note everyone who has money to invest can afford a ship and not everyone with a ship can afford a spoiled cargo, loss in a storm, or.... pirates. That is why, with appropriate duties applied of course, one can buy just a portion of a trade run in order to receive just a portion of the profits. Likewise ship owners can secure their down side against the perils of the sea. Although there is no marking to indicate ownership of this semi-official structure, it is well known that Admiral Beauchamp provided the initial capital for the project as a means to hedge his own risks in shipping by, owning the bank, as it were. Micro prize build for CLIV Category C: A Fresh Start, 3rd prize small commerce.
  15. Another launch this morning from the Beauchamp Shipyard sporting blue, gold, and grey trim. After the color scheme of the Cornucopia, it is no surprise that Benoit's next creation would match the flag of Oleon and the Beauchamp Family Coat of Arms. As the ship sailed out into Breshaun Harbor for the first time the stern came into view from the busy waterfront, the goddess of the day, "Hemera" was her name. A brig by the look of her. A sturdy merchant, well enough armed, fast enough, not as large as some brigs seen in the Bricks Seas, but probably a CLIV from the look of her. Prize for 2nd place in CHIV Category A: Repairing the Gateway, a CLIV Brig