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  1. CapOnBOBS

    [SR- OKT] The cool vaulted cellar

    Oh smart idea for the beer
  2. "Pearl white" I've never actually seen a piece in that color but it looked like marble.
  3. CapOnBOBS

    [OL-FB] Sloop "Palourde"

    The homemade rigging and sails are terrific
  4. CapOnBOBS

    [BTV1-TER] Form an Orderly Line

    This is really good. I think the yellow masonry on top instead of the dark gray is a subtle way to add to the structure. I think between the lighting, the faces, and the story you captured a consistent tone. I like the added layer of the plight of the refugees to the war, adds depth and complexity.
  5. Dean Chadwick Eddington left Jamestown with a chest of gold and a well rounded CV. Having been passed over for the Dean's position in Jamestown that he had worked so hard, written so many papers, gone to so many pretentious lectures, and had smiled so pleasantly for, he was distraught. Then 6 months ago, the letter arrived. Sure, it took him some time to find Punto Sur on the map, but he would finally be "The Dean." Not only the Dean, but the very first Dean of the "Punto Sur Academy of Science." His anxiety that this was a gambit to remove him from the Intelligencia of Jamestown was certainly put at ease when he saw just how much he would be carrying along to finish the construction. "This new facility must be state of the art, and massive" he'd thought boarding the ship. And now, almost 6 months to the day since arriving in Punto Sur, he finally realized what his Professor of Chemistry had meant when he offered, "An opportunity to demonstrate the practical applications of chemistry as part of Oktoberfest." Dean Eddington was not amused. Indeed the facility was massive, though "state of the art" may be a stretch. Regardless, apparently the "practical application of chemistry" was to convert "an academy of disciplined research methodology" into "some kind of public house!" This was egregious! Such low brow entertainment... indeed it looked as if fisticuffs may break out amongst the Oleon and Corrington Soldiers, who were already trampling the front lawn, at any moment. Returning back into his sanctuary, Dean Eddington found that not a student or faculty member was at work with the exception of a small adult education session. "Well thank goodness" the Dean sighed as he began to observe the lesson. Then only to realize the gentlemen in the black suit, who had refused to remove his hat indoors, kept making a mockery of the lesson by attempting to grasp his quill with his hooked appendage. Pushing beyond this distraction, the Dean finally realized that in fact the session was a crudely thrown together introduction to brewing and that at least the gentlemen in black and his lady companion were drunk at their desks. Returning briefly outside to see the situation had gotten no better, Dean of the Punto Sur Academy of Science, Professor Chadwick R. Eddington II went back to his office, shut the door and muttered to himself, "I hate this place." Licensed as a large educational build in Punto Sur.
  6. "hop teepee" I think the idea is that you can get away with a single pole in the ground for more hops at the cost of more space. I assumed it was an older way of doing it.
  7. Gabriel Dupont had done well for himself in Breshaun's booming silver industry. "Vertical Integration Boys!" he chirped as the three horses plodded westward up the hills. The three were heading up the Zuesrun. Felix and Hector had not done as well in the silver industry, breaking their backs in the mines for barely enough to get by. About 15 miles up the river, Garbiel called at halt at the top of a cliff. "We'll stop here" Gabriel said. "Good thing too, out of anything to talk on" snipped Hector. It would take the three days just to carve and build a treacherous paths to wind down the cliff to the base of the falls. Gabriel, exuding confidence, tapping his forehead with his swagger stick knowingly, jabbering the whole time, explained that by starting at the base of the cliff, they would skip weeks of digging through the rock to get to a reasonable depth. The three worked from sun up sundown, 1 resting and minding the camp, 1 panning the river bed below the falls, and the third cutting a hole into the cliff in hopes of striking a vein of ore. Whenever Felix was on panning duty he would smile. The flowers and the falls... this was downright pleasant. Who cared if they found anything, Gabriel was paying him to look. Also, the benefit of the cliff was that he didn't have to listen to Gabriel run his mouth while he worked. Hector was less enthusiastic. Well, he was, but they all were while on excavation duty. It was dark, it was dank, it was cold, but also sweaty. But hey, at least you didn't have to listen to Gabriel explaining his plan to own the entire process from the mine to the storefront. "Vertical Integration Boys!" -Gabriel "Vertical Integration my boot in your bright yellow...." -Hector -Mining claim near Breshaun on La Bellan. Edit: Blackened with coal dust, but beaming with pride and satisfaction, Gabriel brings samples back to Breshaun while Hector and Felix begin expanding the coal vein. -------------------- Shipmates, I had big plans before understanding how most of this EGS works. Also, we spent the week in quarantine (everybody is fine) so don't worry, I won't be able to keep up this pace. That said, I hope I am making them worth your while to take a look at. I gotta say, I am so impressed by the detail and style you all put into these builds. Most of you are building things analogue that are just nuts. Thanks for letting me play Legos with you guys!
  8. CapOnBOBS

    [OL - FB1] Eltina, Gros Rouge Smith

    @MesabiAt first, I thought all the OKT stuff didn't count against my count at all. Then I thought that once sold to they didn't count against my 4. So... "hooray, what a great way to jump start into this universe!" After a long conversation with a very patient @Capt Wolf and @Ayrlego I now understand a bit of what is actually going on here and they helped me figure out a plan and fix all my jacked up licenses. My fam has actually been in quarentine for the past week (all fine, no real worry) so in addition to nerding out and really thinking this is fun, I've had all kinds of free time and literally nothing else to do with a lot of it. This little community is GREAT, so many talented folks, I'm clearly enjoying it. Conscious that I've been jamming up the forum, I promise this frequency won't last. Thanks to the team that runs the admin side!
  9. Licensing as a large factory.
  10. At the height of Oktoberfest, things sometimes can get... a little out of hand. It is unclear if this was a "pirate raid" or "fest shenanigans," but in either case the damage was light, easily repaired, and all involved were drunk. Right after the fest tents cleared out for the night, a mob/band/party of sailors/fest goers passed the brewery on their way home. Deciding that in fact, they had not had enough to drink, they broke in and helped themselves. Morning found them still hard at work trying to drink the place dry. Yes, the normally tranquil factory, using the rich soil along the creek to grow their own hops, a picturesque place to work. Normally, alive with clockwork precision, particularly gearing up towards the high demand of fest season. The factory had been at max capacity for weeks, filling the racks with kegs for the Punto Sur festivities. But, tor the last 24 hours has been more like the fest tents on the tail end than the brewery on the front one. One report included drunken sailors trying to "cut out the middle men" and gorging themselves off half-ripe hops, straight off the vine... probably the best thing for them, they had probably had enough by that point anyway. Luckily, it appears that the most substantial costs of the whole event was the astonishing cut to the breweries inventory. The owners have claimed that even accounting for what was clearly spilled, the amount of beer consumed by the wayward sailors was, "absurd!" Though the demand is certainly high enough for their product, this temporary transfer of ownership has prompted the owner to consider selling this money maker to set up shop in a line of work with less on the job hazards.
  11. In response to the to the sinking of the Pride of Oleon off the cost of Terraversa last month, the Empire has asked the Beauchamp Shipyard to rush through the final stages of construction on her Sistership the Belle of Breshaun. Today Retired Admiral Girard Beauchamp and Master Shipwright Jean Benoit walked through the ship and have deemed her fit for launch. Crew, Cannon, Stores are all on hand and initial loading began weeks ago in the completed sections of the craft. She will be combat ready on the morrow and a full compliment to His Majesty's Navy in a matter of days. Build from the design of the Pride of Oleon, this 7CL Ship of the Line has "exactly" the same capabilities as the old Pride of Olean boasted. Fair winds and Following Seas to the good crew.
  12. Citizens of Astrapi lined the streets today as a newly recruited company marched out with colors aloft to join the Garde de Grenadiers du 1er Régiment (1st Regt Grenadier Guards). Lieutenant Colonel Pierre Gustavo, Commanding the detachment, led the Soldiers through the streets crowded throngs. (Seen below saluting the reviewing party). The new troops presented well, marching in close ranks, good order, head's held high. Astrapi represented well, not just with their enthusiastic support, but in supplying a supply wagon to rush the troops on their way. "An Army marches on it's stomach" afterall. All the brass from the Island was present and in fine feather. The Admiral's wife even stood behind the reviewing party in the somewhat awkwardly cordoned off reviewing box. Well, everything was going along just fine as the formation came, "Through the chute" in front of the reviewing stand, set up in front of a fountain to Poseidon in hopes of his favor in a smooth voyage. As had been planned and even rehearsed, although not an actual charge in the gun, the climactic moment would be crystalized with a powder charge fired from a field piece belonging to the local garrison. Trusting to the young Sergeant, the Lieutenant in charge of the salute battery believed the straight faced line that "if there is no projectile, you have to balance the gun out with more powder." As the match struck the pan, a ball of flame shot from the cannon, taking the hats off most of the reviewing party and driving the poor Admiral's wife into a screaming panic. Ruffled feathers and bruised egos aside, the parade was lovely and the newest Company of Grenadier Guards, with their fearless leader, Lt Colonel Gustavo are enroute to Terraversa. "For the King and the Empire!"
  13. In retirement, many settle into a peaceful routine. Without the roar of cannons in his ear and spray of the Brick Seas in his face, Admiral Girard Beauchamp seems to have grown more restless. Perhaps it is poetic that a man who has spent his life under sail and could not be forced to slow down when a cannonball took his leg high above the knee, is still humming with energy. He has spent every day for months at the construction site of his new prized possession, The Beauchamp Shipyard. The sprawling factory was an idea as ambitious as the old man himself. Two berths, each capable of holding the heaviest of warships. Though, as they say, "fortune favors the bold," and before the pomp and circumstance of the ribbon cutting was even scheduled His Majesty's Navy came calling. Two warships, with keels already laid. It is a good thing for the Admiral too. Less savory characters around Breshaun say the scuttlebutt is that the Retired Admiral's last penny was spent before the massive double crane system was even installed. Around the watering holes it is said that the old and noble house of Beauchamp was facing a "liquidity crisis" requiring a royal bailout. Such ideas are of course ludicrous and do not warrant repetition. The Admiral is no war-profiteer, he is a war-hero. A patriot who's own three sons have taken His Majesty's coin. Though, the Admiral does spend much of his free time over the shoulder of Master Shipwright Jean Benoit. A true genius, Benoit has been a royal favorite and a naval architect for nearly 30 years now. Intrigue aside, the Empire will benefit from the empowerment of such a talent. To be licensed as a large factory in Breshaun... just as soon as all the... um... paperwork... is in order.