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  1. Great details in every little corner of the build. Obviously the stairs are unmatched. The story and moment captured are great lore and super appropriate given the "troubles" the island has gone through.
  2. In the industrial quarter of the "Large City" ( @Ayrlego and @Ross Fisher, I think this one will complete the requirements to upgrade the city) of Nola Mar, a new and oddly shaped smokestack has emerged. A large factory has been built by the merchants of Le Bellan Shipping and Freight (LBSF) to capitalize on the insatiable demand for pottery in the growing city and for transiting trade ships. The oddly shaped smoke stack is in fact a giant industrial kiln for the curing of ceramics. Requiring longer cook times, but lower temperatures than the metal industry, this giant adobe kiln uses logs for fuel to bake the clay shapes into any number of useful items. Once baked, outdoor drying racks allow a gradual cooling process before any additional design work is added and before the final products are packaged in the recognizable dark blue boxes and white lids of LBSF products. Inside, racks of molds, colored pigments to add designs to the pre-baked clay and workstations for final designs on the final products are all arranged to maximize high output and efficiency from factory. As always, the LBSF aims to corner the market at scale and quality in mass production vs employing individual artisans for custom expensive pieces. Nola Mar continues to grow, this large factory, one more industry adding to the economic and cultural importance of this rising star in the Kingdom of Light.
  3. @AyrlegoThank you good Sir
  4. LBSF paid 7 DBs to shareholders off the JAN-FEB 23 Account Summary, despite losing a ship pirates. Meanwhile, in Nola Mar, the LBSF opened a new Large Brick Making Factory. LBSF has also constructed a Large Pottery Factory to capitalize on the insatiable demand for home goods in the "Large" city of Nola Mar and for transiting mariners.
  5. While the Crown's attention, and more importantly funds, have been focused on New Haven and the trouble with the Lotii, limited resources do in fact remain available to develop and expand the Kingdom's hold in Terraversa. SOMEWHERE on the list of Crown priorities on Terraversa was to survey for strategic resources on the island. Well see the trouble with that is, "you get what you pay for" remains as true in 623 as it has always been. It may be that one too many pennies were pinched for the survey team detached to the hills outside Nola Mar. "BRIGHT SPARKLY ROCKS!" is what the site chief backbriefed the officials in Nola Mar he would be searching for. On the day of their departure, it was also noted that they had an awful lot of wine for a 3-man geologic survey team. Well, checking in, they actually seem to be working hard and playing hard. They have filled multiple cases full of samples from the hills surrounding Nola Mar and many of the samples show some promise. Kinda like a broken clock being right twice a day perhaps, but either way, lets check in with the Crown Geologists office in Nola Mar to see if they have found anything. ( @Ayrlego this is licensed and ready for the Geology Report.
  6. Le Bellan Shipping and Freight Monthly Financial Statement Jan-Feb 623. Despite the dastardly action of evil doers and the capture of LBSFs sole trade ship, our diversified portfolios are specifically designed to protect against such catastrophes and as such, the board is happy to announce that through this rough patch we remained solvent and for the second period in a row have paid out 7 DBs per share to our shareholders for Jan-Feb 23. Once our fleet is restored, the board is bullish on our ability to maintain or exceed this dividend. Interested in purchasing shares in LBSF, click here or contact our office in Eltina ( @CapOnBOBS)
  7. CapOnBOBS

    Settlement: Eltina, Le Bellan, Oleon

    The Crown has invested in promoting Eltina as a principle city in its own right. In this effort, they have built and funded a new public library, filled with art and artifacts from the Royal Collection.
  8. While Breshaun is the jewel of Le Bellan and Le Bellan is the jewel of Oleon, Eltina is by no means a backwater. The Crown continues to invest in the cultural and social development of Eltina as the sister city to Breshaun. One of these Crown funded capital projects has recently been completed as Eltina now is home to a public library. Fountains and statues surround the tall somewhat ornate new landmark in Eltina. Patrons enjoy the peaceful atmosphere from the upstairs balcony and enjoy sitting quietly to read amongst the bountiful natural light from tall windows. Inside, stacks of books crowd in upon library goers to maximize the volume of books on display. Along the walls and on top of the stacks are works of art and artifacts from the Royal Collection. This large educational structure will do well in promoting Eltina as an important city amongst colonial possessions in its own right beyond the support the city provides to the social scene and high society of Breshaun.
  9. CapOnBOBS

    Settlement: Nola Mar, Terraversa - Oleon

    LBSF has constructed a Large Factory for the production of bricks to fuel the economic and cultural development of Nola Mar. LBSF has also constructed a Large Pottery Factory to capitalize on the insatiable demand for home goods in the "Large" city and for transiting mariners.
  10. The Merchants of the Le Bellan Shipping and Freight (LBSF) are determined that Nola Mar take it's logical place as a center piece in the Kingdom of Light's colonial possessions. Such a long term investment in development can not be built out of thin air though. And that is why the Merchants have constructed a LARGE FACTORY in Nola Mar for the production of bricks. Two furnaces fed coal through ports on the side. Workers rotate in and out of the attached shake, lovingly referred to as, "The hot room" in between the two furnace towers. Inside, clay is packed and pressed into LBSF patented brick molds... Bricks are then baked like pizza's until tempered and hardened. The floor is busy, today's quota will be surpassed, the owners will be pleased with the report.
  11. CapOnBOBS

    Account Summary

    Just trying to stay true to our Absolute Monarchy lore. The answer is "why not have both." To any who would be alarmed by such heavy taxes. The boundless generosity of the Sovereign rains down boons on those in need, while our patriotic nobility happily (eh hem... I said Happily!) support the Crown's every request. Also, being the best faction ain't cheap. Thanks for looking I to it!
  12. CapOnBOBS

    Account Summary

    Good Sir @Ayrlego, Column "P" for LBSF for the second summary in a row, no taxes were collected against he LBSF and such fine upstanding merchants "insist" that the Crown get theirs. 32 DBs bitte. @Thomas Waagenaar... just... you know... making sure you are aware of the LBSF's efforts to correct the "irregularity..."
  13. CapOnBOBS

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    Hazaaaa! Congratulations @Ross Fisher, and thanks for the great wrote up @Captain Genaro! I love the way Nola Mar has risen from the ashes! I am excited to see this next chapter play out and the role that the Archbishop will play in turning Nola Mar into a beacon of faith across the Brick Seas! Well done Ross!
  14. It happens... Sailors and such you know
  15. CapOnBOBS

    [OL-FB-Troops] Jiangkai chasseurs

    The faces absolutely make it