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  1. CapOnBOBS

    [OL-FB] Ice in the New World

    What beautiful details and story elements all around. LOVE it!
  2. CapOnBOBS

    [OL-FB] Show of resolve

    Great work @Jeff of Clubs!
  3. A large wheat plantation run by the merchants of the Le Bellan Shipping and Freight (LBSF) Trade Company
  4. The combination of patriotism and keen business sense has led the merchant council of Le Bellan Shipping and Freight (LBSF), the newly formed royally chartered trade company, to the rolling hills of El Oleandia and the growing town of Fort Arltrees. Monsieur La Boche was commissioned by the LBSF to purchase a parcel of land for large plantation... to provide food on a contract to the crown in support of anticipated troop movements. Already, the first harvest of these amber waves of grain, are ready for harvest. Row after row, falls before the sickle's of the farm hands. New barns and outbuildings, plus the addition of a few beasts of burden, and a few experienced farm hands have quickly converted this vacant land into a bountiful harvest of wheat. The farm also will feed the growing population of loyal crown subjects following the banners of the King to settle this new, still somewhat contested, land of Oleon.
  5. Large Commercial Property licensed by Oleon, a military quay to feed and supply the troops flowing to El Oleandia.
  6. "Amateurs talk tactics, professionals talk logistics" COL Beauchamp exclaimed the old maxim in his operations update mailed back to Breshaun from his stop over in Fatu Hiva. "An expedition of this size will succeed of fail based not on the bravery of our soldiers, but the strength of our supply system." Seeing the wisdom in his words, the High Council dispatched MAJ Bespin and a handful of clerks to Jiangkai to begin constructing the necessary infrastructure to support the massing Army. Luckily, with the positioning of the Great Southern Bay Fortress in Jiangkai, lines of communications, local provisioners, and contractors were already well known in the frontier town. Within a few weeks, the appropriate water frontage had been secured and the necessary dock space and warehouses built to begin offloading supplies. Just before troops ships were expected to arrive, merchantmen began filling the stalls and cluttering the docks with all the panoply of war. "An Army marches on its stomach!" MAJ Bespin would remind the workers as he constantly paced back and forth across the large commercial property with clipboard in hand. He was quite proud of the little patch of plenty he had created on this, the far extreme of the great empire of Oleon. Come whatever the fortunes of war would bring, he was determined that the campaign would not fail for lack of provisions.
  7. CapOnBOBS

    [OL - FB -Troop Raising] Idle Hands

    Croc Cav! The Loti don't stand a chance now!
  8. In a small but ornate government office in downtown Breshaun, Admiral Beauchamp has been settling into his new position as a member of the high council. Tapping with his cane on the next chest to go, "This one here... *tink tink* deliver to the RNTC headquarters if you please." Chests full of DBs lined the far wall of the office, under the extended map of the Brick Seas. Payments to ship masters across Oleon for their services in confronting the looming threat of the Lotii. War had taken on a new scope for the retired naval tactician. It now existed as a series of ledgers and movement tables. The sinews of war truly are unlimited money. A staggering amount of shipping was required to move the preponderance of the Army to New Haven.
  9. CapOnBOBS

    [OL - FB] L'Aurelié, the start of a new voyage.

    It's here! It's here! It's finally here! With such long gorgeous hair! The rigging is insanely good. I love the small vent and skylight (there is probably a nautical term, sorry). The ship and scene around it are terrific!
  10. Croc-Links Croc Sausages, small artisan
  11. "Here on Croc Islands, croc huntin' is easy and-ah way-ah life. Dats why we call it dat. What is more challenging is getting your croc based products to stand out in an already oversaturated market! It is a classic example of Adam Smith's invisible hand at work," explained the scruffy cook/cashier/owner of the small artisan shop. Frankly, it was a jarring transition from the fluid swampy version of the King's own into the polished meter of a university student recounting economic theory. As he talked, his hands moved lightning fast and his eyes never looked up from his work. Beaming, another satisfied customer exited with a double order. Causing the owner to nod his head just a bit and go back to explaining that after a formal education in Granoleon, he had traveled the brick seas looking for just the right set of spices to return home to Croc Island to perfect his masterpiece. "People talk about 'farm to table' in Granoleon, but they have never eaten croc meat caught fresh that morning... all our meat is locally sourced, fresh, never frozen, free-range, no hormones... People don't appreciate where their food comes from in the big city." "I hope to teach people about where their food comes from, not just feed them..."
  12. So being careful to not take a side and talk politics in this safe space we all have here, I know I am personally pretty sad and upset about the events unfolding on the world stage right now and I hope that none of you and your families are involved. The older I get, the more I appreciate peace. It is a tragedy for all of us when and where we do not have it (even when we feel war is necessary, it is still tragic).
  13. Large Uniform Factory to support the large military presence of the 1st Grenadier Guards
  14. With the permanent stationing of the Garde de Grenadiers du 1er Régiment (1st Regt Grenadier Guards) in North Sillitholina, so too have the traditional panoply of war, camp followers, and military micro-economy followed to Terra Versa with them. A common sight outside any military post, but certainly any "Guard" unit chalked full of nobles offspring serving their expected service, a fine uniform factory has now opened on the bluffs North of the Sil River. The factory, itself, takes on a martial look, a familiar barracks type layout and front face. Within, seamstresses toil away... to keep pace with the ever expanding need in this now military town. The Large Factory space holds enough room for a tailor shop and fitting room. New recruits, having passed the rigorous selection process to this elite formation, bubble over with pride as they walk in with their first paycheck and uniform bonus.
  15. CapOnBOBS

    [COR - FB] Fortifications at Neustadt

    The slope up to the palisade came out really nice. The build has a ton of depth for the size. Well done.