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  1. Skulls_Eye_Schooner_Sailor

    Can later material LEGO cloth sails (10210 Imperial Flagship etc) also be cleaned with Oxiclean?

    Oh, I just remembered, as I just saw a clear helmet piece in one of my ziplock baggies of parts. I lost ALL the Spyrius android heads and I had like THREE of them. JUST the heads. I even have at least one of the clear helmets apparently! Waahaaahaa! And I have three Dragon Master capes but like 1 shield?! What?! I obviously bought the minifigure pack of them three times, but then where are those shields?! Thanks. I am happy with how it and the other sails turned out. Some 20 year old stains and creases couldn't be completely removed off the old cloth sails that had mysteriously ended up in my grandma's old, busted open, leaky shed, but I guess they will just have to be that way. If 6 hours of Oxiclean didn't remove the stains completely, I don't know what would! And I'd rather have childhood sails on a MOC than have to replace them at a steep cost anyway. I'm not bothering with repros either. Hah, those flags. It just doesn't look right to my brain to have them flowing forward. The wind pushes the flag forward with the sails (or at least in the direction of the sails, not sure how this would work if the ship is sailing into the wind, either,) or the speed and force of the ship moving through the water forces the flags toward the back?! Although, in one of the catalogues, LEGO themselves has them flowing to the back! DUN DUN DUN!
  2. Skulls_Eye_Schooner_Sailor

    Can later material LEGO cloth sails (10210 Imperial Flagship etc) also be cleaned with Oxiclean?

    Here are the after pictures! Thanks for the advisement about sizing guidelines. @PxChris Let me know if I went too far with picture size or count and I can edit the post! There's also a preview of some my old and unseen and new MOCs on the two collection shelf pictures at the end. My LEGO 10210 Imperial Flagship After Sail Cleaning, Minor Mods and Rope Added I swapped out the silver giant robot finger pieces for black to hold up the rigging. It looks much better and makes the ship look classier, as does the strange tan pieces I exchanged for black behind the figurehead, under the Captain's Cabin windowsill/patio thing, and I also added additional decorative elements to the top back of the captain's cabin. Too bad that center roof piece was never made in dark brown! But black on top suits the ship just as well I think, given the overall color scheme! I've also FINALLY finished cleaning my sails (mystery never solved, just had to soak in warm water and gently rub with my fingers and a soft cloth), and I added a rope down the middle like all the other LEGO sailing ships have! I see... the flag is different too. They got with me with COUNTERFEIT SAILS! Man, I got screwed twice on that ship! The first time, the lady never sent it, and I was out 100-200 bucks I can't remember, and then eBay said I waited too long to tell them! Then I finally get the Red Beard Runner and it's a reissue, which is fine, but counterfeit sails? I was FOOLED lol. Pirates selling pirate sets on eBay lmao. Yeah losing parts is never fun, especially to cherished childhood sets. I lost Johnny Thunder's hat and Majisto's wand!
  3. Skulls_Eye_Schooner_Sailor

    Can later material LEGO cloth sails (10210 Imperial Flagship etc) also be cleaned with Oxiclean?

    I have the original versions of all the classic ships besides Renegade Runner which I never got around to. All are original, except Redbeard Runner, which is a reissue. It uses a paper thin scrappy material, similar to the modern material, and that of 10210 Imperial Flagship. Actually, I think it is THINNER than the 10210 sails now that I think about it! It's NOT the same. Even the Cross Bone Clipper and original Armada Flagship use the same old thick soft cloth as the other 90s and 89 ships. Did I get counterfeit or repro sails with my Redbeard Runner reissue? Yes it mostly was successful. Do I need to resize the after cleaning Imgur pics to no more than 1080p to directly embed here?
  4. Skulls_Eye_Schooner_Sailor

    HELP! ! !

    Hello to you all. I had some questions. I've not posted any MOCs here in a while, but I have a good 10 years plus worth saved up to share. I noticed that my old MOC threads had all the pictures deleted from them. Not sure if someone went in and did that, or they were lost in a site changeover or possibly because the old imaging hosting sites are gone? Was it Image Shack? Can I update my old posts by editing to include the pictures, or should I bump the old MOC threads with new posts to fix the broken posts (don't know how old of a post I can edit), or make new threads? I also have an update to one of them. The pictures are 13 years old, but never posted here. So, do I bump, or make a new thread? It is a version two upgrade to my Dragon Corsairs Harbor Hideaway I never got around to posting. There's also the fact that I created multiple factions for pirates and wanted to keep those MOCs "together," to continue the theme. But two of them (aforementioned MOC and Dragon Corsairs Ship - The Dire Wraith) have pictures erased, possibly all my MOC threads had the pictures erased... I came up with Redbeard's Renegades, Blackbeard's Buccaneers, the Dragon Corsairs, and the Shark Pirates. I have MOCs for the latter two and possibly others I've not posted. I put Blackbeard in command of Skulls Eye Schooner and Redbeard in command of Redbeard Runner, and turned the Black Seas Barracuda into a Imperial Guards/Redcoats/British Naval Warship, haha. I also have a MOC that doubles as a Soldiers/Bluecoats/French Naval Warship, and when captured and the figurehead changed, becomes a Shark Pirates vessel. They share the blue in their color schemes, so makes sense, after all. ;) I'm also not sure what one has to do to get their MOCs archived. Obviously mine were not, so it doesn't happen by the threads just existing and sitting there for a while. Seniority, I would presume? I was here for a long time but not sure how for long at a time. Thankfully I still have all my LEGO MOC pictures, so I can restore these threads in some way, if it is permitted. And what is the current rule for image embed size. The rules thread still says 800 x 600, but I have to imagine that is not still the maximum. Would 1080p by 1920p be acceptable? That rules thread should perhaps be updated with whatever the current preferred size is. Of course, some would be smaller, due to cropping and formatting, but I presume we don't want any full size raw 4k-plus pictures embedded here even now? Also can we use Imgur here? I do not remember if I have a Brickshelf account, and you can't even ask for your password there now, and I don't care to make a Flickr account when I already have Imgur. I have gone back and forth on bumping or making new threads. I read through the threads and comments, and I see as much in favor of both. Make a new thread, and you made an unnecessary, redundant thread on the given topic, where it already had a dedicated thread devoted to said topic. Bump that dedicated thread and you've necro-bumped a thread that hasn't had new posts in months or possibly years, which people also do not like. I ended up simply making a new one for my LEGO ship sails question? I hope that was okay. The other sails cleaning thread was from like 8 years ago. Most of what I saw erred on the side of new thread until some other posts I read on that recently... after I already made my thread, of course...
  5. Skulls_Eye_Schooner_Sailor

    Can later material LEGO cloth sails (10210 Imperial Flagship etc) also be cleaned with Oxiclean?

    Hi. Thanks. I called and talked to a nice fellow at my local LEGO store, supervisor Chris. He has the Black Pearl and he says it uses this same material as the Imperial Flagship (which would be the same as the reissue ships and any ships past 2000 or so I believe.) Or perhaps the Black Pearl used multiple versions of sails like the old UCS Star Destroyer came in both light gray and light-bluish gray? He is also aware of the different materials used for Star Wars capes, and Superhero capes, etc. I never knew Star Wars and Superheroes had specific material for their capes and didn't share materials (though I am sure there's exceptions, I am no minifigure expert on these two themes.) He said to simply clean it with warm water and a soft cloth. I did that, but I also soaked the sails for a while, and then rubbed with the soft cloth and my hands. I don't recommend microfiber cloth as the two materials interact to create like a sort of micro velcro effect. Though I'm not sure what would be better. I got tired of messing around with it, so I did my best to clean with the cloth and my hands. Most of the fly spots did not come off, though some of them became very faint. They must have been further deep than just surface stains and dust, as Chris said this method would mostly only remove this. A brownish mystery stain (aerial soda drop from a can being opened near the ship, which I don't remember doing?) on the front sail triangular sail was removed, and I was able to remove one fly spot with a fingernail. The sails do seem crispier and brighter than before. Of course, all dust, lint, hair, cobwebs, dust bunnies etc are gone now. They don't need to be ironed, as they naturally return to being flat. Oddly, they curl up in the water. They almost feel like they are made of plastic fiber when wet? I am going to call The LEGO Group soon to find out just what they are made of, and any possible cleaning techniques (for next time, not taking the sails off AGAIN after I just go them back on, after the ship not having sails for months or close to a year at this point.) I do not know the current rule for image embed size limit. I presume it is no longer 800 x 600, though the rules thread has never been updated on this matter. I will post the link to the IMGUR post (unlisted for now,) and then I guess resize all the images to no larger than 1080p should be acceptable, for embed? Thanks again everyone for the suggestions. I still cannot believe I have not found one case of anyone cleaning these new material sails in their entire 20+ year history! NO other sails got dirty in all this time. I know all those ships and capes and flags didn't all go to AFOLs when they were new LOL.
  6. Skulls_Eye_Schooner_Sailor

    Can later material LEGO cloth sails (10210 Imperial Flagship etc) also be cleaned with Oxiclean?

    Thanks. I figure the 10210 Imperial Flagship is over 10 years old now, surely someone else's sails have gotten dirty and they tried cleaning them? I believe the reissue ships used the same material. I have the reissue version of the Redbeard Runner and the material is similar, not like the 90s or 89 ships. I am trying to see if maybe I have as mall cape or something I can test it on. I have the Fright Night witch's cape, but I already cleaned it, it seems fine, but I don't think it is the newer material. If no one else has cleaned Imperial Flagship or reissue ship sails, surely they've cleaned sails for the pirate relaunch sets or the Pirates of the Caribbean sets? I doubt those went back to the old material. I can't believe no one has tried to clean any sails, flags, capes etc with Oxiclean or anything else. But, I can't find anything about it. Presumable everyone who would have cleaned them, kept them in good condition as they were already adult collectors when they bought these sets. If anyone had the 2000-onward sets as kids and grew up, and stayed LEGO fans or returned to LEGO, maybe they have cleaned them. Granted, some kids take very good care of their stuff. I thought I did too, but a few things still got dirty, lost, or broken, here or there! So far all I have found in my own collection is a Prince of Persia princess figure. Her cape seems to be the newer material, but she's on a keychain, and you can't put metal in Oxiclean. Hmm. I don't think the Redbeard Runner sails are very dirty either. I could use them as guinnea pigs as I care about them less, but would still be unfortunate to lose or damage even original LEGO reissue sails. If only I knew what the material was made of, I could check if Oxiclean or whoever else says not to use it with Oxiclean. I want to get all the sails clean so that my 2 new Imperial ship MOCs have all clean sails (figure I wash the original 6271 Imperial and new Imperial Flagship sails together to be more efficient,) and finally get the sails back on my 10210 Imperial Flagship!
  7. We had a Biblical level infestation of flies some years ago, they are apparently attracted to things that are tall or high up, landed all over my Pirate and Imperial Navy ships. I've soaked and cleaned most of the sails with Oxiclean, except the Imperial Flagship, because I don't know if it is safe for that thinner, scrappier, stiffer material. I'm not sure what either version of the sails (and capes and flags) are made of, but I've soaked all the older style material with no issues, but I can't find anything about cleaning the later cloth material. I also didn't know sails could yellow until I read about it and saw the video posted here. The lower front sail on the Skull's Eye Schooner was slightly yellowed, and it was back to normal after an Oxiclean bath. For some fraying and unthreading sails on my childhood copy of the original Imperial Flagship, and some extra Armada Flagship and Black Seas Barracuda sails, I cut right at where the thread emerged from the sail, and carefully cut off some threadbare unraveled sections that are prime for more fraying. Hopefully cutting those off will stop that. The childhood Imperial Flagship sails are going to get soaked too. They were in a shed at my grandma's old house that had holes in it and got very dirty! I'm just glad those sails and the other two hull sections were there! I thought I had lost them! How would you lose such giant parts haha. I hope to be more active here again from now on! And don't worry, no second dark age here. I have a good ten years worth of MOCs and grown collection of sets and bulk parts to share. I have so many parts from childhood and adult sets, bulk collections, eBay, Pick-a-Brick, Bricks & Pieces, and Bricklink orders, I can sit down and pretty much build whatever I want to my heart's content, and I've got a dedicated hobby room and big work table with a bunch of bins now. There's also model trains, slot cars, die-cast, and retro games in that same room. :) Happy to be back and thanks ahead of time for any help and advice on getting my Imperial Flagship back on the open sea again!
  8. Skulls_Eye_Schooner_Sailor

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    That is a good point. What I was saying is to keep the current level of detail of modern sets, but how to represent a vintage set that represents the modern contemporary world the way Town does. For me the big difference is the scale of the vehicles and buildings, and their style. It wouldn't feel like a Town set to me if they used the same style as they do for City, only except used the old Octan logo or whatever. The old police sets used black and white for their color schemes, with red accents on certain parts. I'm not sure LEGO has done that at all recently. I could be wrong. So the color schemes and logos, would be part of it, but also design and scale. Then again I'm not sure if they have all the parts to still make 4-wide trucks and whatnot. I think a lot of the old canopy parts for planes and helicopters are gone too, which was a big part of the aesthetic. LEGO has trended towards more realistic and smooth and less angular over the years, in general, and that might be tough to reproduce if they decided to do any aircraft. I will say I much prefer the old planes and helicopters using multiple pieces for the nose, and looking more like LEGO, than those giant nose and cockpits they use nowadays. Though I am not sure if the pictures used here were just to give a good feel of the theme, or are possible sets that might be remade? I don't think LEGO is remaking the specific sets shown for the poll. If they had said that I would have voted Pirates in a heartbeat, if I thought they would remake the Skulls Eye Schooner! That's my favorite pirate ship, as you can probably tell from my username, and seeing the great job they did on the Barracuda remake, I can only imagine what the Skulls Eye would be like. I wonder if they would do that for its anniversary in 2023. The Barracuda already got reissued in the early 2000s, had easter egg and mini-build renditions in multiple sets over the years, and was remade fully in 2020. It would be nice if Skulls Eye could be revisited sometime, as it's a great pirate ship and set in its own right. But yes, if it is remaking specific set, or possibly various sets together, it would be much easier to make it look like an old Town set, than just, here is a set representing Town in general. It definitely would be interesting to see, whatever form it might take. I always did want that Metroliner and that train station. I still don't know if LEGO has ever made a better train station than that one. It's amazing, I always loved trains and LEGO but never had a LEGO train until Emerald Night. I'm guessing cost probably prevented that when I was a kid. I have a great idea, let's take two expensive hobbies, model trains and LEGO, and combine them! You are right, it would be a while until we see this set. Barracuda Bay and Crocodile Locomotive wouldn't be as recent then. Old sets used to only be on sale for around 3, or 4 years, at the most? I'm not sure how long sets are out these days. I do know that stuff like the Death Star which was on sale for years and years, was an exception. Then they retired it and made a new one for $100 mark-up, which looked bad because the original set never changed its price to account for inflation over all the years it was out, haha.
  9. Skulls_Eye_Schooner_Sailor

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    Hey all, long time, no post. I've still kept my interest in LEGO, mostly watching JANG's videos and some others' videos, of course I kept up with the LEGO website. I still made some MOCs I never got around to posting, and bought some sets here and there. I don't know why Eurobricks fell by the wayside for me. I did plan to come back when The LEGO Movie came out, but I just made one post and forgot. I wanted to come back now to discuss Pirates of Barracuda Bay, which I got for Christmas as a "combined gift" from many family members, and now, this poll. This poll is something else. I didn't think about it when I was reading about it and deciding on what to vote, but after reading this thread, I agree it is odd in some ways, the way it was set up. I agree that that could lead to some issues with votes getting split on themes and causing them to do worse than possibly they should. I also agree that it is likely this is being done as market research and hopefully not just one set will come out of this. Though on the other hand, had they not split up some of those themes, I probably wouldn't have voted on them. I wouldn't have voted on Classic Space, since I don't have an attachment to it and didn't grow up with it. My first ever LEGO set I got new was the Blacktron II Supernova II. Probably the oldest set I had back then was Space Police I Message Decoder. Maybe it was leftover on sale or something. By the same token, since Blacktron I and Space Police I were depicted, I didn't vote on them. I might have voted on Blacktron II and Space Police II. I liked a lot of the different Space themes, including what I mentioned, but also Spyrius, but I decided on Ice Planet for my first vote. With Castle I first came into it with Black Knights. I actually used to think Black Falcons were the first generation Black Knights, but they are an entirely different faction. But at least with Castle, most of the difference is with insignia and color schemes, except with Dragon Masters, Forestmen, Wolfpack, etc. Royal Knights weren't a choice, and it was hard to choose, I liked Dragon Masters too, but I picked Black Knights for my second vote. If the only choice was Classic Castle and they put up the same picture of the yellow castle with brick built horses, I definitely wouldn't have voted for that. I ended up picking Aquazone for my third since that was the last theme I had aside from Adventurers as a kid/teen, before I got back into LEGO years later as an adult. I enjoyed those sets a lot. There are some other odd things about the poll. Why were Town and Trains included when City and Trains are still very much going strong? They just made an adult-marketed set, Crocodile Locomotive, even though I wasn't personally big on it. They should make the Union Pacific Big Boy, I would definitely buy that. I don't understand what would be different about a new Town set from a City set made now. Would they go back to the old 4 stud wide vehicle scale and the scale and style for buildings? The only difference being more detail than old Town sets? Why was Model Team included when there are still large Creator vehicles being made and released? I suppose a difference in subject matter? I can't recall any large Creator semi trucks, off-road vehicles, helicopters, speed boats, etc. Model Team were more sporting vehicles. Gotta' say I would have loved to have some of the Model Team sets back then if I could afford them. I saw Pirates and Imperials were on the poll. Pirates is probably my favorite theme, but we just had Pirates of Barracuda Bay and the Creator Pirate Ship, I feel Pirates probably aren't going anywhere. There is also already an Imperial (Bluecoats though) MOC that got 10,000 votes in the Ideas pipeline. If LEGO makes that set we will be getting a new Imperials set anyways. So yeah, my favorite theme, but it seemed like overkill to me to vote on them in this poll. I honestly didn't expect the Bionicle factor. And yeah it is pretty funny LEGO used that crappy picture of the canister. If it wins, it is what it is. LEGO already said they won't necessarily make what wins anyway. But, like I said before, I don't think I have to worry about Pirates and Imperials getting more sets, and probably not Castle or Space, either.
  10. Skulls_Eye_Schooner_Sailor

    Official Lego Movie

    I just saw The LEGO Movie the other day. I absolutely loved it. The movie was great, awesome, creative, hilarious, and touching. The sense of humor was great. Random example: police crocodiles. I liked the idea of a bland everyman hero who knows he's that and makes fun of himself. The film is very self-aware and doesn't take itself too seriously. I love the stop-motion style look. Does anyone know if the movie was stop-motion, or used cgi that mimicked stop-motion? Either way, it looked really good. The use of mini-scale for long distance shots was great, too. The movie pays tribute to and references just about every Lego theme ever, which the characters tour through, building things on the spot to help them in their adventure. So anyway, I am back. I didn't lose interest in LEGO. It's just that past the couple of years have been really hectic, so I didn't have as much time as I would've liked, to keep up with all the online communities I follow. I actually have quite a few MOCs that I worked on during that time that I need to post.
  11. Skulls_Eye_Schooner_Sailor

    Dragon Corsairs' Harbor Hideaway

    No no, I agree with you. But you see, this is supposed to be a hidden secret base, ensconced away behind some islands, trees, fog, secluded in its own archipelago. Don't have to worry about keeping their colors down because no one knows where the Dragon Corsairs' Harbor Hideaway even is, not to mention, it is quite defensible, as you can see! When they get out on the open waters, they'd probably be more discreet. But, this is just a toy, after all. And, I think the LEGO sets, and MOCs, look better with full decoration and regalia out. Of course, there is the idea of exchangeable sails and flags! More on that later. You'll see what I mean, in future MOCs. But no, these pirates are cocky I guess, and don't think anyone will find their hide out, so they aren't worried about keeping their colors hidden! Plus, it just looks cooler that way!
  12. Skulls_Eye_Schooner_Sailor

    Dragon Corsairs' Harbor Hideaway

    It's more of a pirates' hideout and staging base, where only pirates go, the secret base. Not really meant to be a civilian harbor where pirates happen to get drunk and have fun and carouse. It's funny you should say though, because I've actually made a shanty tavern that is on the water! That's coming soon as well! Separate MOC though, but... it's still nice!
  13. Skulls_Eye_Schooner_Sailor

    Dragon Corsairs' Harbor Hideaway

    An introductory shot, of the sizable Dragon Corsair head quarters, all contained on a small archipelago with piers and beams sunk into the ocean floor! Treasure row boat, with one of the Dragon Corsair Captains, and a Wolf Pack Renegade (they also became Sea Pirates during the Golden Age of Piracy ). An overhead shot, sans the various sea craft, to get an idea of the actual base of operations on wharves on its own. Bird's eye view, as you can see this is no meager pirate hideout, and I can tell you it comfortably sets well on 4 blue base plates in a t-shaped arrangement. Sadly, I didn't take any pics of that! Quarter angle from the southwestern, left-back part of the Dragon Corsairs' Harbor Hideaway. A closer shot of the main building, and central hq of these scurvy dragon-themed mateys. A shot of the south end, and ornate window, tower, and hand cannon, at the rear of the HQ. The Southeastern sector. Docking for ships is here, as it is on almost every side, but also the weapons specialist mans his catapult and all manner of deadly devices, a sawfish attacks a hapless buccaneer trying to cross the swinging bridge, a Dragon Corsair Lieutenant mans the special flaming object lobbing, adjustable mortar cannon. That box is red-hot, preparing ammo for this deadly device! Also, ladder access to the roof, and the boarding plank, which is visible on the north end, in the background, sorta. The eastern end. Various features that I described in the last subtitle, including the Dragon Corsairs' Harbor Hideaway's signature weapon, can be viewed with more detail here. The north side, and nearly all of the hideaway is visible in this shot from this angle, as well. Close up shot of the roof, where the cook is hard at work, and the two lieutenants man the hand cannon and mounted muskets, and signature weapon, plus a gunner to the right, and weapons specialist in the distance. A shot of the interior of the main building, complete with magical weapon and item storage, including the special wing weapon that summons Tsunamis of fire and sends out fire wind blade projectiles, used by a descendant of a Dragon Master, who became a Dragon Corsair. He should be pictured later on. If not here, then in another MOC of mine, for sure. There's also the trap door which leads to the ocean below. Ideal for hiding all manner of secret items and treasure, or dumping bodies, and a jewel! Same as above, with slightly different angle. Head-on shot of the north end of the main building, specifically. A photograph of the west building, and back entrance. There is also docking for small ships, and many mini-cannons, plus a crystal hidden behind tree on the westernmost island. A higher view of the entire back building, including island access, main kitchen, defensive measures, and a frustrated pirate boy walking on the small ship boarding area. Another pirate cleans his musket. The south loading dock, where the crane, catapult, a weapons cache, and weapons specialist are. The dock coordinator on the swinging bridge tries to avoid a sawfish impaling. A close-up of the signature weapon being fired. A reverse angle of the earlier shot of the front of the waterborne fortress complex A close-up of this side from the west. Again, but from a bit higher perspective, and much of the base can be observed here, as well as the earlier mentioned features at this side of the hideout. With everything pretty much described, I will simply show you more views with no text, for the most part, from here on out. Admiral Infernius, aka "FireBeard" and leader of the Dragon Corsairs, plus his right-hand man, the earlier described Dragon Master descendant who became a Dragon Corsair, at right side, pictured here. A final shot, of the entire complex, and peek bustling hours. There be trouble afoot, the Dragon Corsairs are making plans to do some raids soon! For ya'll's information, my small pirate ship MOC, the Dire Wraith, is actually a Dragon Corsair Clipper itself. I forgot to mention that for some reason. If a moderator would pretty please edit my opening post of that thread, for the title to say: Dragon Corsair Clipper: Dire Wraith I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks everyone, again, for welcoming me to this wonderful forum with opening arms. I know I have been gone for a while, but... just, some tthings came up in my crazy, haphazard life, I guess! BUT, LEGO stayed apart of it! I have tons of MOCs I did in that time, all waiting in the wings. I have made large ships for the Dragon Corsairs, Shark Pirates, and Imperial Armada, plus modded a few sets, and MOCs, plus... a wonderful 2-masted fully brick built Dragon Corsair Cutter "Scourge", a little bit bigger than the one in Imperial Trading Post! :) Ok, I don't know if cutters can have 2 masts... but I don't usually do research, I just build/make/invent things as my MOCs, pretty much!
  14. Skulls_Eye_Schooner_Sailor


    A BEAUTIFUL CIVILIAN VESSEL! I love it! I like the choice of colors, use of Imperal Flagship Sails, Armada doors, the time machine hulls, the grey, the tan...everything is wonderful! Great job! Man, wouldn't this thing look good sailing into my spruced up Imperial Trading Post?! (I added more figs, details, features, and cannons, etc)
  15. Skulls_Eye_Schooner_Sailor

    MOC: Space Police II Stealth Interceptor

    Thanks for the kind words, and encouragement! Did you see my Ice Planet vehicle from a bit back? Anyway, I've got more coming up, already made and photographed. Very cool, another Ice Planet one, a fighter, akin to a Y-wing from Star Wars, which I think ya'll will get a kick out of, an all black with dark blue windows "Space CIA" ship, which crews 5, my classic-style built with classic bricks and elements Space Police III space swat combat craft sort of thingy, plus a civilian vehicle that resembles a Jetsons car!