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Found 2 results

  1. We had a Biblical level infestation of flies some years ago, they are apparently attracted to things that are tall or high up, landed all over my Pirate and Imperial Navy ships. I've soaked and cleaned most of the sails with Oxiclean, except the Imperial Flagship, because I don't know if it is safe for that thinner, scrappier, stiffer material. I'm not sure what either version of the sails (and capes and flags) are made of, but I've soaked all the older style material with no issues, but I can't find anything about cleaning the later cloth material. I also didn't know sails could yellow until I read about it and saw the video posted here. The lower front sail on the Skull's Eye Schooner was slightly yellowed, and it was back to normal after an Oxiclean bath. For some fraying and unthreading sails on my childhood copy of the original Imperial Flagship, and some extra Armada Flagship and Black Seas Barracuda sails, I cut right at where the thread emerged from the sail, and carefully cut off some threadbare unraveled sections that are prime for more fraying. Hopefully cutting those off will stop that. The childhood Imperial Flagship sails are going to get soaked too. They were in a shed at my grandma's old house that had holes in it and got very dirty! I'm just glad those sails and the other two hull sections were there! I thought I had lost them! How would you lose such giant parts haha. I hope to be more active here again from now on! And don't worry, no second dark age here. I have a good ten years worth of MOCs and grown collection of sets and bulk parts to share. I have so many parts from childhood and adult sets, bulk collections, eBay, Pick-a-Brick, Bricks & Pieces, and Bricklink orders, I can sit down and pretty much build whatever I want to my heart's content, and I've got a dedicated hobby room and big work table with a bunch of bins now. There's also model trains, slot cars, die-cast, and retro games in that same room. :) Happy to be back and thanks ahead of time for any help and advice on getting my Imperial Flagship back on the open sea again!
  2. Captain Pirate Man

    Kazi Black Pearl Review Let me start by saying I grew up very much a Lego head. So yes I do consider myself to be a loyal long time “Legoist.” At some point during early 20’s, my (EVIL) step mother, lol, sold my entire Lego collection in a garage sale, without my knowledge… I now have kids and they very much LOVE Lego’s, so my interest in them has returned as well. Every time we really talk about building our Lego collection, I can’t help but miss MY Lego collection. Some of the highlights of that collection were Skull Eyed Schooner, Eldorado Fortress, and the original Imperial Flagship. I also had pretty much every pirate island and Imperial fort along with many Castle and Woodsman sets from the late 80’s and early 90’s. Fortunately many of my minfig’s did survive and are still in my possession, but that is it…. Fast forward to 2014, looking online into Lego’s for my kids, I discovered many knockoff Lego companies. The two things that drew my attention was A. price and B. the sets themselves. It’s no secret that buying Lego brand Pirate ships are VERY expensive at the moment. My wife and I decided to have a “Lego” Christmas. We are buying MANY official Lego products including The Lonely Mountain, The battle of Five Armies and many other large Hobbit sets, along with multiple smaller Hobbit and Friends sets. But for our pirate sets we made the decision to build up our collection (since we pretty much started from scratch, minus the minfigs of course) with Chinese knockoff companies. We are expecting MULTIPLE ships and sets from Enlighten, Kazi, and Sluban. Today I am starting my reviews with the Kazi Black Pearl. The Kazi Black Pearl I purchased for about $100 including shipping (let me add I received it in about 1 week, which is amazing for a Chinese product.) Despite the hefty price tag, I could not pass up this ship for two reasons A. the sheer size and B. the even hefty price tag for the Official Lego Black Pearl (which is typically $200 or more for a SMALLER ship). Let me add, the Kazi Black Pearl is a more of a knockoff of Lego’s Imperial Flagship, than it is the Lego Black Pearl. It does look like the Black Pearl, but it is also more of an original design than it is a complete Lego copy cat. I do not own the Lego Black Pearl, so I can’t do a complete compare and contrast, but as stated earlier, I DID have the Skull Eyed Schooner (which was the biggest and baddest Lego ship on the block for over 15 years.) Plus I have also watched and read many reviews of of ALL of Lego and nonLego “style” Pirate ships, so I feel fairly confident in my opinions. Which having said that, I will get to my point; the Kazi Black Pearl is the biggest and baddest Lego style ship on the market. This ship, along with the Lego Imperial Flagship is the only 6 piece hull ships on the market, so this ship is clearly bigger than the lego Black Pearl and Queen Anne’s Revenge. Does it have all the bells and whistles those other ships offer? No probably not, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its fair share of bells. But having said that, this ship is by no means without flaw, but many of those flaws can be remedy by a decent amount of Lego knowhow. Let me start with the good, this ship is surprisingly well built, designed, and sturdy. It really is a solidly built set. None of the parts feel like they could just give out on a moment’s notice. Now that doesn’t mean that this ship could survive steady play from a 5 year old (because it could not, but more on that later), but as long as you don’t drop it, it’ll stay together pretty well. Also, and I can’t stress this enough, it looks freaking awesome. It really looks like and feels like a BAD to the bone pirate ship. Honestly I wish I still had my Skull Eyed Schooner, they would make for some EPIC high seas battles (although I’m not sure I would bet on the Schooner.) While the overall brick quality of Kazi’s products is not as high as Lego’s, it is by no means bad. If Lego is a 10, these Kazi bricks are an 8. If I put a bunch of these bricks in my kids Legos, I doubt she could pick them out (except for one says Lego and one say Kazi.) The actual quality of the bricks is NOT one of the weak points of this set, it’s actually one of the strengths, hence the sturdy final build. To be quite honest, even the most loyal Lego enthusiast would benefit from adding this ship to your fleet. It will only make you fleet better, impossible to hurt it. Now on to the bad, the minifigs are AWFUL. Honestly you could not ask for worse minfigs IMO. Based on Lego minifigs being a 10, these are a 2. Their only redeeming qualities are their accessories. They do have nice hats and weapons, but the actual figs are terrible. I couldn’t even put the hands on some of them; the holes just didn’t seem big enough. Whatever money Kazi put into making their bricks pretty good, they clearly recouped those costs on the minifigs. But fortunately for me, I just tossed these crap figures aside and put on my Pirate Lego guys, so the minifigs don’t really bother me much. Another thing I don’t like is the sails. They are made of plastic or some kind of vinyl, not nearly as nice as cloth sails. But as with the minifigs, I am making my own sails, and can easily remedy this problem. Another aggravating aspect to this set was the piece count. I want to say I was shorted 5 or so pieces, and was giving the wrong color of another 5 or so. Luckily for me, I can raid leftover Lego pieces, so again I could fix this problem. But honestly I shouldn’t have had to. My final two complaints are more of grievances, not terrible things, but things that could be better. First off, I did have to slightly modify the design a couple of times. As I was building it, I just had a couple of ideas that it would be better if you do it this way instead, so I did. My final grievance is the captain’s quarters. The ship actually comes with a pretty good quarters, with some good odds and ends, but they are virtually impossible to access. It does have a back opening access point, but it’s not nearly as well designed as Lego counter parts. So basically you end up using the windows and doors mostly, which makes it VERY hard to access. But on the other hand, the rear of the ship is VERY solid, and not likely to fall apart, so maybe it’s 6 of one, half dozen of the other? 14 and up Rating: For older kids and adults I have to give this set a 9. The ship alone is worth the price, it is really that beautiful. Again I’m basing this rating upon Lego pirate ships being a 10. The things that lower the score are things like the minifigs or Kazi quality control issues, but not much on the actual ship. But once my small changes are complete, this set will feel like a perfect 10, at least to me. Under 14 Rating: For kids under the age of 14 I would give this set a 2. As a standalone set, being played with often, I would not recommend this set. Without my ability to “fix” the problems or look at the big picture, I would be very upset. If this was the first “lego” set I ever bought for my child, it would probably be the last, because the minifigs make it almost unplayable. Final Verdict: My overall score for this set is a 7.5. It is equally beautiful and ugly at the same time, but at the end of the day the beauty outweighs the ugly, at least for me. Again, not the best idea for a kid, but older collectors should love it. As I stated before, even the most loyal Lego fans would only benefit from adding this set to their fleet. At the end of the day, all of these cons can be fixed even by the most novices of builders.