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Found 3 results

  1. Today is the 20th anniversary of LEGO's first video game, LEGO Island! I've been built the Island in real life in honor of this anniversary as well as to honor Wes Jenkin's legacy, who sadly passed away last week. Here is an introduction video I did of the Island: I also modeled all the buildings in so that you can download and view them in 3D and easily export them into Bricklink wishlists if you want to build your own Island! Here's a sampling of the Information Center. If that piques your interest, you can CLICK HERE to see the rest of the buildings! To download the files CLICK HERE!
  2. [Kickstarter] The Brickster Returns - A Christmas animated short film Greetings members of Eurobricks! I hope that this is allowed and the right place to post this! Each year, I make a Christmas special. The past two years have been based on my criminal character called the Brickster which is inspired by the Lego Island character although changed to fit my story. Regardless, this year I want to make the best Lego Christmas animation and also wanted to share the finished product with everyone! I have greatly increased my quality of animation since my last Christmas special. However, due to my situation, money for all of the sets/products to achieve such a feat is near impossible without help. I felt quite cheap with the thought of begging, however, I eventually came around and made a Kickstarter. I hope people will help to fund and support this film, if the fund is successful, by Christmas day (or eve for backers), I will release the film on here and YouTube. The concept of the film - The villainous Brickster has escaped from prison and to get revenge, he steals the presents from Lego city to sabotage Christmas! He is eventually banished in last year's special with the help of Santa and his allies. This year he will return and form a band of super villains and an army of robots to take over Lego city this Christmas Eve! Who can stop the Brickster and save Christmas? Here is last years Christmas special: And here is an example of a more recent film I've completed to show the increase in quality to expect (and better) from this year's Christmas special. Hopefully this year I will be able to create the best Lego Christmas animated film of the year with the communities help! If anyone is interested in helping fund this year's Christmas special, here is the link: Kickstarter Campaign Edit by Hinckley: Link removed If not, please feel free to share the campaign, it'd be much appreciated. Thanks for your time.
  3. I really liked the look of 42005 Monster Truck, but wanted to motorize it. I found Splat's motorized version, which helped kick me into gear and order the necessary parts. Once all the parts arrived from several BrickLink orders, I started thinking: why not try motorizing the model without following Splat's build? Later, I'll tear my design apart and try his build. So here is the result of my tinkering. Motorized LEGO 42005 by niaconis, on Flickr I've been able to retain much of the look (and build) of the official LEGO model. Motorized LEGO 42005 by niaconis, on Flickr The battery box is easily removable and slips into the empty space at the back of the truck for use. Motorized LEGO 42005 by niaconis, on Flickr It is possible to charge the battery without removing it from the vehicle. Motorized LEGO 42005 by niaconis, on Flickr A BricksTer Open Source Bluetooth receiver prototype is mounted to the frame using technic pin/axles and half bushings. I found I needed the bushings because the holes are sized for studs, which have an ever so slightly larger diameter than technic axles. Motorized LEGO 42005 by niaconis, on Flickr A servo motor mounted in the front steers the front wheels while an L motor mounted at the back drives the rear wheels. I wish I could have geared down the drivetrain more, but I found I currently have no 48-tooth gears. Motorized LEGO 42005 Steering Demo by niaconis, on Flickr In the animated gif, you can roughly see how it is steered with an Android phone. And finally, I present a short video showing the monster truck driving around in a local park, controlled by the new proof of concept accelerometer input for the BricksTer Android app (which you can also see in the gif). Thanks for reading this far! I appreciate critique, comments, and suggestions!