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Found 27 results

  1. Pchan1983

    REVIEW: 76208 The Goat Boat

    Here is my review on 76298 The Goat Boat from Thor Love & Thunder: THE GOOD: The boat is excellent and surprisingly big with lots of space to fit many minifigures. Interesting brick built goats. Excellent minifigures and you get all key characters from the movie in one cool set. THE NOT SO GOOD: Gorr is a bit boring, legs printing would have improved it way more. This set is excellent and I like it very much. I'm surprised on how big it is when I finished the build. The building experience is great too, there are some clever designs through out the build. And it's a surprisingly accurate build compared to the one in move if you have seen the trailer. When this set was first announced, lots of questions on where are the LEGO goats, but after building it I kinda like these brick build goats, as a bonus their faces are printed. The other thing I really like is the fact that all key characters from the movies are included in this one set! Which is very rare in a MCU themed set. While more details would improved the Gorr minifig but the other minifigs are so good, I'm happy to accept a bit of flaw. The price of this set is pretty decent too given it's so often you can get 15%~20% discount off this. I will totally recommend this set to everyone and the upcoming Creator 3 in 1 Viking ship will definitely be a good companion to this set on a display shelf.
  2. car_mp

    [MOC] Mjolnir

    My wife is fan of Chris Hemsworth´s Thor... maybe is just fan of Chris Hemsworth. Anyway, trying to be more like him I have built my own Mjolnir. It has 785 parts, around 42 cm high and you can wield it if you are worthy, but not with much force I´m afraid.
  3. Here is Thor's Chariot inspired from both mythology and comics. The chariot is pulled by his two magical goats, Toothgrinder and Toothgnasher. While Thor normally uses Mjolnir to fly he can summon his chariot particularly when he needs to transport his companions or traverse long distances between the realms. TCs 4 by Jamin Star, on Flickr TCs 5 by Jamin Star, on Flickr TCs 6 by Jamin Star, on Flickr TCs 7 by Jamin Star, on Flickr TCs 8 by Jamin Star, on Flickr TCs 1 by Jamin Star, on Flickr TCs 2 by Jamin Star, on Flickr TCs 3 by Jamin Star, on Flickr
  4. hallidaynick

    Are You Worthy?

    Are you worthy? My latest MOC is Thor's Hammer. Hammer1 by Nicholas Halliday, on Flickr 1:1 scale (or as close as I could get) based on the 2011 movie. It has taken me a long time to get the size, angles and overall design right. I've had a number of attempts at it. I will be displaying it next weekend here in Newcastle, Australia with my 1:1 Captain America Shield. Enjoy More Photos of the Hammer and Shield can be found below, Hoping to get some of the two together at the show. Marvel Builds
  5. Avengers Infinity War Thor's New Hammer Lego Stop Motion Full video link: Hope you like it :D
  6. This is a discussion relating to everything regarding the Infinity War lego sets that are to debut next year along side the release of the Avengers: Infinity War movie, releasing May 4, 2018. I can confirm that the Spider-Man minifigure in the IW line will in fact be his Iron Spider variant as seen at the end of Spider-Man Homecoming. This was confirmed by Mario_Power on Instagram, he has proven to be an incredibly reliable source in the past, so I trust him.
  7. As the team head to the vampire city of St. Sebastian, Iron Fist starts to wonder if there's more to Doctor Strange's motivations than meets the eye. -Cast- Doctor Strange - Jack Rizzo Valkyrie - Caitlin Buckley Iron Fist - Josh Danque Xarus Dracul - Rob O’Dwyer Daimon Hellstrom - Isaac Smith Satana Hellstrom - Natasha Mclellan Blade - Courtney Leacock Raizo Kodo - Hubert McCarthy Happy Halloween everyone! More Vampire Town coming soon... Original score by Guy Commanderson. Check out the rest of the Marvel Brickfilm Universe: Consider supporting me on Patreon? Want to see more from Jam Pot Studios? YouTube: Facebook: Blog: Instagram: Flickr: Twitter:
  8. VaderFan2187

    Marvel Superhero Mechs!

    Inspired by the very good Hulkbuster LEGO set I present to you my Superhero mechs! The Iron Man one is a very slightly altered Hulkbuster. The others are original designs off the rough skeleton of the Hulkbuster. Let me know your thoughts and which is your favorite!
  9. A stop-motion video I have spent month on making. I has been a great deal of fun and I hope that you will like it. It is a version of the comic book Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, witch I wasn't fully satisfied with. Please share your thoughts. Anyway, Deadpool wakes up after a beat down and realises that he has to kill every other superbeing in order to become the one.
  10. Hello all, I hope I am here in the right categorie and such a post doesn't exist already. I want to introduce myself real fast. My name is Ragnar, I am 62 years old and I live in Germany, so please excuse potential misspelling. I promised my grandson who is 8 years old and actually living in the States to build an authentic and big Viking Scenario for a local Lego Contest. I started some researches on Lego Viking Sets and found the ones from 2005. I bought the Sets 7015, 7016, 7017, 7018, 7019, 7020 and also 7021, some extra Figures like Thor and Loki from the newer Sets "Marvel's The Avengers", nearly 40 other Viking Figures and some items like weapons, shields, etc. It took me nearly two month to get them all together - brandnew. I was a little bit surprised by the prices that I had to pay. It seems that Lego Sets are actually a good investment. I was a little bit disappointed that no buildings for a Viking-Village-Scenario were available, so I made more researches and found this MOC-Community with all these great ideas. My idea is to combine these original Sets with some Mythologie topics and of course with these own created buildings. So my questions are, how to start such a MOC? In my age the power of imagination is not that high anymore. Do I have to buy from every single available brown and grey Lego-Piece like 100 to get a start? Do I get a kind of construction manual from a helping hand, or is this forbidden as a "MOC-Member"? Greetings and in advance Thank You.
  11. What monstrous threat could bring together a wizard, a kung fu master, and an immortal valkyrie? The journey of the Defenders is about to begin. I started developing this earlier in the year, and actually shot quite a bit of it before the summer. The Defenders was originally going to be one brickfilm, but as I started working on the script I realised it had the potential to be a series. This is deliberately quite fun and comical, as the series is an homage primarily the original Defenders comics from the '60s that I had been reading at the time. They're quirky, full of mystical weirdnesses, and heavy on needless exposition, all of which I've tried to make fit in this series too (to varying degrees of success). 'Chapter II: Missing Statues' coming January 2nd. -Cast- Doctor Strange - Jack Rizzo Iron Fist - Ryan Negron Wong - Jack Rizzo Dormammu - Jack Rizzo Undying One - Jack Rizzo Ultron - Jack Rizzo AIM Scientist 1 - Lily Millar AIM Scientist 2 - Aaron Good Original score by Guy Commanderson. Consider supporting me on Patreon? https://www.patreon....PotStudios?ty=h Check out the rest of the Marvel Brickfilm Universe: Catch up on the adventure so far: Want to see more from Jam Pot Studios? YouTube: Facebook: Blog: Instagram: Flickr: Twitter:
  12. Hello lads! Today, i present to you proudly my next project: Busts! Noo, not the face/posture bust. This is more like a vignette just called Busts Making a Bust is simple, it needs: 1 middle section 2 side sections And that's it, they need to be able to be seperated to have one bust of each character. So i've already made 4 side busts and i'm working on the 2 middle sections of them (Hawkeye almost done) So here we have: Captain America Iron Man Thor And my favourite Avenger: Quicksilver So i hope you enjoy my project! more to come in the near future! Cheers lads, - Kevkipo
  13. Hi, I am citizen, a teenage LEGO fan from Hong Kong. I have been following this forum for years, especially the Licensed one, but this is my very first post here, as I have just finally decided that I should register an account here a few weeks ago. As an introduction piece, I really want to have something that can impress you, and I think I just had one recently.(Hopefully, it can impress you :P ) So, here...we....go.....wait, wrong franchise! :o Stark Tower - Front by city son This is a creation I built specifically for a contest of another forum, Toys N Bricks. The topic of the contest was to build a scene right off the screen of either the first Avengers movie from 2012, or from the epic sequel, Age of Ultron, this year. As I haven't got the new sets, and I couldn't really take closer looks at Age of Ultron scenes until its DVD release(Can't wait for it!!!!!!). So I started out planning on scenes from The Avengers, but which one? It's a tough choice as I loved so many different scenes, Cap and Iron Man Rotor scene, Hulk punches the Leviathan, the forest fight.... SO MANY OF THEM!!! However the contest set a size limit without HEIGHT LIMIT, which immediately took me to the idea of building something tall, and when that came into my mind, it didn't take long for me to get to the iconic Stark Tower. Besides, the final battle in New York is like the climax part of the first film, so it makes sense for me to choose it if I wanted to build something impressive. :) Stark Tower - Side 1 by city son Stark Tower - Back by city son Stark Tower - Side 2 by city son Well, I didn't shirk, even though the contest only asked for a scene, I still pushed myself to use up all my brick resources to finish off every last side of the tower. One of the toughest part for me in this process is the lack of source materials, as in the movie, there wasn't much close up scenes of the "back" of the tower, so I just added a bit of my own imagination to fix that part. Sad thing was right after a few days I have finished this beast, LEGO Avengers Video Game new gameplay video on YouTube showed clearly how the back of the tower looks like, yet, I think my version can...well pass myself. Could be better though, could be. :( Cap, Thor and Hawkeye 1 by city son Cap, Thor and Hawkeye 2 by city son Cap, Thor and Hawkeye 3 by city son I tried to fill the whole screen up as much as I could, without making it a big mess, so I put something from the bottom to the top literally. Let's start from the bottom. I picked the scene from the very end of the final battle, where Cap and Thor are fighting side by side with the Chitauri Soldiers. Yeah, I put Hawkeye there as well, which has probably reduced a bit of accuracy here, but I thought it will be weird not to include the full team, while Hawkeye was supposed to be somewhere in/on another building far away and out of the scene. Trying to be original, I built those spear-like weapon in a really simple manner for one of the Chitauri Soldiers, not a big deal, but I am quite happy with that little touch. Chitauri Chariot in action 1 by city son Chitauri Chariot in action 3 by city son For the middle part of the tower, I have built two different Chitauri Chariots, one 2-seat and one 1-seat, which are one of my favourite parts of this MOC. I built them in the very last stage of the project, but they turned out quite pleasing. To be honest, I can't stop playing and flying these little vehicles around my flat! Two-seat Chitauri Chariot by city son Two-seat Chitauri Chariot - Front by city son One-seat Chitauri Chariot by city son One-seat Chitauri Chariot - Back by city son Again, for the sake of originality, I built my very own version of these alien chariots. I browsed through the web searching for tons of source materials, and based on those 2D stickers from the official set, I managed to connect all these gold pieces in every last ways I could think of. And it worked perfectly! Believe me or not, I have tried my best to build these blurry flying vehicles that appeared on the big screen shot by shot out of bricks! XD Stark Tower - Rooftop by city son Puny God face off 1 by city son Close the portal by city son One way trip by city son The last part is the top of Stark Tower, which is the main focus of the whole build, and most of the actions happen right here. I have selected 3 iconic scenes from the final battle to be included here. The first one is the PRE-puny-god scene. Well, I did plan on having the Hulk smashes puny god scene in the beginning, but due to the limited scale, turned out it's impossible to fit the man with anger management issue in such a small room. Then, I chose the scene where Black Widow is ready to close the portal, while Dr. Erik is panicking at the back. (Sorry for not having a grey hair piece for Erik.) And finally, the part where Tony decided to sacrifice himself and take the nuclear with him all the way up, even though he knew it's a one-way trip. S.T.A.R.K. by city son Another "S" by city son Apart from the scene, there were a few challenges I have faced through the build, or stuffs that I really wish you can see my effort. First, it's the STARK logo. I have browsed through the web to look for previous Stark Tower done by other LEGO fans around the world, and first of all, all of them are incredible, but somehow I felt like no one was paying the attention that the logo deserved. It's like the most iconic part of the tower, and it's the greatest fun to work with font. I am very very happy with the outcome myself, no sure what do you guys think. The other major difficulty I faced, was the large outer platform with the "S" in the middle. Took me days to find a way to make a perfect circle(almost ;) ), build an "S", and build smaller yellow circle around the "S" at the same time. Another great challenge is the weird curve "windows" on one side of the building. I didn't go with the way most people do, with trans bricks, coz I don't have those...BUT the real deal is all the angles and Maths. Try to build one yourself and you will find it really tough because bricks are not like paper, you can't really curve them up while placing them at an angle but still want them to have a smooth clear cut "straight" horizontal edge at both ends. I'd say it would have been better if I have enough 2x4 tiles to fill the whole lower half of that pile of windows. I really hope you guys enjoyed reading this long boring introduction of my biggest MOC ever, and I really wish experts and master builders here can give me some constructive comments to improve myself, as there is always room for improvement, especially for a youngster like me :P. Really enjoy all the cool posts and awesome MOCs on this forum, and last but not least, the voting is still on right now, so if you really like my creation and you are coincidentally a member of Toys N Bricks, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY you think mine is better than other really cool builds from other contestants then I humbly welcome one or more votes from you! Thank you once again for taking your time reading my long long post! =D
  14. FinalFeature

    Avengers Age of Ultron

    The Age of Ultron is now! Ultrons drones are encompassing the entire world. Where our Earths mightiest heroes when they are needed the most? Find out as Ultron begins his world domination for a "better" tomorrow and as always be sure to stay for the post credit scene! Directed, Animated, Written, and Music composed by Tristan Kilmer Starring Mike Debonis as Iron Man SuperKaiokenX as Captain America Cliff Thompson as Ultron and Jarvis (For the Post Credit Scene) Hyper Voice Acting as Thor and Hulk
  15. Lighting Bold! Lighting Bolt! [sWvsM] – Cat. A – Lords of Thunder by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr
  16. rodiziorobs

    [MOC] Thor destroys Bifrost

    This is a vignette I built from Thor, the scene where Thor has to destroy the Bifrost bridge in order to thwart Loki. The scene is inspired by the movie, but I built the details how I wanted, rather than try to be 100% faithful to the movie. I think it captures the look of it pretty well. I know some people don't like the stiff capes, but I do--they help hold the figure up in a way that allows for some pretty dynamic posing. C&C welcome! See the rest on my Flickr page
  17. ED-209

    Micro-scale Asgard

    In Marvel's "Thor" movies, Thor and the rest of the super-powered space gods hail from the Realm Eternal, the majestic kingdom of Asgard. For those not familiar: I've seen lots of micro-scale castles and always found them to be very cute, and often very inventive with their parts usage. When I saw Matti's micro Hogwarts (http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=103245) the pearl gold roofing instantly made me want to try making my own micro Asgard! I plan on buying the parts off Bricklink once the mad rush of Christmas is over, so for the moment it's only in digital form. It may not be totally clear in the pictures, but the Rainbow Bridge is made of four rows of transparent plates in red, orange, yellow and green, capped off with a row of trans blue tiles. There's also room for a light brick to be mounted behind the bridge, which I'm hoping will look pretty nice when lit up. The main building (I presume it's Valhalla?) is made from a series of SNOT 1x2 jumper plates to create that "pipe organ" look seen in the movies. Here's a view showing more of the layout of the water, buildings and mountains. And Heimdall's observatory is hinged for all your trans-galactic teleportation needs! The underside: Feedback is most welcome!
  18. FinalFeature

    Avengers Wrath of Ultron

    The world will witness Ultron's wrath. Meanwhile in Atlantis, two kings will clash for the throne. Things only get worse for Aquaman when Black Manta interferes. Directed, Animated, Written, and Music composed by Tristan Kilmer Starring Coulter Rail as Aquaman Joe Newberry as Sub-Mariner Julian Smith as Orm and Atlantean Watchdog Sean Polite as Black Manta Mike Debonis as Iron Man Cliff Thompson as Ultron
  19. The only man who can save Iron man's sole is the mighty Sorcerer Supreme himself, Dr. Strange. By traveling into the spirit of Tony Stark can Dr. Strange be able to defeat the manifest embodying Iron man? Or will the Avengers have to start looking for someone else to pay the rent? Directed, Animated, Written, and Music composed by Tristan Kilmer Starring Ivan Fuentes as Dr Strange Sean Polite as Dormammu SuperKaiokenX as Captain Amercia A. Wash aka FatsVoices as J. Jonah Jameson Mike Debonis as Iron Man Jack Renard as Hawkeye NeonIcyWings as Wolverine Hypervoiceacting as Thor Michael Carney as John Constantine Jack Rizzo as Epoch Why is Wolverine with the Avengers? Find out in the Avengers and X-Men team up here: How did Iron Man fall into Ultrons control? See the beginning here: Like and Follow the Facebook page for the latest updates! https://www.facebook...lFeature?ref=hl Subscribe for new videos and watch the DC/Marvel crossover series unfold! Thanks for watching!
  20. [MOD] Thor's Helmet So ever since I laid eyes on TLG Hawkman's (DC) new helmet, I knew I wanted to make this MOD / MOC. Build details: • First order of business was to bend / mold the "wings" back as much as possible without causing any irreparable damage. Those familiar with the MCU helmet know the wings do not flare out on the sides, but lay "flatter" to the helmet. • With a bit of trial and error, I got the wings as best as I could manage. I suppose I could have tried to fold back a tiny bit more, but I was getting worried that it was starting to damage the folds (there was a slight bit of visible "whitening" at the joints when I stopped -- no tearing -- these suckers are made of strong stuff -- but nonetheless decided to stop while I was ahead). • Next was to Dremel the face plate to remove the "mask" and then to shave / smooth down the inner sides. This took a bit of "eyeballing", trial and error. It's not 100% symmetrical, but about as good as I'm gonna get. • Finally, a nice coat of metallic Silver paint -- and boom -- done. Final Version: “Whosoever wears this helmet, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.”
  21. After a costly encounter with the Hulk, the Avengers team has been divided. Captain America, Thor, and Hawkeye have been rescued by the X-men. With help from their allies they journey into a harsh storm near Latveria to rescue their leader Iron Man from Ultrons control. Will they succeed or will they be to late to stop Ultron and Dr Dooms plan from succeeding? As always be sure to catch the after credits scene! Directed, Animated, Written, and Music composed by Tristan Kilmer Starring SuperKaiokenX as Captain America Ryan Craig as Cyclops Josh Lambright as Dr Doom Jack Renard as Hawkeye Cliff Thompson as Iron Man and Ultron James Milne as Charles Xavier Hyper Voice Acting as Thor Neon Icy Wings as Wolverine Thanks for watching!
  22. Hulks back and he's angry. The Avengers years ago, sent Hulk into deep space realizing his anger was to unpredictable. Many things happened to Hulk on his journey. Needless to say he's back and ready to say "thanks" to his fellow teammates. Things only get worse when a new threat emerges to take advantage of the situation. Ultron will rise. Hulk will rage war. Tony will loose his mind. A new era is building up, secrets to be revealed, puzzles to be solved, not everything is as it appears to be. Directed, Written, Animated, and Music composed by Tristan Kilmer Cliff Thompson as Iron Man Jarvis, and Ultron Connor Sheehy as Spider Man HyperVoiceActing as Thor, Hulk Jack Renard as Hawkeye Josh Lambright as Dr Doom Special thanks to Wendy Morales, Sejung Kwak, Sara Kang, and Michael Ruiz About the Film: The whole process of making this took about 3 weeks total. The main objective for this film was to further develop an understanding with color grading, lens flares, and motion controlled lightning. Also note that the suit Iron Man dons in this film is the Hulkbuster suit version 1. After it gets jumbled around by Hulk, Tony's gonna have to make a few new adjustments which we may see later down the line... Next months film is an original project I've been working on for a year. All of the films made this year have been test projects for this one. After that I will continue the JL/Avengers story Arc on a regular schedule throughout 2015. Like and Follow the Facebook page for the latest updates! https://www.facebook...lFeature?ref=hl Subscribe for new videos! Thanks for watching!
  23. Thor and Ironman MKII custom parts and armor. Please check our flickr for more photos. flickr user: breakthrough army
  24. Breakthrough Army

    Thor custom minifig

    Thor custom minifig
  25. Captain Nemo

    MOC: Bifröst Battle

    A simple creation depicting the Bifröst Battle at the end of the movie Thor. I rather like how the rainbow turned out, and I think it's the coolest part. “What you seek is a bridge.” “Like, like an Einstein-Rosen Bridge?” “More like a rainbow bridge.” Enjoy ~Nemo