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Found 2 results

  1. Hello all, I hope I am here in the right categorie and such a post doesn't exist already. I want to introduce myself real fast. My name is Ragnar, I am 62 years old and I live in Germany, so please excuse potential misspelling. I promised my grandson who is 8 years old and actually living in the States to build an authentic and big Viking Scenario for a local Lego Contest. I started some researches on Lego Viking Sets and found the ones from 2005. I bought the Sets 7015, 7016, 7017, 7018, 7019, 7020 and also 7021, some extra Figures like Thor and Loki from the newer Sets "Marvel's The Avengers", nearly 40 other Viking Figures and some items like weapons, shields, etc. It took me nearly two month to get them all together - brandnew. I was a little bit surprised by the prices that I had to pay. It seems that Lego Sets are actually a good investment. I was a little bit disappointed that no buildings for a Viking-Village-Scenario were available, so I made more researches and found this MOC-Community with all these great ideas. My idea is to combine these original Sets with some Mythologie topics and of course with these own created buildings. So my questions are, how to start such a MOC? In my age the power of imagination is not that high anymore. Do I have to buy from every single available brown and grey Lego-Piece like 100 to get a start? Do I get a kind of construction manual from a helping hand, or is this forbidden as a "MOC-Member"? Greetings and in advance Thank You.
  2. We had been Traveling through Kaliphlin for some time, and I was anxious to return home. Amir Navabi had promised a ship to take us when he could secure one. But we were caught up in the Civil War, and I feared I might never see my homeland again. But as we traveled, we had come upon an Ulandian Lieutenant, and he and Amir had decided to venture into enemy territory. I personally had no wish to fight, only to return. But if returning meant raiding traveling parties on the road, thus be it. And we had just stumbled upon such a party. I head the Desert King Commander disscussing options with his escort. But they would not be afforded the time to think. "Surrender," Amir called. One of the bandits protecting the caravan spat at him, initiating his own demise. "Attack!" Amir was always ready for battle, and wanted to spite the Desert King as much as possible I, on the other hand, while not exited about fighting the Desert King, felt the feeling all Vikings feel before battle. Warrior rage. Rollo and I engaged the DK forces on our side, and made quick work of them. They were bandits, not the Warriors fighting at the fronts of this terrible War. Amir was once again re-asserting his ability to fight with his sword. The man was a natural, I hadn't seen a swordsman like him in my life. While Rollo had speed and power, Amir had something more. His sword strokes somehow.....flowed, like a dance. His sword just seemed to weave in and out, doing it's deadly work. I doubted if anyone could defeat him in open confrontation. Meanwhile, I had seen the Escort Leader sneak up on Amir. With a bellow of rage to wake the dead, I charged. The force of my stroke was so powerful it sent the mummy warrior tumbling right past Amir and the DK Commander, running into one of the horses. Amir hadn't even had to use his sword on the poor leader, which was just as well. The person I though was the leader of this Caravan was a lass of no more than 17. "Last chance," Amir told her. "Surrender." And she did. We had won the battle, but much remained to be decided. "I snitched one of there," Lydia told us, holding out a ruby of outstanding quality. "So we can sail back to Mitgardia." "Yes," Rollo exclaimed. "Now we can go home!" "Not that simple, I'm afraid," I interjected, stopping their celebration. "If we try to re-cross the border, Desert King forces will surely capture us. It's a miracle they didn't on the way in." "Then how do we get out?" Lydia asked, crestfallen. "We'll help Ulandus win Petraea. if they win there, they'll give us a boat." "Very well," Rollo murmured, still angry at our predicament. And with good reason. As Amir and the rest of the raiding party moved forward, I pulled him aside. "Amir, you're heading to Petraea, aren't you?" "Yes, why?" He had been heading there from the start, after all. "We will help you take the city," I told him. He actually smiled, which was the equivalent of tears of joy from him. Then his face shadowed. "In return for what?" "Safe passage, and a boat back to Mitgardia after the battle." Amir frowned for a moment, then decided. "It's a deal," He told me. Parting shot............ and the build without figs (mostly, anyway) Builder's notes: So this was fun to build, and I really love the olive green and dk orange I got from BL. But tell me what you think! Author's notes: Not much story here ether, but oh well. I have a huge build planned for Petraea, and the story will get really interesting from there. Oh, and sorry I haven't posted in forever........But I have finals for school coming up, so I probably won't be that active again until May/June. Anyway, enjoy! Oh, and did I mention? I would like to claim UoP credit for Geography: Desert Landscape. For the Praise of His Glory! ~Andrew