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    The Blacksmith's Shop

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  1. Spader

    The Falls of Melancholy

    Incredible work, great idea and execution. I love the moon
  2. Spader

    Autumn - Forefathers' Eve

    nicely done all around, good stonework, nice landscape, and you get the graveyard 'feel' down very well too. Good work!
  3. Absolutely stunning, its so well scaled and captured.............bravo!
  4. Spader

    Leifric's Hollow (Varlyrio 1B)

    Thank you, looking forward to continuing it. Thank you! Yeah I wanted it to seem like wild, untamed country and I think I got that look down decently. We shall have to see what awaits the Baiamontes.......
  5. allow me to issue a very late welcome back! The Dagon is quite impressive, and the build is nothing to sleep on ether. Nicely done!
  6. Spader

    [MOC] An Ambush in Gaul 52 B.C.

    very cool moc, great depiction.
  7. Spader

    [MOC] Medieval Tavern

    frankly your version is better than the lego set, nicely done
  8. Spader

    CDC2 Ancient Wonders: Tōrō Nagashi

    Excellently styled, looks very very nice.
  9. Spader

    CDC1 Tower: Rook

    That sand technique is brilliant, and a decent tower too I daresay
  10. Spader

    [Freebuild] A Demon's Game of Chess

    What a creative premise! You did a great job executing as well
  11. Very finely detailed, absolutely love the Inn. You did a good job with the tree too
  12. Spader

    [Freebuild] Quietude

    thought I already commented, but very clean build, and very nicely done downscaling, the micro elements work very well together
  13. Spader

    CDC2 Ancient Wonders: S'äkbri Temple

    the scale and detail here are truly impressive. A wonder indeed.
  14. Spader

    Jelsa's Ice Castle

    Lol see what you did here. Looks very nice.
  15. Spader

    Leifric's Hollow (Varlyrio 1B)

    Thanks! We shall indeed see Thanks! Yeah I loved the look of it and I'll probably carry it over on a larger scale at some point