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  1. Janjy Giggins

    [MOC] Star Defender 350

    I never had the original Star Defender 200 Plasma-Drive Starship so decided to make my own, beefed up version. I went for a sort of late 70s/80s look, with lot of angles and plenty of old, weathered white bricks, so all the dirt and grime you see is deliberate. Once a top-of-the-line all-rounder in the Science Command fleet, the 'Star Defender 350' is now a much-loved workhorse used for heavy lifting and orbital shuttle missions at outposts throughout the Outer Reaches. Despite its age, the 6932-5 Star Defender is the workhorse handling all manner of orbital insertion and payload retrieval operations at outposts and colonies. Crew pods are sent to distant outposts and research bases using high-energy launchers. Once in orbit, the Star Defender collects them and shuttles them to the surface. In many explorers' minds, the image of the Star Defender is inextricably linked with the crew pods that brought them to their new life, but the truth is that crew rotations are less common than routine cargo deliveries. More often than not, it's crates of supplies that it shuttles into and out of orbit. Recently-delivered supply crates await a ground vehicle to ferry them to the base. Looks like food and medical supplies for Science Command, as well as engineering components from the M-Tron foundries. Unlike earlier models, the 6932-5 boasted a full padded leather interior in stylish beige. These days the 6932-5 is mainly treated as a heavy-lifter and cargo shuttle, but in its day it was also rated as a full escort and enforcement craft, modestly armed and capable of a surprising turn of speed. Even now, pilots sometimes liven up a routine mission by putting their foot down. It's not often now that an old ship like the 6932-5 Star Defender gets away from the gravity well for anything more exciting than supply runs, but Blacktron raiders still roam the Outer Reaches and from time to time the Star Defender will be called on to protect the outpost or supply pods.
  2. Does anyone have a template for designing custom decals for the armour piece from the CMF S13 Galaxy Trooper or the new S16 Cyborg? Thanks!
  3. Janjy Giggins

    Custom metallic decals

    That should work. I'll give it a try. Thanks!
  4. Janjy Giggins

    [MOC] The Monolith of Mara

  5. Sorry if this has been asked before - I couldn't find anything. Has anyone worked out a way of creating metallic detailing on decals that doesn't involve expensive specialist printers or paying someone else bags of money to do it? Particularly very small details that would be difficult to paint or draw on by hand? Thanks!
  6. Janjy Giggins

    [MOC] The Monolith of Mara

    Cheers! First spaceship I've built in about a decade, so I'm glad people like it.
  7. Janjy Giggins

    [MOC] The Monolith of Mara

    Thanks! Glad people are liking the photos. Amazing what you can do with a random lightbrick found at the bottom of a box...
  8. Janjy Giggins

    [MOC] The Monolith of Mara

    Thanks! The helmets are from the Spongebob Squarepants theme - you also get them in opaque and printed versions as globes etc. http://lego.wikia.com/wiki/Sandy_Cheeks Janjy
  9. Janjy Giggins

    [MOC] The Monolith of Mara

    Humanity discovered the relics of alien civilisations long before it encountered other life-forms themselves. When deep-space survey ships like the LL919 left their local sector they found strange ruins and abandoned artefacts on distant worlds like Mara. The next time they launched, the survey ships carried teams of civilian xenoarchaeologists. It would be decades before they even began to understand the objects they had found; over a century before their researches pointed the way to true contact. The Monolith couldn't be scratched, even with tempered diamond-tipped tools. Although initial survey missions were usually carried out by a solo pilot, the LL919 could carry science teams or civilian researchers. It was pretty cramped in there for long flights. Flickr album
  10. Janjy Giggins

    [LDD] Apollo Lunar Module

    That's very good! Would the lower section be more accurate in pearl or metallic gold? You'd have to substitute a few parts and maybe leave some in tan, but I think it's possible - especially for a digital model where you don't have to worry about the rarity of parts. Just a thought.
  11. Janjy Giggins

    [MOC - WIP] another AT-ST

    I'll have a play when I've got some time, see if I can come up with anything that looks decent. If you have dimensions for the pieces, that would save me having to dig through boxes to measure them. :)
  12. Janjy Giggins

    [MOC - WIP] another AT-ST

    I don't know much about the physical side of decals, but I know my way around Photoshop and Illustrator. If you tell me what you're after, I could see what I can do.
  13. Janjy Giggins

    [MOC] Castle Durstan

    A long time in the making, and to be honest only ever half-finished before I ran out of bricks yet again and decided I didn't want to invest any more money in it. It's a companion piece to my ship the Sea Hawk, and would originally have continued the story I started there. It was originally intended as an expansion and updating of the old Black Falcon castle. In the end though I overreached myself. It was too big for my flat, too hard on the wallet, and it used a lot of the pieces of my UCS Millennium Falcon, which I wanted to rebuild. So in the end I abandoned it about half-finished. The right-hand chunk in the picture above is finished, and that's what I'll focus on in the rest of my pics, but the left-hand one's little more than a facade behind the tower. I never even started the back wall, which would have included a great hall and lord's tower. I'm still proud of it, but I'll be more careful about biting off more than I can chew in future!
  14. Janjy Giggins

    10179 Millennium Falcon Mods

    Of course! :) But I'm lazy and going for the path of least resistance with regard to modifying the main framework. And I couldn't work out how yours would connect to a frame that hasn't been altered to include an interior. I've been studying that LXF already - I'll see about doing as you suggest to compare the inventories. Thanks for the advice! Much appreciated.
  15. Janjy Giggins

    10179 Millennium Falcon Mods

    I'm rebuilding my Falcon and have a couple of questions: Does Daphatty's engine mod work with ScottishDave's flaps mod? Looks like it would but just wanted to ask. And do ScottishDave's rear hull modifications mostly use existing pieces from the set? Just trying to assess how many extra pieces I'd need before I get too far into the build and need to start making changes. Thanks!