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  1. Excellent video highlight on how to convert an 2012 UCS R2-D2 to an R5-D4. I totally forgot about the conversion I did of this. Thanks for the credit and glad of being help.
  2. Yes, very much a Dutch flag. It was supposed to be a trading ship, but it looks too prominent for such a purpose, plus I have a ton of these soldier figures from the Pirate chess set. I believe I bought 3 of them when they were on sale.
  3. Thank you. I have not tried that particular flag, but I did with the one shown below. I have brickbuilt the Barracuda and added my stylistic changes. I have not done in the interior on it. I did play around with cannon placement, but I have not put them in. I wanted to see how it would turn out first. The way the set is designed, it's really hard to access the interior anyhow. The captain's quarters are easily accessible by lifting up the deck above it. I have not furnished it yet. I did make the support strong enough for a third mast at the stern portion of the ship, but after building the ship, I did not find it necessary to put it in just yet. The cords were added for stylistic and support purposes. The masts will stay up, but may easily fall over it the ship is carried around. I am still waiting on some parts that I ordered on Brickbuilt, mainly the ones substituted in gray in the photo below. I will post more pictures after I get the rest of the parts. It depends on what you have already on hand. I have not run the numbers though. Below is what I built with what I already have on hand. I did place a $20 order on Bricklink to make certain substitutions that I did not have in proper color. I still have to place a color matching minfigure for the figurehead.
  4. With the resurgence of Lego Pirate theme with the release of the Lego Ideas Pirates of Barracuda Bay, I thought it would be timely for me to share my 40th anniversary of Lego Pirates build I did last year. I guess I forgot to share it here on Eurobricks, so here it is. It's an upscaled Captain Redbeard midifigure. He measures 6x of a standard minifigure. I have built him as close to proportional minifugure dimensions as it would allow me at this scale. His joints are all articulated as a standard minifigure and then some additional ones like elbow articulation and head tilting for more expressive poses. The hardest joint is in the hips, which uses technic brick with rotation joints to lock his legs in different poses (not shown in this staged photograph). I will have to take additional photographs to highlight the articulation. I have included his trusty parrot, his cutlass sword and a treasure chest on some brickbuilt spit of sand that he got stranded on.
  5. Thanks. Reddish brown hull will work just as well. The sails are attached via part ID 85943, which does not exist in tan, as what I used digitally. It's only available in dark bluish gray and red, however another part can be used, like part 6535 with technic pin with stud (part 4274). The part 6536 is available in white. There are other options one can use, like the part 18677, which comes in white. Lastly, I have not tested all of the weight of the sails and how that would impact the rigidity of the mast. The brickbuilt sails are heavier than the cloth ones. I will try to build a version in real brick soon. Sorry for posting it in the wrong forum. Feel free to move it over to the Pirate MOC Forum. I have added additional renders to the main post in this thread.
  6. Thanks I wish. Pearl gold is still a very limited color unfortunately, and so it won't be doable to use all of the pearl gold shapes, like the curved slopes, regular slopes, curved tiles and many o the bricks/plates needed. The dark brown should be doable. I have the boat hull pieces in that color anyway, and there are just a few other dark brown parts that would be needed. That is why I made the digital files available and people can play around changing them out as they wish, and with enough mods, a nice color combination can be made. update: I made a working class version with no fancy colors or any pearl gold. It appears like it should be doable to build in real brick. The files are available via the same link on my website. Note, the 3rd mast at the Stern is not properly anchored to the ship, so some more MODing will be needed to secure it.
  7. Miro78

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    You can also use curved tusks/dinosaur tail part (part 40379), which are available in all sorts of colors, including dark red, instead of the soft axles. I have used them in my Barracuda digital build as I had a hard time connecting the soft axles digitally, especially in Stud.io. Below is my render, which I posted as a separate thread before I saw this one. I have made some additional color changes and brickbuilt sails. The interior is furnished as per instructions, minus some part substitutions that LDD inventory did not have. You can download the LDD and Stud.io file via my web page here: https://humblebricks.com/other/
  8. I am really liking the new version of the Barracuda ship from the Lego Ideas set 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay. The angling of the hull on the sides and the back, make it look that much closer to a real looking ship shape. The colors still bother me with the yellow, red and white accents. They distract the beauty of the shape. So I had no choice but to build it. I don't have the set yet, so I did so digitally. Update: I have made 2 versions digitally and you can download them (LDD and Stud.io versions) via my webpage: https://humblebricks.com/other/ First one below is with pearl gold accents, brickbuilt sails and flag and dino-tail part in lieu of the soft axle. That tail part (part 40379) is also available in a broader color range. The second version, is a no-frills version working ship. I added extra sails, a stern mast (attached to the ship and not the deck). This version is in a color range that should be able to be built in real brick. I have not verified all parts.
  9. I am a bit 5 years late, and I just built my VW Camper Van after sitting on the set for years. It is a fantastic build, but I too wanted to motorize it. I have chosen to use Sunsky's steering and I have finally successfully adapted the steering mechanism. It took me a few days to figure it out. I'll take some photos, or better yet, I can make an LDD file. I am using the same M motors and I figure out that I must use the 24 tooth gear with cloth for the steering. The other tricky part was to get the drive motor and steering motor to be properly geared so that the steering is not too fast or slow for the speed the vehicle drives. I found the turning radius to be really good with this steering. The steering does not recenter automatically, but based on my setup it got it to work. In my setup I did some other additional mods on the vehicle, mainly, I lowered the axles by one brick, as I find the vehicle is sitting too low in the standard kit. The front of the chassis assembly required some reworking to accommodate the steering. However, unlike Sunsky, I placed both of the motors at the bottom of the chassis instead of having a motor stick upright in the cabin.
  10. Miro78

    Lego Oktoberfest

    I know I am 12 years late to this thread, but here I am after searching for Oktoberfest MOCs. I just finished my Oktoberfest in Bavaria MOC. I though about including some live music, but much like you, I skipped it due to not having a clear solution and also just a shortage of Lederhosen minfigures. I also wanted to include a stage with men doing their typical dances and whatnot. I may add them later on, but in the meantime, here is my town build with couple of Bavarian old buildings, a gate tower and whole bunch of drinking and eating and walking about. In front of the blue house those are custom Oktoberfest figures from minifigures.com (seasonal section) and on the right are the Collectible Minifigures (Lederhosen Guys and Pretzel Girls).
  11. Miro78

    [PRESS RELEASE] 75936 - Jurassic Park

    Yes, I did that math too. I designed my own Jurassic Park Ford Explorer and Jeep Wrangler vehicles. It seems that Lego does not have the cross license of both the vehicle and the film producers to make the JP vehicles. So if you want to build your own, feel free to follow these links. I made easy step-by-step pdf instructions for each vehicle and parts lists are on Rebrickable pages here: Ford Explorer (tour vehicle): https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-25912/Miro/jurassic-park-tour-vehicle-ford-explorer/ Jeep Wrangler (staff vehicle): https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-25926/Miro/jurassic-park-staff-jeep/ The image below is not the final design, I added opening doors for the Ford Explorer, so now both vehicles have functional front doors. 2 minifigs fit in the Jeep and 3 in the Ford Explorer. Both vehicles are 6 wide as I tried to keep them proportional to the minifig scale. I am not a fan of Lego vehicles that make the minifigs look like children. I get it, mifnigs are a bit on the heavy side. Here is what the Ford Explorer looks like next to the gate from the T-Rex set. I narrowed down the tracks using only the pieces from the set. I didn't apply the logo sticker as I am designing a brickbuilt version of the logo. Cheers, Miro
  12. Miro78

    The Grinch and Max

    I saw The Grinch movie (2018) with the family recently and I felt compelled to build Grinch and Max. It was fun sculpting him out of pile of lime green that normally goes unnoticed or gets used as filler in other builds. Hope you like the build. https://flic.kr/p/QSqZxb
  13. Miro78

    [MOC] Winter Village Cider Mill revisited

    Thank you. The Cider Mill has been majorly updated since then. https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-19433/Miro/winter-village-cider-mill/
  14. Miro78

    [MOC] Winter Village Gingerbread House

    Sweet build! The train inside is a lovely and unexpected addition.
  15. Thank you for making the Rebel Trooper decorations. I don't use POV-RAY program, but I have found this to work on BlueRender, which I understand came out after this post was posted, but for those now looking for applying custom decorations through LDD and BlueRender, here are the steps I found to work and summarized by me below as a reference to others and myself shall I forget how to do it in a year. :P Step 1) Obtain custom decoration(s) such as the ones I will use in this example (courtesy of BEAVeR). Copy them (they will be PNG files) into the same directory where your LDD file resides. In my case they will be rebel_trooper_face.png and rebel_trooper_torso.png and the folder is LDD (in my example). Step 2) To apply the rebel trooper decorations, one must know the decoration IDs of the stand-in figure. Make sure you used a decorated face and torso (in this case) that you want to overwrite with these new decorations. Note that all figures with this "stand-in" decoration will be changed in the rendering, so you can't use the same decoration if you want to keep it unchanged in other figures. Not to worry, LDD has plenty of decorated torsos and faces to pick from. They can be whatever base color as you can change that in the LDD Extended view. Here is the figure I made with "stand-in" head and torso printing. Make sure to change the colors of arms, torso, hands as necessary for the final desired figure. For this Rebel Trooper, I found that Medium Azure arms matches the torso print better than Sand Blue. Not perfect match to actual, but it makes the right difference in the final render output. Step 3) Now the tricky part of finding out the Decoration ID (aka Texture in Bluerender). This is not listed anywhere without digging into LDD database files, but there is a rather simple way and here are the steps on how. Create a new LDD file with this figure with the "stand-in" head and torso, and proceed to render that file in BlueRender as usual. Then in the BlueRender script output window, look up the Texture ID. So as an example, here I am rendering my LDD Rebel Trooper A.lxf (imaged above from LDD) and the second image below you will see the Texture IDs. The Torso (called Upper Part) Texture ID is 92100 and the Head Texture ID is 55125. You will need to write those down as you will need it in the next step. The third image shows what the render looks like before changing the face and torso decorations. Step 4) Now that we know the Decoration (Texture) IDs, now we need to edit the BlueRender Scene file (extension .sc). If you don't have one. You can download it via this link.Scene file: https://bricksafe.com/files/miro/ldd-decorations-changes/LDD Rebel Trooper B.sc It's also important to save this Scene file to the same folder where your LDD file and your new decorations PNG files are located. Make sure the scene file is named exactly the same as your LDD file. In this example, they are named LDD Rebel Trooper B.lxf and LDD Rebel Trooper B.sc. Now open the scene file in a text editing program (Notepad on PCs or Textedit on Mac) and add these lines of code with appropriate path (depending on where you stored LDD and scene files). Below is what is looks like for me (I use a Mac so it will look different on PC and even on your Mac). I think the slashes need to be slanted the other way on PC (please correct me if I am wrong). ##CHANGEDECOR 92100 /Users/yourname/Desktop/Miro/MOCs/LDD/rebel_trooper_torso.png ##CHANGEDECOR 55125 /Users/yourname/Desktop/Miro/MOCs/LDD/rebel_trooper_face.png Here is how it looks when entering them in your scene file. Exact location may not be critical, but I entered them above the LIGHTS section. Enter as many decoration changes one after another, in this example it's just two (face and torso). Save the file. Step 5) Now it's time to render it in BlueRender once again. You will notice that it used the custom scene file as shown in the 2nd line, and the second image now shows what it looks like rendered with correct decorations. The 3rd image is a Tantive IV scene I rendered with a few of these Troopers awaiting Stormtroopers and Darth Vader. I hope this tutorial helps and is clear enough to follow. Let me know if you have any further questions or comments and I will do my best to clarify things. I am not taking the credit for figuring this out, just consolidating information that took some digging around on this Forum and the web.