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  1. Inconspicuous

    May 2019: Star Wars Landspeeder Contest

    Thanks for the extra time! Was a huge help in finishing up my entries. Here are my submissions for Category A and Category B.. Thanks for hosting this contest, it was a great reason to break out my Lego collection after moving apartments!
  2. Hi everyone, Here is my entry for Category B of the Landspeeder Contest: "Speedee Repairs". Your one-stop destination for all speeder tune-ups, repairs, and replacement parts! You can even watch the action from a viewing platform while you wait. Hangar Only: Meet the Speeders: Activating the Fuel Pumps: Raw Material Storage: Welding and Inspection Table: "Hmm, where are these tools supposed to go?" Thanks for taking a look! -Inky
  3. Inconspicuous

    [Landspeeder][Cat A] - Furiosa

    Yes, that's right - good spotting! I really liked the way they looked as steering handles, and this "floating" attachment also made it easier to fit the other cockpit controls.
  4. Inconspicuous

    [Landspeeder][Cat A] - Furiosa

    Hey everyone, I'm back from a long hiatus to bring you my latest creation... Furiosa! Dex Brando may only be a student at the prestigious Coruscant Engineering Academy, but his custom speeder modifications have already raised (and singed) a few eyebrows. Here, he demonstrates his latest creation - Furiosa - powered by twin onyx-ion fuel cells of questionable legality and attached to an aerodynamic chassis that was salvaged from the scrap yards in a high-end sector, or so we are told. Dex plans to pilot this landspeeder in an upcoming student vehicle racing competition. No doubt that Dex has a bright future in store - if he can graduate without getting arrested first! This landspeeder was a ton of fun to create, and posed some great building technique challenges. I'm particularly proud of the cockpit design - like any good racing vehicle, there is ample shoulder support for those tight turns! Thanks for taking a look! I welcome any feedback you might have. -Inky
  5. My ideal tree is one tall enough and sturdy enough to avoid the curious wrath of a mischievous housecat.
  6. Inconspicuous

    Dragon's Edge Outpost

    The technique I used for the eyes is not exactly legal - they're actually two loose assemblies sandwiched between the halves of the head. It's a tad blurry, but here's a photo of the four components: No plans to expand the Berk collection right now, but perhaps I'll take a stab at the other dragons in the future. I didn't take any photos of Toothless by himself, but here's a close-up of the tail:
  7. Inconspicuous

    Dragon's Edge Outpost

    After spending around a year away from my Lego collection, I finally had an opportunity to build something new! Here's a diorama inspired by Netflix series, Dragons: Race to the Edge, which takes place between the first and second How to Train Your Dragon movies. Welcome to Dragon's Edge Outpost, a supply station where dragon riders can stop for supplies (and a snack!) when exploring islands far away from Berk. Built on the edge of a rocky cliff, the small shelter serves as an entrance to a convenient cave. Just be careful not to fall into the waters below -- though they look peaceful enough, they're frigid during the winter! Roof design loosely based off this image. Stilted architecture inspired by the palafitos of Chiloé, which I visited during my recent travels. Here's Hiccup the minifigure, as the character appears in the new series. Somewhere between the younger and older versions. There's nothing Toothless loves more than a tasty Icelandic cod! For this MOC, I used an updated version of my original Toothless. "Hey! Get down from there you useless reptile!" Toothless makes a fire inside the cave while Hiccup prepares to spend the night at the outpost. Thanks in advance for your comments and critiques! Inky
  8. Inconspicuous

    Toothless from "How to Train Your Dragon"

    Thank you very much! The piece is called "Wedge 4x3 Cut Back with Cutout, 2 Studs." It's most commonly found in Racers sets. It's odd that I have two, because I can't remember buying a Racers set in my life!
  9. After a long building hiatus, I've finally had a chance to hit the bricks! Even though I never saw the movie in theaters, I have become a big fan of "How to Train Your Dragon" over the last year (largely due to John Powell's superb soundtrack, but no need to talk about that here). In anticipation of the sequel which will be released this summer, I decided to take on the challenge of building an accurate minifig-scale Toothless. Here are the results! Front View: Hiccup and Toothless in Lego form! Toothless' ears, legs, wings, and tail can all be adjusted. His mouth can open too, but it's not an intentional feature. Side View: One difficulty with building a fairly small and specific dragon is its stability. To keep both dragon and rider in place, I used two rubber bands. The lower rubber band keeps Hiccup's torso in place while the upper rubber band keeps Toothless' head upright. Close-up: When building, I first started with Toothless' head, which proved to be the most difficult part. I wanted to recreate the unique shape of his head, while still incorporating his reptilian eyes and expressive ear-flaps. Even if it's not perfect, I'm definitely pleased with the result! As a fortunate coincidence, Hiccup's pedals align perfectly with Toothless' legs, which is movie-accurate. Flying Mode: The wings I used in the first few photos were much more easy to position, but were too small compared to Toothless' actual wing size. Thus, I made it possible to switch them out for a pair of Dino Attack wings for a more accurate flying mode. For a few more pictures and higher resolution versions of the photos here, check out the Flickr set. I would be delighted to hear your feedback, seeing as my rendition is far from perfect. Thanks for looking! Inky
  10. Inconspicuous

    Temple Ruins

    Hi there everyone, I actually built this diorama a few years ago, but I didn't end up taking any photos of it until recently (because I wanted to disassemble it!) I built the MOC without a particular jungle region in mind, but why don't we pretend it's an Incan temple? Let me show you what I've built! It's a fairly simple model, but I hope you enjoy it! I would love to hear your comments and criticism. Thanks for looking, Inky
  11. Inconspicuous

    Honoring the Fort Ruins

    [pid][/pid]236B Avast me hearties! I actually built this diorama a few years ago, but I didn't end up taking any photos of it until recently (because I wanted to disassemble it!) It's not the greatest MOC by any means, but this was my first attempt at building detailed water and sand so I'm pleased with the result. Let me know what you think! Thanks for looking. Inky
  12. Excellent review, Kiel. While I'm still not at all convinced by this theme, I gained some respect and appreciation for it after reading this topic. There are some neat details incorporated into the set, like the banana gun, hidden missiles, and rotating arms, but what really interests me is the part selection. There seem to be a great variety of types as well as colors! If I had the budget and space I would consider adding this set to my collection. Thanks again for sharing.
  13. Inconspicuous

    LEGO Pirate Photography

    Hi there, On a recent hiking trip in Point Lobos, California, I took some photos of my minifigures in their "natural habit." Only a few of them turned out well, so I figured this would be the best place to post them rather than making a separate topic. Check out the full gallery on Flickr for more photos and larger versions of these ones. Enjoy! Inky
  14. Inconspicuous

    Minifigs in the Las Vegas Desert

    Hi there everyone, Whenever I travel, I usually bring a handful of minifigs along and take pictures of them in their "natural habitats." In January I had the chance to travel to Las Vegas, and each day I went hiking in the surrounding desert. Here are some of the better pictures that I took, including Indiana Jones, Prince of Persia, Collectible Minifigs and more. Check out the entire Flickr gallery for even more photos as well as larger versions of the pictures you see here. Also, if you haven't seen my other Minifig Adventures, check out the following Flickr sets: Minifigures at Point Lobos, California Minifigures in Hawaii Indiana Jones in Costa Rica Please let me know what you think of these photos! Thanks for your time. Inky
  15. Hi everyone, I will be moving at the end of the summer, and I would like to sell off some of my old minifigs before I leave. My prices are not firm, but please be reasonable with any offers. I am willing to ship internationally and am also happy to give you a shipping quote at any time. I have a store on Bricklink called Vic's Bricks, which hopefully shows that I am a credible seller. Also, I have many more sets and minifigs for sale on Bricklink, so please take a look if you're interested! Pirates Minfigures ~ $4.00 USD each Castle Minifigs $3.00 each or $12.50 for all five $3.00 each or $12.50 for all five. $3.00 each or $10.00 for all four. $2.50 per minifig or $8.50 for all four. $3.00 each or $12.50 for all five. Thanks for looking, and let me know if you have any questions! Inky