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  1. The Space Warrior looks like a robot Boba Fett.
  2. The Series 25 minifig list, printed in such a fine print that you need an electron microscope to read it.
  3. Not sure what I'm going to do after this series when they're all in boxes. £3.49 is too much to take a punt on, so secondary market scalpers it is.
  4. Ah, well it must be good if you're excited so I'm optimistic. Look forward to seeing it. Oooh, look no further...courtesy of PromoBricks (using Google translate): Female potter with potter's wheel, mug and bowl. Newsboy with bag, newspaper and slingshot. Man in brown T-Rex costume. Orc with cloak, sword and shield with updated fantasy era Orc logo. Man in a carrot costume with a "Farmers Market" sign and orange hair. Animal keeper with koala. Space warriors in green, white and pink. Black Falcon Archer with red hair, cape, bow and black falcon (they also mention a printed falconry glove). Classic astronaut in brown with gauge and baby astronaut in blue. Female referee with soccer ball, yellow and red card. French lady with a wide skirt, a powdered face, a wig and a small white dog. Girl on wooden rocking horse. Official reveal this Wednesday, apparently.
  5. Oh right, so another Black Falcon? That's a rather disappointing choice if so, but as a Castle fan I'll take it over some random City figure. Something I've missed? Do you mean the CMF Rogue? That thing isn't Wolfpack to me. Looks more like a Forestman.
  6. Yes we could be overlooking the possibility of the reused faction being one we've already seen updated. Technically, we've had 2 new Black Falcon torsos, 1 Crusader/Lion Knight, so this could be a variant too. I do hope it's Wolfpack or at least Black Knights though.
  7. WOLF. PACK. Look at my avatar. Don't play with me lol.
  8. leafan

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    I actually own a couple of those but never took the beard off to notice the wings on the chest. It's unusual to see such an old piece in the BAM.
  9. leafan

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    Are those Viking-looking torso's new? I haven't seen them before.
  10. leafan

    How do you display your castles?

    Everything is bigger in Texas, apparently.
  11. leafan

    How do you display your castles?

    Colour me jealous. Mine are mostly in boxes as I rotate the collection to fit the space that I have.
  12. There's a toy shop in a town that I sometimes visit who just open the bags and sell the figures for RRP. They also have some still in the bags, so I think they just fill up the board with enough to let those who wish to choose pick what they want, do so , and leave some bagged for anyone wanting a surprise.
  13. leafan

    Lego Knight eating a Banana

    There's nothing to get, it's just for fun. Those actually turned out quite well. I went all philosophical and asked the AI what an artificial intelligence is scared of - I don't recommend it.
  14. My son and I find this little scene very funny: His little legs sticking out of that narrow opening. I love those scenes in the old leaflets.
  15. I understand where you're coming from but comparing beaten-up boxes to ruffled CMF packaging isn't the same, in my opinion, as I'm not going to be keeping the CMF bags or reselling with the open bag, so it doesn't matter. I'm not sure how bandmates worked, but these packages have holes for hangers, so it's possible the order will be thrown out when shelf-stackers take them from the box.