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  1. leafan

    Hello, I am Jo!

    Hey Jo, welcome to Eurobricks! As one of my own posts recently discovered, classic Technic is * very* popular still over in the Technic forum. Check it out.
  2. You're practically a shoe-in. Doctor Renny. Those egg puns really cracked me up! Lay another one on me! The eggs come out as fried egg disc pieces and there are while eggs in the chicken box at the rear, lined up to be fired. Getting that set would be a real coup! But back to LM2 sets.... Benny's Disco Ship. Part Space, part funk, all in. Surely this will be a set.
  3. @Digger of Bricks That's a very Series 17 Retro Spaceman colour! I don't want to get you *too* excited but the last movie did have a lot of CMF background characters in it. Retro Spaceman in LM2 anyone? @Renny The Spaceman Hey I bought Egghead! He has a chicken that lays eggs that then get fired as a weapon! I love it.
  4. I'd take it , although most of those were true characters from the comics so unless they're planning spin-off movies, I can't see Spacecab Driver #4 being in a set haha. I'll take everything I can get though to be honest, because I love the movie sets from all 3 so far.
  5. Haha! The chrome ones have to be that way to reflect Rex's awesomeness. I really can't wait to see how those space battle scenes from the movie translate into the sets. I so hope the summer wave holds everything we could want, including some cheaper ways to get the post-apocalypse minifigures. I also predict a Batman/Queen Whatevra wedding set. You heard it here first!
  6. Yeah those seem like the best colour options, but how do you feel about Gold and Silver, both in Matte and Chrome as separate minifigures? I got lucky with the old Black Spacemen, because there were a few in cockpits for various 80s sets in a large lot I bought. Everything else in the lot had fallen apart apart from 2-3 of the figures sitting in their cockpit areas and one was a perfect Black Spaceman, like new, gold logo 'n' all. Damn lucky I know.
  7. Yes! And I'm holding a not-so-secret hope that there's differently coloured Classic Spacemen to come.
  8. Haha shhhh don't, there could be a Lego designer reading this that's willing to make that trade! Did you notice how said possible set is styled in the more simplistic Classic style? Unlike Benny's Spaceship from the first movie (although I love and own that set).
  9. I knew I liked you Renny. How much would you spend on that potential future space launch set? You know the one I'm on about :)
  10. Yeah they did some of that in the first film. Let's hope it's not the same with the new characters like Rex, Queen Whatevra Wanabe etc
  11. I'm fine if you disagree with me, but perhaps you could leave a constructive reply like @Laura Takayama did rather than getting all defensive and trying to paint me like a woman hater? I'm not going to try to defend what I believe to be true because I was simply answering @J4ck's question. So take whatever you want from what I said, but it's no use getting your knickers in a twist; I'm not changing my mind.
  12. No need for a PM just yet, unless you want to discuss in depth perhaps? I was talking about the modern fascination with multiple genders outside of Male & Female (Queen Whatevra Wanabe gives me that vibe) and how during the films early development, there was talk of the script focussing on gender roles and their differences. Now don't get me wrong, that could just be how a boy and girl play with toys differently, which is fine by me (if not particularly interesting). Oh and portraying the male gender as either weak, simple minded or arrogant, whilst the females are portrayed as "Mary Sue's" and simply tolerate men or kick their megablocks. Most of that would be subliminal to a kid.
  13. Well I'm hoping it won't be, but without getting too political, lately a lot of films have started to inject Gender Politics into themselves and I find it very distracting and is certainly not something that I want my kid exposed to; so if it's like that we'll leave mid-film. Also, sequels are notorious for not being as good as the original. I think one thing that cannot be escaped is that it's just not novel anymore to have a Lego Movie and peoples will no longer have their expectations blown, as was the case with the original. And lastly, I fear the over use of Minidoll and Duplo characters. I realise that these are important to some people but I don't care for them and I feel like most people who look in from outside of the Lego fandom won't be able to tell you that a Minidoll is Lego and they certainly won't hold any nostalgia for them. Hopefully though, the film will end up being as good as the first one and although we won't be blown away by more of the same, at least it will be enjoyable for years to come.
  14. leafan

    Classic Technic

    I have tons of old Technic sets from the early 80s through to the 90s but they're hard to identify due to the shared element assortment and rather open ended builds. I do have the 1985 Go Kart to repair so that might be to tonights job.