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  1. leafan

    Suggestions & Membership

    Sorry for the delayed response. It looks ok to me, but we need a mod to approve it and make sure it meets the required file sizes etc. Thanks for your efforts Toastie.
  2. leafan

    Suggestions & Membership

    Sounds good to me Toastie, if you have some skill in that area. I'd do it myself but I don't even have photoshop or any decent editing program.
  3. leafan

    Suggestions & Membership

    I think we have our wires crossed; I was only replying to your question about what it could look like. I think we should just grab the image from Lego Ideas and slap that into these boards. The file might need resizing or converting into a different format but it takes out the majority of the work. I'm pretty sure TLG won't have any copyright issue with that. It could be this simple:
  4. Today I have added Winter Castle by Lukas_84:
  5. leafan

    Suggestions & Membership

    Oh ok I did not realise that somebody else needed to make the tag. This is not my forté.
  6. I can't say; it's not released yet. I just know it'll be expensive to get through Bricklink and shipped to Jersey.
  7. leafan

    Strange bug on Lego Ideas

    Ah, well maybe you could ask the website developers then? The people that run the site and can identify and fix bugs.
  8. @mindstormsboi I mean the original poster.
  9. leafan

    Strange bug on Lego Ideas

    @mindstormsboi I'm not sure that anybody here will be able to help on this subject I'm afraid. My best guess is that a potential ad-blocker or script-blocker is stopping the below message from appearing correctly:
  10. Oh yes I missed that. Well in that case I can guarantee that it's not going to be economical to get it from Bricklink. That said; maybe you're rich, so worth a try.
  11. It depends on the set and how sought-after it is. With the supply crisis that TLG has, it may not be the best source (and will be very expensive!). However, it depends on the set. What set(s) are you after?
  12. leafan

    Suggestions & Membership

    Have you had any time to look into this @Mister Phes? We've had several new members join recently that have great submissions on Lego Ideas - potential new recipients of this badge. Thanks.
  13. Jersey as in, the British Channel Island of Jersey? If so, then John Lewis normally have a deal with TLG to sell 'exclusive' sets, although they have yet to do so with 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay; but I'm unsure whether that's to do with this set or the current economic and distribution climate.
  14. Hi everybody, This week we have a lovely new entry to the Lego Ideas platform which I believe deserves our consideration and support; 'Islanders Spirit Beacon' by Sir Archibald. This is a new entry in a Pirates sub-theme that rarely sees such mocs on Ideas, so could really use your support. It currently stood at 56 Supporters with 59 Days left. So if you'd like to show support, please do so by heading over to the Idea page now.
  15. leafan

    Index: LEGO Ideas Support Thread - Pirates

    I have added the following lovely Islanders Idea to the index. Islanders Spirit Beacon by Sir Archibald: