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  1. leafan

    Heya! I'm MomokaChan!

    Welcome to Eurobricks, @MomokaChan! What old sets did your brother buy from the swap meet?
  2. leafan

    Hello to everbody

    Welcome to Eurobricks, @The Reader! Lots of people here also enjoy the classic Lego eras, including myself.
  3. leafan

    Index: LEGO Ideas Support Thread - Pirates

    Check out this beauty. Added Green Coat Trading Fort by hickernator:
  4. Thanks, I have added. Also, I'll take this opportunity to remind people that Black Falcon's Fortress by @Mark of Falworth is quickly running out of time. Sadly it's looking like it will not make it to the review stage.
  5. leafan

    Just some Castle stuff

    This is great, I love Lego Castle battle scenes. I think Black Falcons are becoming my favourite faction.
  6. leafan

    Lego Roman history

    Nice. My son is going to love this as we're both big into Castle/ancient warrior themes and he loves watching Lego stop motion. Thanks for sharing.
  7. leafan

    Hi everybody!

    Welcome Andi / @Laddie! Sounds like we're about the same age and similar interests. Hope to see you posting around these boards and maybe even viewing future mocs
  8. leafan

    Lookout tower

    Can't wait to see. Great work!
  9. leafan

    Lookout tower

    I really like it. An interior might be nice on this tower, but maybe that'd be too small for the current scale. Keeping with the Black Falcons theme I see; is that your favourite faction from classic Castle?
  10. leafan

    LEGO Ideas Support Thread: Bionicle

    I accept your points, but Voltron looks like a cool robot and a bit like a transformer, so even if you don't know much about it, I could see a purchase there.
  11. leafan

    Hello everyone

    Welcome @PiGiDi to Eurobricks, and remember.... Ninja's Never Quit!
  12. leafan

    LEGO Ideas Support Thread: Bionicle

    Fans of Bionicle obviously seem pleased with this, which is important, but to me, who knows nothing of Bionicle, it looks confusing. It has 3 sides, with different scales of figures, depicting what exactly? My point is that unless you remember Bionicle, this will have very limited appeal. I'm not saying that they shoouldn't make it, or that it shouldn't be supported, but I thought I'd give my outsider view.
  13. Added Cliffside Villa by OrientExpress26:
  14. So where does this rumour of a price increase come from anyway?
  15. leafan

    [PRESS RELEASE] 10267 - Gingerbread House

    Sorry if this has already been mentioned, but this seems pretty close to this below rejected submission to Lego Ideas. I guess they can do that if they want though.