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  1. leafan

    How do you display your castles?

    Everything is bigger in Texas, apparently.
  2. leafan

    How do you display your castles?

    Colour me jealous. Mine are mostly in boxes as I rotate the collection to fit the space that I have.
  3. There's a toy shop in a town that I sometimes visit who just open the bags and sell the figures for RRP. They also have some still in the bags, so I think they just fill up the board with enough to let those who wish to choose pick what they want, do so , and leave some bagged for anyone wanting a surprise.
  4. leafan

    Lego Knight eating a Banana

    There's nothing to get, it's just for fun. Those actually turned out quite well. I went all philosophical and asked the AI what an artificial intelligence is scared of - I don't recommend it.
  5. My son and I find this little scene very funny: His little legs sticking out of that narrow opening. I love those scenes in the old leaflets.
  6. I understand where you're coming from but comparing beaten-up boxes to ruffled CMF packaging isn't the same, in my opinion, as I'm not going to be keeping the CMF bags or reselling with the open bag, so it doesn't matter. I'm not sure how bandmates worked, but these packages have holes for hangers, so it's possible the order will be thrown out when shelf-stackers take them from the box.
  7. It's being introduced in September 2023 for CMFs. I'm not sure how an item looks on the shelf should figure into how TLG packages items, unless it's putting people off buying.
  8. So we can't even feel for the ones we want now from this over-priced series. I read the article and saw mention of the feedback, so that when it's inevitably ignored, they can't say it was a mistake.
  9. Welcome to the Historical section of Eurobricks, @BlockyJames. I was thinking about how the Blacksmith would look against the Castle, and to look proportionate, it'd have to be tiny in my opinion. It may be best for me to not think too hard about the sizes with these types of set, considering how few we get.
  10. leafan

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    Maybe they have all been bought already, but I went to the store shortly after news broke and there was nothing there, even from the other new parts. It's still possible, but seems unlikely that it would happen and the employees wouldn't even know what I was talking about. I'm actually lucky enough to have 2 stores not far from where I live, so I may try the other one which isn't as popular.
  11. leafan

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    I phoned my local store in the UK on Friday and was told that they don't have the new BAM pieces and hadn't heard anything about new stock coming in either. I was advised to check again in August. How disappointing. I just want some of the new Black Falcon parts.
  12. That is true, and I also think that this old BaM shield goes quite well (maybe as a replacement if the Queen's shield ends up being a sticker):
  13. If I recall correctly, the Black Falcons already had a set coming at the time, so they were out of the question. Similarly, I had the feeling that the Lion Knights/Crusaders would get a similar re-vamp so I don't believe that I voted for them. Forestmen were mentioned a lot here and in other places, so I had the feeling that would be covered. I cannot remember what I ultimately voted for, but I'm sure the Wolfpack would have been one of them. I remember others talking of strategic votes at the time too, even if the logic behind it was different to mine.