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  1. Hi, there is my contribution to 2019 Summer Joust Collaboration Category. Brother Stud has arrived to the New World, but his endeavour has only begun. He makes his way across the unexplored forests, unmapped rivers and impenetrable mountains. He is not yet aware of the silent company of the local tribes, observing the newcomer with suspicion...
  2. Sirius91


    My newest MOC. I wanted to build something in fantasy-horror style and try with some wall and floor texture.
  3. Sirius91

    [MOC]Royal Joust

    This gonna be a part of Zbudujmy to! LUG collaboration. I hope you will see my friends entries soon. I am glad you noticed him ;) Thanks for all comments!
  4. Sirius91

    [MOC]Royal Joust

    Royal Joust begins! Knights of all factions came to capital to take part in Royal Joust and rival for chivalrous fame. In a moment we will see a clash of young daredevil who will stand against terrifying warrior. My second entry for Royal Joust Zbudujmy to! (Let's build it!) Lug Collaboration. Stay tuned for another competitions in my friends MOCs!
  5. Sirius91

    Royal Joust is coming!

    Royal Knights are preparing to rivalry. As hosts, they have to bring the glory to thier King and Kingdom! My first entry to Royal Joust Zbudujmy to! (Let's build it!) Lug Collaboration. Another one will be presented soon. Also stay tuned for my friends entries!
  6. Sirius91

    Monastery Brewery

    @Klaus-Dieter - gonna do this next week ;)
  7. Sirius91

    Monastery Brewery

    Thanks for all your comments. There is a frame inside the barrel, made of brick modified 1x1 with studs on 4 sides (4733) and brick round 1x1 and plate round 1x1. It holds the tiles. "Truck technique" sounds even better but when I think now but I didn't figure out it when I was builiding. But you remind me I was testing this technique when I was trying to build a light-saber hilt. I like this arches too but it was trying my patience because they are also very fragile. I am sure, I am gonna try with other floor techniques in next MOCs.
  8. Sirius91


    Contest is already closed and winners have been announced ;) Unfortunatelly I didn't win but there was some other fantastic creatures which did that.
  9. Sirius91

    Monastery Brewery

    My entry for CCC From Field to Goblet Category. In Middle Ages Monasterys were important centers of brewing beer. Scene shows beer maturing and a grup of novices catched by abbot ;)
  10. Sirius91


    Hedwig - Harry Potter's owl (egle owl to be accurate;) My entry to Magiacal Creatures contest on Ideas.
  11. Sirius91

    [MOC] Aztec Pyramid

    My newest MOC built for Summer Joust 2018. It all started with the scene on the top but then I realise I want to build whole temple. So, here it is. Soundtrack: [youtube][/youtube]
  12. Sirius91

    MOC: Asterix and Obelix Brickheadz

    I didn't make so may photos beacuse models are rather small. But I've got some photos of single characters: Asterix is my favourite comic series. I found it for the first time when I was 7 or 8 years old and my dad gave me Asterix and the Banquet album. It was the beginning of my collection. Earlier this year my LUG made an exhibition on 7th Cracow Comics Festival. We were preparing some MOCs connected to comics. The most popular theme were american comics and superhero. But I ascertain that Asterix also deserves a MOC, so I decided to build a main character and his friend.
  13. Sirius91

    [MOC]Isla Nublar

    Jurassic Park Isla Nublar for the Rebrick Contest - Iconically Jurassic World. MOC will be displayed on my LUG upcoming event - Pixel Heaven in Warsaw (8-10.06).
  14. Asterix and Obelix in brickheadz:
  15. Sirius91

    Osterode Rathaus

    Osterode Rathaus (in Ost Preussen, already Ostróda in warmińsko-mazurskie voivodship, Poland) was a town-hall of my home town. Unfortunatelly building doesn't exist already. It was damaged by the II WW. I build the Rathaus in shape, it had at the beggining of the XX century (about 1907). All photos made and edited by Jetboy.