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Found 10 results

  1. Hi everyone - for those who already have or plan to buy and build the UCS Luke Skywalker's Landspeeder (set #75341), I've created an 'Enhanced Edition' of the model that you may be interested in! Fixes and enhancements are: - Reduced the length (by 2 studs) of the overly long nose of the standard model to give it a more accurate & balance look. - Added forward and rear removeable panels to show new internal details including power plant and anti-grav units in the rear; and fuel tank, sub-frame, piping and cabling details at the front. (I used the X-34 Landspeeder diagram from the Star Wars Complete Vehicles 'amazing cross sections' book as my reference when designing the internal details.) - Fixed the left hand side & top wobbly engines issue. Modification instructions are on Rebrickable here: Lenz/ucs-landspeeder-enhanced-edition/#details Video mod explanation & walkthrough can be found here: Full photo gallery here:
  2. And I'm back, with another installment of my Fright Knights Rehabilitation Project! Last week I posted some mods I made to Witch's Windship, a set that's been pretty...divisive, to put it kindly, among the online LEGO community. This week, I decided I'd show off one of the few Fright Knights sets that seemed to be a little more accessible for fans of Castle. Take a look below at my mods for Traitor Transport!* *Didn't get around to building that cave (and the used model I bought didn't come with one), but Traitor Transport sounds better than Prison Transport, so just roll with it. For those interested, here's a nice profile shot of the whole prison carriage arrangement (we'll circle back to Basil on his horse later). Unlike Witch's Windship, this set proved to be a tad thornier for me to modify, largely because I really liked the contrast between the red roof and the gray that made up the walls of the actual prisoner module. Add in LEGO's solution for creating a locking cage, and I was a tad stumped regarding how I could update it while still maintaining the look of the whole thing. Needless to say this was a Rubicon moment for me of sorts, as this was when I definitively chose to use more modern colors and pieces in all of my Fright Knights builds, and I think the results speak for themselves, especially with how nicely the dark brown and reddish-brown contrast with the bright red on the roof. Moving on, you'll see my solution to maintaining a lockable cage, even after filling in the roof. While my initial designs called for that 1x6 tile with the wood grain sticker to be placed in a manner similar to the 1x6 printed tile used in front of the doors on the Temple of Mount Everest set, I found it slid around too much for my liking. So those SNOT bricks in reddish-brown came to my rescue. Simply pull the tile off, and... can pull the door down, just like in the original model! Needless to say I was quite pleased at how well this worked, making for a very snug fit while still remaining extremely secure. And fortunately that modified plate at the top of the door is still pretty easy for me to grab and pull. Throwing in a front-facing angle of the detachable cage module because I thought it'd give people a better view of how it looks from the front. Overall I think it looks a little stronger now from all angles, whereas the initial model only looked good to me in profile. Now at least it looks a little more regal with that (wrought-iron, let's say) bat at the very top instead of the front. And as you might be able to tell, I made sure all gaps were covered on this bad boy, with a small 1x4x1 fence in black occupying the small gap between the roof and the dark-brown log bricks. And here's one more angle of the cage module in profile, mostly so I can talk quickly about some of the other mods. While I get that some people found the bat or dragon wings on this prisoner carriage a little ostentatious, for me they make the model (along with that great roof design). My only problem with them was their placement. Moving the two wings from the top of the roof to the front created a nice sense of balance, and hey, now I can suggest this module flies. As for the lanterns, they fit in with the zaniness and general oddball nature of the Fright Knights. Seeing how the original set had two trans-yellow cones anyway, it was a cinch to turn them into lanterns. Similarly, swapping out the flaming torches in the rear with red lanterns made sense to me, and now we've got medieval headlights and taillights! As for the flags, those were originally supposed to be the larger Fright Knight kite shields that popped up in a number of sets, but seeing how the carriage driver already had a shield to go with the halberds, the flags made more sense, fitting in with the regal-seeming prisoner carriage. Yes indeed, nothing but the best for the Fright Knights' latest victim, er, prisoner. As for the wagon this ornate cage sits on, that was a very easy fix. Pulling out all the light grey parts and replacing them with black was simple enough, though that front needed work. Adding in two 3x3 wedge plates seemed to help, and throwing a chair in makes for a much comfier ride for this carriage driver. But I wanted to maintain some of the original design elements for this model, which is why I incorporated those curved red bricks. Doing all that gave me a nice little space for storing a prisoner's items so all told that was a happy accident that rounded things off nicely. A few notes on the harness for the dragon. Most of this was already done for me in the base model, including the turntables with finger hinges, but swapping out light grey plates for black tiles and plates make it look far sleeker. And much like my mods for Witch's Windship, adding in a 2x2 black 45-degree slope finishes off the harness nicely. Finally, I did in fact swap out the trans-neon-orange wings on the dragon for trans-red, making it easier for me to distinguish between the two. And besides, trans-red wings on a black dragon still looks pretty boss, right? Last but not least is the Night Lord himself! Yes, much like Willa, Basil is back to put the 'evil' in 'medieval!' Like most of the Fright Knight minifigures I've collected, I didn't change too much here. The two things I really liked adding included an updated bat scepter (modeled largely off of the one in @Oky's wonderful Time Twister MOC), and giving Basil the Sword of Gryffindor, which honestly fits him much better than the chrome broadsword, with those blood-red gemstones in the pommel and hilt. As for his steed, the addition of a batarang to the horse's champron was always planned, although not on this part. I initially wanted to use the old champron that was introduced through the Dragon Masters, only to discover it wouldn't work with the newer horses. Oh well. I've come to love how ridiculous the horse looks with the red clip and batarang on it, but it was definitely an acquired taste. At least now the red champron and batarang give the horse barding for the Fright Knights a more unique look, instead of merely copying the Dragon Masters. So there you go. Two down, three (or four?) more to go. Given the way things went with this project, this will be the last set that still resembles the original model. Everything else from here on out will be more of an MOC, and I cannot wait to show you all of them (though we may have to wait a little while on Night Lord's Castle. That's been giving me trouble lately). For those interested, here's a link to more photos in my Bricksafe folder. So in closing, I'll leave you with one of Basil's favorite past-times, as indicated on some of the box art for Traitor Transport: Prisoner versus Dragon! (Or as the dragon might call it, canned food). Thanks for reading!
  3. While I realize everyone's understandably excited about the new Lion Knight's Castle (myself included), I felt like this was a good time to start unveiling a project I've been working on for the past few months. Because as nice as Black Falcons, Lion Knights, and Forestmen are, for me the Fright Knights are one of the coolest factions around, with their gothic imagery and downright spooky-looking dragons, complete with black bodies and fire-orange wings. In any case, I hoovered up most of the sets from this subtheme back in 2019, and found them...wanting. But hey, the beauty of LEGO is making fixes as needed, right? So I began with a set I actually did a review of around that time, probably because it was one of those sets that was rather representative of the Fright Knights subtheme, for better or for worse. In any case, take a gander at the new-ish Witch's Windship! Below I have some more angles on this odd beauty for those interested. As much as I adore @The Librarian's take on this strange medieval flying craft, I've played too many rounds of LEGO Racers to feel comfortable making drastic changes to the basic silhouette. So yeah, I just updated the halberds from dark grey to dark bluish gray and changed the clips too, from gray to black. Actually, out of all the changes to the Fright Knights sets, this one was probably the easiest, since all I needed to do was scrub any yellow or light gray out of this set and replace it with black or red. For those interested here's a photo of the interior of the basket. Probably one of the biggest disappointments of the original set was how, despite all of the available space, the only place for Willa to stand was on a measly 2x6 red plate. So I turned that design decision into a newt (it got better) and instead added two 3x6 wedge plates in red which helped. And of course adding two modified bricks with clips in the back for Willa's wand and broomstick means she'll have her hands free for steering. Because safety always comes first, especially when you're driving a dragon-powered airship. Despite getting this set MISB, those modified plates with the clips holding the wings were frequently coming off, so I ended up covering them with some of those handy curved slopes in red. Oddly enough the slopes only came into play during my second pass of mods to this set, and it's all the stronger for it. (The dust on the wing, however, was not part of the plan, but oh well.) Speaking of second passes, the addition of these two tail (lantern) lights were also not in my initial round of mods to this set. At first it was just that red hook, which does have a purpose, but after increasing the height of the basket candles, I felt like this set needed more zaniness. So in a nod to the original set, I threw them in. As for the trans-red cones that sat on the rear of this windship, worry not, as I added one to the crystal ball of this set and the other one to my own version of that little bat-wing flyer that shows up in 6087 Witch's Magic Manor (more to come on that). So there you have it! Admittedly these are minor, easy mods, but hopefully this works as a nice preview of what else I've got in store. Seeing how this is one of those 'iconic' sets that tells you what a subtheme's all about, I was quite pleased at my execution here, keeping the stuff I liked while jettisoning the rest, and fortifying some other parts. If you want to see more photos, check out my Bricksafe folder, though you're not missing much. Thanks for reading, and now I'll give Willa and her two pets, Nox the cat and Ignatius the dragon a chance to say see ya next time. Happy Haunting!
  4. ...maybe no one has modified yet, so I'll be first ;) Hi I've prepared for you a modifications of the new Lego set - 75288 AT-AT I think that many of you have or plan to buy this set, so I decided to make modifications, improving as much as possible, but not changing the construction and features of the set. After modifications AT-AT have 1499 parts! Compare all with 75288 set. What I changed: - I improved the armor, added tile and details, - I corrected the head, changed the top cover and details, added a red visor, - I added more tile on the legs, - the feet have been increased by one plate layer, - top covers have been improved, - the inside of the head slightly changed, I slightly changed the way the head is fixed, - main interior slightly changed, I added a few tiles, - I covered the blue pins on my legs, - I changed some colors (brown, black) to light bluish gray. File to download from my YouTube channel - link in the description, file, so knowledge of this program is recommended. I would be very grateful if you leave a comment, a thumbs up, and a subscription!:) It's very important for me, and you can say "thanks" for free downloading the file! You can download file from this movie, link in the description. I would be very grateful if you leave a comment, a thumbs up, and a subscription!:) In this way you can say "thanks" for free file!
  5. I was hesitant to buy the Imperial Assault Hovertank for some time but I caved and finally did a week ago. Its a great little vehicle in the movie, I actually think it blends really well into the Imperial War machine. For thirty dollars USD its a great value, but this isnt a review. Even as good as the set is there is a lot of room for improvement. What stuck out to me most prevalently is the top hatch, whereas in the movie its just a little hatch in the set its the entire cockpit's roof that opens. I know Lego's version is the hover tank variant but I really want to squeeze in tracks. I also want to rework the cockpit to fit three figures and if at all possible make another hatch for the spotter to stick his head out. Last year there was a wonderful thread full of fantastic modifications to the AT-ST released this past fall. While the AT-ST is a far more known and beloved part of Star Wars then the GAVw "Occupier, I would love to open this thread up to any modifications the community has. If you've modified the Imperial Tank, please, feel free to post your pictures. Lets try and improve an already great set to the best it can be.
  6. Hey guys, I finished my QAR (4195) Mods and added specific descriptions to each of the photos. I didn't change much on the whole of the ship (unlike my mods for the 10210 IF, which you can see Here if you like). However, I did make some fairly extensive mods to the sterncastle while trying my best to keep the look and feel of the ship the same. Also I would like to make a disclosure: My mods to the QAR (and just about any mods I make to sets) are not designed to be the best or to rival any of your guy's MOC level designs (they never could! :P). I instead try to focus on the spirit of the set itself. I like to add elements that enhance the play factor, embellishments, overall asthetic, or (if I am feeling bold) include what the set was "supposed" to entail. I say this not to as any sort of insult, but simply because I sometimes see relatively simple additions that seem to make the set feel much more "alive". Now that that's out of the way, here's what I modded/ added :P Widened the captain's cabin by 4 studs. Added a wall and door to enclose the captain's cabin. Added a bed to the captain's cabin. Added a desk and the shelf from 4191 to the captain's cabin. Added ladders to the cabin door "deck" and another bone ladder to the poop deck. Added stern chase cannons (optional). Other miscellaneous embellishments. Anyways, let me know what you think! PS- I wasn't smart enough to figure out how to add the photos here in the thread, but I might be able to be convinced to try it again :P.
  7. So, im new to this forum, so please forgive me if i make mistakes, i decided to get some of my old technic stuff out, and decided to open this topic. Post whatever modifications you want for the 9395 pickup truck, its a great set, look forward to seeing some mods on it. this is the set: and pics,
  8. So, im new to this forum, so please forgive me if i make mistakes, i decided to get some of my old technic stuff out, and decided to open this topic. Post whatever modifications you want for the 9395 pickup truck, its a great set, look forward to seeing some mods on it. this is the set: and pics,
  9. Since many of us became owners of 41999 BOSS crawler, this thread became actual. 99% modifications will be about body design and color, since there is nothing new we can do with chassis. I am waiting for pickups "El camino" style, wagons (like effe mentioned), new lowered chassis and other mods. I will update first post from time to time to make database of mods with link to posts. May be we can make our unofficial challenge with voting? What do you think? I have an idea what we can do with the best models from voting:) thats a surprise. First we have to,fill this topic with cool creations;)
  10. Hi, This topic is for posting modifications of 41999. I am planning to do lot of them. 1. The first is pimped with the help of Chrome Block City BL store. You can buy parts used in this modifications here