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  1. woody64

    1790 -1815 Vignettes

    Yes these come out of my 3d production New vignette: archeduke karl at his victory against Napoleon at Aspern (acc. painting of Krafft)
  2. woody64

    1790 -1815 Vignettes

    And now the more Napoleonic vifǵnettes: Austrian Grenadiers storming at Aspern/Esslingen Russian Heavy Cavalry against French Éclaireurs A too slow horse at Waterloo Scots Grey attacking a French Square British Cavalry Austrian Grenadiers on their march to Waterloo
  3. woody64

    1790 -1815 Vignettes

    Starting with the American Revolution era: Hessen Grenadiers at their march to Yorktown American Light Infantry capturing a British Dragoon British Grenadiers storming Bunker Hill and Americans escorting the Dragoon more details you can find on my flickr account: https://www.flickr.com/photos/34336019@N07/ All vignettes were using customized helmets designed by me (remaining in pure white for demonstration purpose) Woody64 (next post will cover Napoleonics)
  4. woody64

    MinfigCustomsIn3d - new items

    newest print: - french foreign - general - Scoty Grey - Scots - Swedish - British Grenadier - Russian Cuirassier
  5. Special sale for Napoleonic hats and helmets: 50 x pack (split in 2 types possible) for 39 EUR (without shipping - only for US, GB, FRA, GER, AT possible). http://mac-au.eu/minifigcustomsin3d-order2-1.html Woody64 #
  6. woody64

    Post Apocalypse Greyworld

    Started a setup for a post apocalypse Minifig world called Greyworld: The Nobels Bishop IceLord Robert M3 Red Lady Police robot Army Specials Army The Diggers Red Commander Brute Scout Police Guard Special Force Digger The Rebels coming soon ....
  7. woody64

    MinfigCustomsIn3d - new items

    New this week: Russian Pack Russian Guard Cavalry Russian Cossacks Russian Peaked Hat SciFi/HEros Pack Take the 3d view of the item to see more details: https://www.shapeways.com/product/2R5857JH2/5-x-mask-t1234?optionId=81890384&key=abffa323bd927c7ecbb7fbcd34e319a4&li=shop-inventory or browse the SciFi and Fantasy Section https://www.shapeways.com/shops/minifigcustomsin3d?section=Science+Fiction+and+Fantasy&s=0
  8. woody64

    MinfigCustomsIn3d - new items

    Generic as base for Superheros ...
  9. woody64

    MinfigCustomsIn3d - new items

    Some new creations: - Russian Cuirassier - Bearksin with prim - 20 x Wellington Set - Sci Fi Helmet Typ 2200 - 20 x Bearskins - Tall Ulan Shako - French Eclaireur
  10. And here are some decals from my work with British units: https://www.facebook.com/pg/MinifigCustomsIn3d-115253038507714/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2222327491133581
  11. Sorted out my decals for the Bavarians:  .... see the rest at: https://www.facebook.com/pg/MinifigCustomsIn3d-115253038507714/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2223242957708701
  12. woody64

    MinfigCustomsIn3d - new items

    New items not printed yet:
  13. Hi after a longer period of silence I'm able to show some freshly printed items from a new 3d printing provider: - smooth surface - printed in white but can be easily painted with Acrylic colors - allows mass prints Also some fresh new designs are visible (torsos are not apropriate): Top Row: - German WW1 helmet (new) - Prussian cap (redesigned) - Bavarian Napoleonic helmet (new) - French Cuirassier - Bearskin with brim (new) - French Shako - Wellington Shako - Horse Artilery - Austrian Dragoon (redesigned) Bottom Row: - Melon - 20th century lady Topf hat (new) - Student "Stürmer" cap (new) - Workers cap 1 (new) - French dragoon (new) - Tall Cylinder (new) - Student hat (new) - Workers cap 2 (new) From an earlier trial there's a 2nd photo showing older designs from the same printing provider: and now painted: Woody64
  14. woody64

    INDEX: Armies

    French Cavalry by one of my customers: French Carabiniers: French Cuirassiers Woody64